February 12: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Great British Musicals, with Paul Arden-Griffith, Evette Davis, Royal Artillery Orchestra, Major Robert Garrity

February 19: In the Mood, with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Ray McVay, Kaye Sisters, Tony Mansell, Sarah Gilbertson

February 27-March 3: Postman Pat’s Happy Days, with Don Crann

March 6-17: Evita, with Jacqui Scott, Christopher Corcoran, Michael Bauer, Steven Hallan, Gemma Lowy, Paula Simpson, Carole Church, Glenn Mayo, Alasdair Macneill, Bristol School of Dancing pupils

March 18: 60s Golden Greats, with Bobby Vee and The Ricochets, The Searchers, Chris Montez

March 20: Elkie Brooks - The Inspiration Tour 1990

March 21: The Mission

March 22: Eartha Kitt in Concert, Danny Williams

March 26-31: Matilda, with Annabelle Lanyon, Jonathan Linsley, Tony Howes, Vicky Blake, Robin Hodson, Katrina Ramsay, Jackie Downey, Robert Karas, Ashley Knight, Katy Feeney, Paula Tappenden, Michael Berenger, Lisa Pugsley, Megan Shapcott, Paul Hicks, Juliet Thorneycroft, Bristol School of Dancing pupils

April 3-7: Welsh National Opera Company: Der Freischutz, Der Rosenkavalier, Cosi fan Tutte, The Barber of Seville, with Mary Callan Clark, Joseph Evans, Phillip Joll, Rita Cullis, Amanda Roocroft, Constance Fee, Donald Adams, Valerie Masterson, Jean Stilwell, Gareth Rhys-Davies, Maureen Brathwaite, Neill Archer, Anthony Michaels-Moore, Kate McCarney, Andrew Shore, Anthony Negus, Derek Clark, Carlo Rizzi

April 8: The Notting Hillbillies - Mark Knopfler, Brendan Croker, Steve Phillips, Guy Fletcher

April 9-14: “Shirley Valentine”, with Kate Fitzgerald

April 17-21: Gang Show Ninety at Eastertime

April 22: The Hollies

April 23-24: The Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet: Swan Lake Act II, Giselle Act II, The Sleeping Beauty pas de deux, divertissements from Spartacus, Don Quixote, La Fille mal Gardée, The Flames of Paris, Gopak, Le Corsaire, The Golden Age, La Esmeralda, Romeo and Juliet, with Natalya Bessmertnova, Yuri Vasyuchenko, Maria Bylova, Anatoli Kucheruk, Natalya Arkhipova, Mikhail Tsivin, Tatiana Golikova, Yuri Klevtsov, Tatiana Bessmertnova, Inna Petrova, Marina Kotova, Nadejda Gracheva, Boris Efimov

April 25: Hale and Pace on Tour

April 26: Gilbert O’Sullivan - In the Key of G

April 27-28: Jasper Carrott in Concert

April 29: Freddie Starr

April 30-May 5: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Philip Creasy, Susan Gorton, Marilyn Hill Smith, Alan Oke, John Rath, James Meek, Michael Ducarel, Eric Roberts

May 6: The Bishop of Bristol’s Urban Fund Youth Extravaganza, with Leslie Crowther

May 9-12 (daytime): Noddy, with Marie Clifford

May 13: Roy “Chubby” Brown

May 14-19: Victoria Wood

May 21-26: English National Ballet: Romeo and Juliet, with Susan Hogard, Maximiliano Guerra, Josephine Jewkes, Tim Almaas, Pablo Savoye, Maria Teresa del Real

May 29-June 23: Chess, with Rebecca Storm, Richard Barnes, Maurice Clarke, Linda-Mae Brewer, Brett Forrest, Malcolm Rivers, Paul Haley, Kevin Amos

June 17: James Galway, The Chieftains in Concert, Jean Butler

June 24: Hold Tight it’s 60s Night, with Mike Holoway, Dave Dale, The Coarsettes

June 27: Olde Tyme Music Hall, with Bryan Johnson, Julian Trent, The Gaiety Dancers, Johnny Dallas, Barbara Jackson

July 1: Joan Armatrading in Concert

July 3-7: Welsh National Opera Company: Otello, Tornrak, The Barber of Seville, Cosi fan Tutte, with Jeffrey Lawton, Donald Maxwell, Faith Esham, Penelope Walker, Andrew Shore, Kate McCarney, Neill Archer, Peter Savidge, Bryn Terfel, Gunnar Gudbjornsson, Anne Mason, Janice Watson, Anne Dawson, Richard Armstrong, Anthony Negus

July 9-14: Blues in the Night, with Stephanie Lawrence, Miquel Brown, Precious Wilson, Ewen Cummins, Joseph Morley

July 17-21: The Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, London Gala Orchestra: Giselle Act II, Swan Lake Act II, Golden Age Adagio, Don Giovanni, Le Corsaire, with Natalya Bessmertnova, Nadezhda Gracheva, Anatoli Kucheruk, Irina Pyatkina, Leonid Nikonov, Mikhail Tsivin, Igor Yurlov

July 23: Holsten Live, with Emo Philips, Judy Tenuta

July 24: Aztec Camera

July 27: An Evening with Des O’Connor, Colin Keyes

July 30-August 4: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with Richard Swerrun, Sarah Buckley, Peter Lawrence, Dave Mayberry, Laura Webb, Shaun Simms, Robert Woodall, Darren Clewlow, Ashley Keech, Stephen Leatherland, Joe Connors, Nik Stoter, Richard Kort, Neil Wood, Paul Tate, David Lane, Bristol School of Dancing pupils

August 6-11: The American Phantom of the Opera - A Love Story, with James Horan

August 12: A Summer’s Evening with Barbara Dickson

August 13-18: Three Men in a Boat, with Arthur Bostrom, Paul Alexander, Stuart Harrison, Susan Beresford, Charlotte Collingwood, Michael Haughey, Neal Swettenham

August 19: Trev and Simon’s Stupid Tour, with Fat and Frantic, Paul Morocco, Glass

August 28-October 13: 42nd Street, with Jenna Ward, Richard Cuerden, Kenneth Nelson, Elaine Loudon, Meg Johnson, Robert Farrant, Peter Aylin, Robert Wilson, Alison Mellor, Harry Dickman, Alan Forrester, Ralph Lawton, Simon Lowe

September 2: Russ Conway’s Birthday Charity Gala Concert, with Russ Conway, Roy Hudd, Lionel Bart, Rolf Harris, Dennis Lotis, Rosemary Squires, Joan Regan, Gary Lovini, Jess Conrad, Korgis, Cindy Stratton, original Palladium Tiller Girls, in aid of Russ Conway Cancer Fund

September 9: 42nd Street Tap Dancing Competition Final

September 23: The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Patty Andrews

October 2-6: Save the Human, with Whirligig Theatre

October 16-20: Welsh National Opera Company: Carmen, From the House of the Dead, The Marriage of Figaro, with Jean Stilwell, Gillian Webster, Richard Paul Fink, Jeffrey Lawton, John Harris, Malcolm Donnelly, Anne Dawson, Bryn Terfel, Juliet Booth, Noel Espiritu Velasco, Richard Armstrong, Marco Guidarini, John Burdekin

October 21: Shakin’ Stevens

October 22-23: The Shadows

October 24: Daryl Hall and John Oates

October 25: David Essex

October 26: Gene Pitney in Concert

October 29-November 3: English National Ballet: Coppelia, Les Sylphides, Scheherazade, Etudes, with Renata Calderini, Maurizio Bellezza, Josephine Jewkes, Toomas Edur, Agnes Oaks, Maria Teresa del Real, Koen Onzia, Andria Hall, Maximiliano Guerra, Tim Almaas, Alexander Grant, Philippe Arrona, Sarah Marshall, Jane Howarth, Marion van den Bergh, Louise Hynd, David Frame

November 4: Van Morrison, Georgie Fame

November 5-10: On the Piste, with The Hull Truck Theatre Company - Meriel Scholfield, Stephen Gough

November 11: Sam Howard in Concert, Kit Morgan

November 13-17: Kiss me Kate, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 20-December 1: Royal Shakespeare Company, Opera North: Show Boat, with Bruce Hubbard, Geoffrey Hutchings, Jan Hartley Morris, Richard Halton, Karla Burns, Janie Dee, Margaret Courtenay, Philip Gould, Marilyn Cutts, Mark Heenehan, Clive Walton, Anna Daventry, Jacqueline Perkins, Garrick Forbes

December 2: The CLIC ’90 Variety Show, with The Wurzels, Four Pennies, Barry Cryer, Steve Young, Badger and Co, Floor Technicians, Kaz and the TJs, St Mary’s Players, Take Two, Rob E Ryan, Patrick Malahide, Andrew Harvey, Sherrie Eugene, Trevor Fry

December 4-8 (daytime): Fireman Sam to the Rescue, with Ian Sinclair

December 4: Foster and Allen Christmas Special, Shawn Cuddy

December 9: Christmas with the Savoy, with Donald Adams, Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 10: Gary Glitter’s Gang Show

December 12-15: London Contemporary Dance Theatre: Orfeo, White Heat, Cloven Kingdom, with Tracy Fitzgerald, Kenneth Tharp, Darshan Singh Bhuller

December 20-February 17: Cinderella, with Michael Barrymore, Annabel Croft, Carmel McSharry, Helen Jayne, Willie Ross, Frank Williams, Simon Fox, Spencer and Lee Morgan, Dooby Duck




February 18-23: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and his Boy, with Felicity Duncan, Kieron Smith, Elizabeth Elvin, David Roberts, James Mathews, Mark Waghorn, Frank Stirling, Benedikte Faulkner

February 24: a-ha

February 25-March 2: A Slice of Saturday Night, with Gary Glitter

March 5-9: Rainbow, with Geoffrey Hayes, Zippy, George and Bungle

March 11: Bernard Manning, Janice Yorke

March 12: Freddie Jackson

March 15: In the Mood, with Herb Miller Orchestra and Singers, John Miller, Kaye Sisters

March 16: Vienna Festival Ballet: Swan Lake

March 18-23: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant), with Anthony Pedley, Fiona Grogan, Mary Ann Coburn

March 24: Mazeppa Ukrainian Cossacks

March 25-30: In the Midnight Hour, with Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band

April 2-6: Avon County Scout Gang Show 1991

April 11 (daytime): Rod, Jane and Freddy on Stage

April 11: The Wonderful West End - Songs from the Shows, with Laurel Ford, John Barr, Julie Paton, Malcolm Rennie

April 12: Alexander O’Neal

April 13: The Dreamboys

April 14: Hale and Pace, Steve Rawlings, Joe Griffiths

April 16-20: Welsh National Opera Company: La Fanciulla del West, La Traviata, Count Ory, Carmen, with Suzanne Murphy, Donald Maxwell, Frances Ginzer, Peter Bronder, Neville Ackerman, Janice Watson, Peter Rose, Bonaventura Bottone, Jean Stilwell, Julian Smith, Carlo Rizzi, Andrew Greenwood, Gareth Jones

April 22-27: English National Ballet: The Taming of the Shrew, with Renata Calderini, Maurizio Bellezza, Agnes Oaks, Thomas Edur, Philippe Arrona, Dominic Hickie, Tim Almaas, Graham Bond

April 28: Roy “Chubby” Brown

April 29-30: Phil Cool, Nothing by Chance

May 2: National Music and Dance Ensemble of Romania

May 3-4: Shirley Bassey

May 5: Freddie Starr

May 9: Will Downing

May 10: Nureyev and Friends: The Lesson, The Moor’s Pavane, The Dying Swan, The Sleeping Beauty highlights, with Rudolf Nureyev, Vivi Flindt, Evelyn Desutter, Giorgio Madia, Maria Brissonskaya, Alexander Bogatiriev, Galini Kraftschenko, Loretta Bartoussiavitchoute, Jelena Kamenskich, Andrei Musorin, Walerij Lantratov, Margarita Levina, Jefenda Usowa, Timur Faisiev

May 11: The Chippendales

May 12: Jim Davidson on Tour

May 13-18: Shirley Valentine, with Pamela Powers

May 20-25: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Jill Pert, Elizabeth Woollett, Russell Dixon

May 27-June 1: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with David Anthony, Dave Mayberry, Tony Allison, Alan Gear

June 3-8: Grease, with Jacinta Whyte, Mark Jardine, Stephen Tremblay, Debbie Andrews

June 11-15: Welsh National Opera Company: Count Ory, Rigoletto, Salome, La Traviata, with Bonaventura Bottone, Janice Watson, Peter Rose, Richard Paul Fink, Alexandrina Pendachanska, Frances Ginzer, David Owen, David Barrell, Stephanie Sundine, Carlo Rizzi, Gareth Jones

June 18-22: English Shakespeare Company: The Winter’s Tale, Coriolanus, with James Hayes, Michael Pennington, Lynn Farleigh, June Watson, Andrew Jarvis

June 23-24: James Last and his Orchestra

June 26-28: Adonis - Men of Hollywood

July 1-6: Beyond Reasonable Doubt, with Barbara Murray, Francis Matthews

July 8-13: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Hobson’s Choice, La Fille mal Gardée, with Michael O’Hare, Karen Donovan, Miyako Yoshida, Graham Lustig, Vincent Redmon, Desmond Kelly, Sandra Madgwick, Joseph Cipolla, Kevin O’Hare, Stephen Lade, Royal Ballet Sinfonia

July 23-27: Jamaica Inn, with William Gaunt, Giles Watling, Peter Byrne, Lisa Hopkins, Mollie Savile, Helen Dorward, Jack Hulland, Frank Taylor, Graham McTavish

July 29-August 3: Lettice and Lovage, with Christina Greatrex, Zena Walker, Kenneth Hadley, Jenny Tomasin

August 5-10: Ladies’ Night, with Samantha Hughes, Jack Seymour, Nicholas Rylance, Paul McNeilly, Steve Weston, Andrew Goth, James Aden, Adam Maxwell

August 6-10 (daytime): Pinocchio, with Stephen Frazier-Mills, Peter Robbins, Scott Howard, Amanda Burdett, Nigel Ellacott, Michael Morgan, Zimon Drake, Jacqueline Turnbull, Angela Peterson, Michael Topping

August 12-17: The Cotton Club, with Madeline Bell, Chip Garnett, Grace Kennedy, Marilyn J Johnson, Britt Wilson, Marcel Peneux, Harlem Hoppers, Harlem Orchestra

August 19-24: Cider with Rosie, with Birmingham Rep - Polly James, Peter McEnery

August 26: Lenny Henry

August 27-28: The Chippendales

August 31: The Ken Dodd Laughter Show

September 1: Russ Conway Cancer Fund Charity Gala ’91, with Russ Conway, Bob Monkhouse, Larry Grayson, Rolf Harris, Roy Hudd, Sue Nicholls, Mark Eden, Susan Maughan, Lyn Paul, Ruby Murray, Ronnie Hilton, Vanderbilt and Bergdorff, Joan Hinde, The Great Western Chorus, 1960s Tiller Girls

September 2-7: Little Shop of Horrors, with Bonnie Langford, Jonathan Kiley

September 11-October 19: Barnum, with Paul Nicholas, Carol Duffy, Clara Miller, Richard Gauntlett, Nicolas Blackman, Simon David Trout, Simon Lowe

September 17-21 (daytime): The Gingerbread Man, with Rob Hughes, Whirligig Theatre

October 21-26: Moscow City Ballet and stars from Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets: Swan Lake, Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, with Ludmilla Semenyaka, Galina Mezentseva, Natalia Yakovleva, Sergei Gorbachev, Vladimir Tchigirev, Alexandr Korenek, Yelena Pankova, Alexandr Vedernikov, National Ballet Orchestra

October 27: The Chieftains in Concert

October 28: Dr Hook

October 30-November 2: London Contemporary Dance Theatre: Wind Devil, Freedom of Information, Rikud, with Helen Beatty, Kate Coyne, Peter Dunleavy, Elizabeth Fancourt, Tracey Fitzgerald, David Hughes, Bernadette Iglich, Paul Liburd, Isabel Mortimer, Leesa Phillips, Andrew Robinson, Isabel Tamen, Kenneth Tharp, Tom Ward, Sheron Wray, Ben Wright

November 4-9: English National Ballet: Onegin, Les Sylphides, Prince Igor Polovtsian Dances, Anne Frank, with Josephine Jewkes, Maurizio Bellezza, Agnes Oaks

November 10: CLIC ’91, with Alvin Stardust, Hugh Cornwell, Sweet Substitute, Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, Floor Technicians, Andrew Harvey, Great Western Chorus, Dave and Amos, Rob E Ryan, Mervyn Jaye, Take Two, St Mary’s Players

November 12-16: Hello, Dolly!, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 17: Russian State Ballet: scenes from Swan Lake, Walpurgis Night, Le Corsaire, La Sylphide, Paganini, Flames of Paris, The Nutcracker, Fairy of Dolls, Paquita, with Vyacheslav Gordeyev’s company

November 19-23: Welsh National Opera Company: Idomeneo, Die Fledermaus, Rigoletto, with Rebecca Evans, Suzanne Murphy, John Mark Ainsley, Linda Kitchen, Peter Bronder, Dennis O’Neill, Janice Watson, Christopher Goldsack, Peter Sidhom, Mary Callan Clarke, Ashley Thorburn, Claude-Robin Pelletier, Anthony Negus, Sir Charles Mackerras

November 24: The Hollies in Concert

November 27-December 14: Some Like it Hot, with Tommy Steele, Billy Boyle, Mandy Perryment, Royce Mills, Veronica Clifford, Edward Phillips, Barrie Bignold

December 1: Richard Digance UK Tour ’91, Hilary O’Neill

December 15: Christmas with the Savoy, with Donald Adams, Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 20-February 16: Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, with Frank Bruno, Little and Large, Frankie Desmond, Forbes Collins, Patsy Ann Scott, Sarah Thomas, Damien Williams, Phil Rose, Tony Monroe, Ben Richards, Waterfall Rapids Spectacular




February 10: A Night on Broadway, with Andrew Hambly-Smith, in aid of The National Meningitis Trust

February 18-22: The Rocky Horror Show, with Peter Blake, Stephen Thiebault, Zalie Burrow, Paul Reeves, Penelope McGhie

February 23: In the Mood, with Herb Miller Orchestra and Singers, John Miller, Kaye Sisters, Fiona Page

February 24-29: Straight and Narrow, with Nicholas Lyndhurst, Carmel McSharry, Neil Daglish, Melanie Kilburn, Anna Keaveney, Peter Jonfield, John Hartley

March 2-7: Reflected Glory, with Albert Finney, Stephen Moore, Nicky Henson, Mark Tandy, Katherine O’Toole, Stephen Greif, Holly Wilson

March 11-21: Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, with Joe Lutton, Basienka Blake

March 22: Sweet and Mud in Concert

March 23: Jethro Tull

March 24-25: Tired and Emotional, with Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones

March 26: Hollywood and Broadway - The Musicals, with Wayne Sleep, Lorna Luft, Michael Howe, Anthony Clegg, Michael DeSouter, Sue Eastwood, Jenny Thomas, Donna Wirwood, Alexandra Worrall, Colin Freeman

March 27: Stages ’92 - Annual Avon Schools Dance Production Gala Show, in presence of Prince Edward

March 28: Jethro, The Wurzels

March 30-April 4: The Royal Ballet: Manon, Monotones, Winter Dreams, Symphony in C, with Viviana Durante, Darcey Bussell, Irek Mukhamedov, Anthony Dowell

April 5: ’60s Golden Greats, with Bobby Vee, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Tommy Roe

April 7-11: Welsh National Opera Company: Pelleas et Melisande, The Magic Flute, Ernani, with Alison Hagley, Donald Maxwell, Neill Archer, David Owen, Janice Watson, Suzanne Murphy, Alastair Miles, Malcolm Donnelly, Paolo Kudriavchenko, Pierre Boulez, Marco Guidarini, Richard Armstrong

April 12: Freddie Starr

April 13-18: A Slice of Saturday Night, with Alvin Stardust

April 21-25: Avon County Scout Gang Show

April 26: Trev and Simon World Tour 1992, Paul Morocco

April 28-May 2: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

May 4-9: English National Ballet: Cinderella, with Agnes Oaks, Ludmila Semeniaka, Tim Almaas, Josephine Jewkes, Renata Calderini, Maurizio Belezza, Philippe Arrona, James Supervia, Dominic Hickie, Darryl Norton, Freya Dominic, Monica Perego, Jane Haworth, Elizabeth Pacey, Aaron Watkin, Daryl Griffith

May 12-30: My Fair Lady, with Edward Fox, Helen Hobson, Michael Medwin, Sheila Burrell, Bryan Pringle, Nick Barnard

May 17: Kevin Bloody Wilson

May 31: Olde Tyme Music Hall, with Bristol Light Opera Club

June 2-6: The Worst Witch, with Vicky Blake

June 7: The Bernard Manning Show

June 8-10: The Chippendales

June 13: Barbara Dickson in Concert

June 15-20: The Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet: Swan Lake Act II, Giselle Act II, Coppelia, Don Quixote, Le Corsaire, Raymonda, The Nutcracker, Spring Waters, Hopak, Paquita, La Esmeralda, La Fille mal Gardée, with Natalya Bessmertnova, Boris Efimov, Natalya Arkhipova, Yuri Vladimirov, Maria Bylova

June 21: The Magic of the Musicals, with Marti Webb, Mark Rattray

June 23-27: Welsh National Opera Company: Iphigénie en Tauride, Madame Butterfly, Ernani, with Diana Montague, Simon Keenlyside, Helen Field, Suzanne Murphy, Peter Bronder, Edmund Barham, Robert Hayward, David Barrell, Rosalind Sutherland, Colenton Freeman, Anthony Negus, Gareth Jones

June 29: Wax Acts, with Ruby Wax

July 2: Showaddywaddy

July 4: Simon Drake’s Secret Cabaret, Lee Evans

July 7-11: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, with Helen Jayne, Mike Evans, Lloyd Thompson, Patrick Dean Waters, Joanne Prior, Moira Campbell Dancing Academy pupils

July 13-18: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Romeo and Juliet, Dark Horizons, Card Game, Choreartium, with Marion Tait, Joseph Cipolla, Sandra Madgwick, Samira Saidi, Petter Jacobsson, Sherilyn Kennedy, Michael O’Hare, Samuel Armstrong, Paul Bayes-Kitcher, James Bailey, Dunca de Gruchy, Toby Norman-Wright, Peter Ottevanger, Thomas Paton, Barry Wordsworth, Philip Ellis, Royal Ballet Sinfonia

July 21-25 (daytime): Postman Pat’s Special Delivery

July 23-24: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, with Michael Crawford, Juliet Lambert, Cathy Porter, Tami Tappan, Gay Willis, Sharon Brown

July 26: The Utterly Brilliant Timmy Mallett Show

July 27-August 1: Macbeth, with Paul Darrow, Pamela Salem, Jack Smethurst

August 3-8: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with John Rath, Lesley Echo Ross, Fenton Gray, Jill Pert

August 10-12: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Peter Simons

August 14-15: The Chippendales

August 19: Carl Perkins Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour, with Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore, Johnny Earl, Jordanaires, D J Fontana, Tony Rivers, Mick Clarke

August 23: Russ Conway and Friends: Third Annual Charity Gala, with Russ Conway, Roy Hudd, Marian Montgomery, Anita Harris, Kenny Clayton, Bill Pertwee, Roger De Courcey, Paul Melba, Peter Goodwright, Frank Lee, James Pertwee, Jeannette Richmond, Paul McGann, Frazer Hines, Trevor Fry, Mark Curry, Dotty Wayne, Laurie Holloway, John Telfer, Sam Mason, Jenny Lacey, Sylvia Young Theatre School dancers, Don Shearman’s Orchestra

August 24-29: Witness for the Prosecution, with Derek Waring, Giles Watling, Prunella Gee

September 1-5: That Old Minstrel Magic, with Les Want, Paul Arden-Griffith, Glyn Dawson, Cheryl Taylor

September 15-19: Bazaar and Rummage, with Jill Gascoine, Sophie Lawrence, Anna Karen, Debbie Arnold, Genevieve Walsh

September 22: Stars from the Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets: Swan Lake, with Lyubov Kunakova, Denis Muruev, Igor Soloviev, Yevgeni Neff, Ludmilla Kunakova, Tatjana Golikova, Mikhail Tsivin, Alexander Bogatiriev, Nadejda Pavlova, National Ballet of St Petersburg Grand Corps of Ballet

September 24 (daytime): Rod, Jane and Freddy on Stage

September 24: Tutti Frutti

September 25: Houghton Weavers

September 26: The No Limits Tour - The Comedy Store Players, with Paul Merton, Neil Mullarkey, Jim Sweeney, Sandi Toksvig, Josie Lawrence, Richard Vranch

September 27: Andrew Newton

September 28-October 3: An Evening with Gary Lineker, with Ann Bryson, Andrew Hall, Steven Hartley, Paul Venables, Hilary Welles

October 5: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Paul Da Vinci, Joanna James, Lorayne Robinson

October 6: Roger Whittaker in Concert, David Fraser

October 10: Gene Pitney in Concert

October 11: Petula Clark

October 13-17: English Shakespeare Company: Macbeth, The Tempest, with Tony Haygarth, Lynn Farleigh

October 18: Jethro, Wurzels

October 20-24: Welsh National Opera Company: Tosca, Elektra, The Barber of Seville, with Suzanne Murphy, Dennis O’Neill, Peter Sidhom, Janet Hardy, Felicity Palmer, Andrew Shore, Fiona Janes, Simon Keenlyside, Carlo Rizzi

October 25: Andrew Newton

October 27-31: The Witches, with Karen Briffett, Janet Whiteside, Dorothy Ann Gould, Adam Stafford

November 2-7: Jasper Carrott, Phil Cool

November 6-7 (daytime): The Trotters Bottom Firefighters Show, with Welephant

November 9-14: English National Ballet: The Nutcracker, with Agnes Oaks, Thomas Edur, Kevin Richmond, Renata Calderini, Maurizio Bellezza

November 16: Jimmy Jones

November 17: Punt and Dennis - The Milky Milky Tour

November 18: An Evening with Joe Longthorne, Bradley Walsh

November 19: James Byrne

November 20: Andrew Newton Christmas Special

November 21: Shakin’ Stevens, Bill Paul

November 24-28: The Rocky Horror Show, with Elizabeth Carling, Matthew Cammelle, Eddie Kirby

November 29: Jethro’s Christmas Show

December 1-5: Pickwick, with Bristol Light Opera Club

December 6: The Spinners’ Christmas Reunion Tour

December 7-12: Moscow City Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty, with Svetlana Filippova, Ludmilla Nerubashenko, Elvira Rikova, Evgeny Mamrenko, Julia Snegurova

December 13: Christmas with the Savoy, with Bristol Savoy Operatic Society, Paddy Payne Dancers

December 18-January 31: Jack and the Beanstalk, with John Inman, Billy Pearce, Emily Symons, Geoffrey Hayes, Bungle, Zippy and George from Rainbow, The Fabulous Dancing Waters




February 3-27: Me and My Girl, with Gary Wilmot, Jessica Martin, Nicholas Smith, Patsy Rowlands, Derek Beard, Nigel Leach, Sarah Payne, Peter Schofield, Jim Wiggins, Peter Honri, Clare Welch, Audrey Leybourne, Rosalind McCutcheon, Rob Mitchell

March 1-6: Return to the Forbidden Planet, with Gemma Lowry, Frido Ruth, Patrick Moore, Stuart Nurse, Peter Alexander, Marcos d’Cruze, Rebecca Wright, Simon Jessop, Jane Milligan, Clive Fishlock, Jill Myers, Johnson Willis, Thomas Frere, Kate Edgar

March 7: CLIC ’93, with Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, Madeline Bell, Marmalade, Andrew Harvey, Rob E Ryan, Caprice, Jerry Thomas, Dennis Walker, Julie Thursday, Dave and Amos

March 9-13: Welsh National Opera Company: Un Ballo in Maschera, La Boheme, La Favorita, Tristan und Isolde, with Christine Teare, Glenville Hargreaves, Richard Margison, Mary Callan Clarke, Paul Charles Clarke, Alwyn Mellor, Jason Howard, Bonaventura Bottone, Bernadette Cullen, Jeffrey Lawton, Anne Evans, Carlo Rizzi, Sir Charles Mackerras

March 14: Andrew Newton

March 16-17: Ben Elton in Concert

March 18: Living Country Legends - Slim Whitman, Byron Whitman, George Hamilton IV, Sandy Kelly

March 20: The Brian Conley Tour ’93

March 23-27: Avon County Scout Gang Show 21st Celebration

March 30-April 17: Aspects of Love, with Gary Bond, Kathryn Evans, Alexander Hanson, Karen Skinns, Paul Bentley, Lottie Mayor, Angela Lloyd, Alistair Robins, Helen Viner-Slater, Fiz Shapur

April 18: Kevin Bloody Wilson - The Me and Ewe Tour

April 20-May 1: Good Rockin’ Tonite, with P J Proby, David Carling

April 25: Stages ’93 - Avon Schools’ Dance Production

May 2: Andrew Newton

May 3: Bottom, with Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson

May 4-8: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Orpheus in the Underworld, The Pirates of Penzance, with Gareth Jones, Joanne Pullen, Alan Watt, Kathleen Tynan, David Fieldsend, Jill Pert

May 9: The Hollies 30th Anniversary Tour

May 10-13: An Evening with Victoria Wood

May 14: Neil Sedaka

May 15: Freddie Starr

May 17-22: Elvis - The Musical, with Clayton Mark, Bo Wills, Ian Salisbury, Stephen J Dean, Glen Harper, Drew Jaymson, Vivienne McMaster, Joanna Michaels, Joanne Rowden, Steve Serlin, Fiona Sim, Natasha Wright, Joe Young, David Jenkins

May 23: The Archers in Murder at Ambridge Hall, with Trevor Harrison, Felicity Finch, Terry Molloy, Richard Derrington, Carole Boyd, Rosalind Adams

May 25-29: Fireman Sam, Ready for Action

May 25, 27: Jethro

May 30: An Evening with Julian Clary and Friends, with Russell Churney, Hugh Jelly

June 1: Jimmy Jones

June 2-4: Roy “Chubby” Brown

June 5: Trev and Simon Blimey That’s Good Tour ’93

June 6: Andrew Newton

June 8-12: Welsh National Opera Company: Eugene Onegin, La Boheme, La Favorita, with Janice Watson, Jason Howard, Peter Rose, Bonaventura Bottone, Bernadette Cullen, Mary Callan Clarke, Paul Charles Clarke, Alwyn Mellor, Peter Savidge, Andrew Slater, Martin Higgins, Carlo Rizzi, Julian Smith

June 29-November 13: Cats, with Robin Cousins, Rosemarie Ford, Tony Monopoly, Simon Rice, Sally Taylor, Tony Timberlake, Wendy Kitching, Paula Simpson, Poppy Tierney, Emma Priest, Richard Armitage

November 16-20: English National Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty, with Agnes Oaks, Fara Grieco, Graham Bond

November 21: Andrew Newton

November 22-25: Victoria Wood

November 26-27: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Paul Da Vinci, Joanna James, Lorraine Brown

November 28: An Evening of Music, Music, Music - Songs from the Shows, in aid of Bristol Kidney Patients’ Association

November 30-December 4: Hans Andersen, with Bristol Light Opera Club

December 5 (daytime): Mr Men in Nurseryland

December 5: Andrew Newton Special Christmas Show

December 7-11: Welsh National Opera Company: Falstaff, Cinderella, Lucia di Lammermoor, with Donald Maxwell, Suzanne Murphy, Rebecca Evans, Pamela Helen Stephen, Felicity Palmer, Lillian Watson, Janice Watson, Geoffrey Moses, David Barrell, Martin Thompson, Patrick Fournillier

December 12: Christmas with the Savoy, with Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 16-January 23: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Dana, Andrew O’Connor, Michael Sands, Ken Gibson, Sulie Branscombe, Anna Blake, Peter Aiton, Bristol School of Dancing pupils

December 19: Jethro’s Christmas Show




January 27-April 2: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with Phillip Schofield (Darren Day from March 28), Lisa Peace, Malcolm Rennie, David J Higgins, Robert Purvis

March 6: Andrew Newton

March 13: Jethro

March 20: CLIC 18th Birthday Celebration, with Robin Cousins and the Sutton Youth Theatre, Orville and Keith Harris, Rosemarie Ford, Marian Montgomery, Madeline Bell, Darren Day, Ned Sherrin, Joe Brown, Roger Cook, Ross King, Liz Robertson, Louise Gold, Dawn Spence, Meredith Braun, Gerard Casey, Sylvie Lewis, Lorna Dallas, Norfolk Mountain Rescue ‘A’ Team, Bristol Ballet School, in presence of The Duchess of Kent

March 27: Jethro

April 5-9: Avon Scouts Gang Show ’94

April 11-16: Return to the Forbidden Planet, with Frido Ruth, Sarah Whittuck, Marcos d’Cruze

April 19-23: Welsh National Opera Company: Turandot, Lucia di Lammermoor, Ariodante, with Mary Jane Johnson, Edmund Barham, Christine Schafer, Barry Banks, Della Jones, Felicity Palmer, Carlo Rizzi, Julian Smith

April 24: Stages ’94, The Avon Schools’ Dance Production

April 26-30 (some daytime only): Noddy, with Karen Briffett, Eric Potts

April 27: West End Showstoppers, with Hilary O’Neil, Kath Dooley, Mitchell Armstrong, David Lawrence

April 28: The Solid Silver ’60s Show, with Gerry and the Pacemakers, Helen Shapiro, Swinging Blue Jeans

May 2-7: What a Show!, with Tommy Steele

May 8 (daytime): The Children’s Show, with Darren Day, Toby Anstis, Andrea Boardman, Peter Simon, Anthea Turner

May 8: Andrew Newton

May 9-14: Where’s the Birdie?, with Sesame Street Live

May 17-21: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant), with Ruby Evans, Anthony Pedley

May 22: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Paul Da Vinci, Joanna James, Lorraine Brown

May 24: Julia Fordham

May 26: Howard Keel in Concert

May 27-28: Freddie Starr

May 31-June 4: Aspects of Love, with Anne Wood, Jay Marcus

June 7-25: Me and My Girl, with Andrew O’Connor, Rebecca Thornhill

June 28-July 2: Godspell, with Felice Arena, Anna Francolini, Dominic Tandy, Karen Barnes

July 5-9 (daytime): The New Adventures of Postman Pat, with Don Crann, Lisa David, David Broughton-Davies, Pamela Ashton

July 7: Mike Reid

July 10: Jeff Hooper, Freddy Staff All Star Big Band

July 12-16: Welsh National Opera Company: Der Rosenkavalier, Tosca, La Finta Giardiniera, with Susan Graham, Franz Hawlata, Suzanne Murphy, Donald Maxwell, Joan Rodgers, Ryland Davies, Carlo Rizzi

July 17: Isley Brothers

July 19-23: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Swan Lake, Brahms-Handel Variations, Prodigal Son, Symphony in Three Movements, with Michael O’Hare, Monica Zamora, Andrea Tredinnick, Rachel Peppin, Jessica Clarke, Dorcas Walters, Yi-Lei Cai, David Dawson, Kevin O’Hare, Vincent Redmon, Ravenna Tucker, Jillian Mackrill, James Bailey, Joseph Cipolla, Jonathan Higgins, Paul Murphy

August 1-6: Bath and Wessex Opera: Don Giovanni, Rigoletto, with Peter Sidhom, Anne Williams-King, Sarah Walker, Gerard Quinn, Peter Bronder, Sally Harrison, Anne Mason, Klaus Donath, Sir Alexander Gibson, Bournemouth Sinfonietta

August 10-September 10: Plymouth Theatre Royal’s Oklahoma!, with Bonnie Langford, Sarah-Jane Hassell, Peter Hilton, Nick Wilton, Paul Leonard, Richard Swerrun, Brian Greene, Dilys Lane, Josefina Gabrielle

September 11: The Concert they Never Gave, with Bernie Jessome, Clayton Mark, Kevin Pallister

September 13-17: The Rocky Horror Show 21st Birthday Party, with Tony Booth, Sophie Lawrence, Patricia Quinn

September 18: Andrew Newton Hypnotic Laughter Show

September 20-24: Romanian National Opera: Madama Butterfly, Nabucco, Samson et Dalila, with Iulia Isaev, Ecaterina Tutu

September 27-October 22: Fiddler on the Roof, with Topol, Sara Kestelman, Jacquelyn Yorker, Bruce Montague, Adi Topol-Margalith, Tim Flannigan, Jo John, Alicia Davies, Neil Rutherford

September 29 (daytime): The Michael Faraday All Electric Roadshow, with Johnny Ball

October 2: Fascinating Aida

October 9: Mr Men in Toyland

October 16: An Evening with Brendan Grace

October 23 (daytime): The Rod, Jane and Freddy Show

October 23: The Glenn Miller Orchestra (UK)

October 26-November 5: Buddy, with Angus MacGregor

November 7-12: Five Guys Named Moe, with Tommie Jenkins, Trent Kendall, Monroe Kent III, Jason Pennycooke, Richard D Sharp, Faruma Williams, Neil McArthur

November 15-19: Birmingham Royal Ballet: La Fille mal Gardée, Galanteries, Enigma Variations, Le Tricorne, with Miyako Yoshida, Michael O’Hare, David Morse, Joseph Cipolla

November 20: The Hollies in Concert

November 22-26: Welsh National Opera Company: Beatrice and Benedict, La Traviata, Turandot, The Makropoulos Case, with Donald Maxwell, Donald Kaasch, Sara Fulgoni, Maria Fortuna, John Hudson, Josephine Barstow, John Nelson, Wyn Davies

November 29-December 3: 42nd Street, with Bristol Light Opera Club

December 4-6: Roy “Chubby” Brown, Quill

December 7: That’ll be the Day Christmas Special, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Joanna James, Lorraine Brown, Julia Greenham, Iain Hawkins

December 8-10 (daytime): Playdays Live on Stage

December 8-9: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro

December 10: Andrew Newton Hypnotic Laughter Show

December 11: Christmas with the Savoy, with Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 13-18: The Chinese State Circus

December 21-February 4: Pickwick - The Musical, with Sir Harry Secombe, Ruth Madoc, Glyn Houston, David Cardy, Ray C Davis, Michael Howe, Peter Land, Robert Meadmore, Kevin A J Ranson, Katy Secombe, Ian Macpherson, Bristol School of Dancing pupils

December 26-January 15 (daytime): Postman Pat’s Happy Christmas Show, with Roger Dean




January 22: The Kings of Swing in Concert, with Joe Loss Big Band, Todd Miller, Jasmine Day, Shelly Johnstone

February 5: The Late, Late Christmas Variety Show, with Paul McKenna, Faith Brown, Martin Daniels, Dino, Caroline Griffin, Frank Starr, Tim Pitman, Phil Charles, Gee Baby I Love You, Paul Salvage, Amanda Normansell, Simon Perigud, in aid of Frenchay Hospital (Skin Bank) Appeal

February 6-11: Freak Out!, with Mike Fab-Gere, Jean Genie

February 14-18: Peter Pan, with Toyah Willcox, Frank Finlay, Eileen Battye, Sara Hillier, Brian Parr, Tom Stammers, Daniel Northover, Janice Adnett, Micky Silver, Jonathan Bex, Menzah Brothers, Paul Smith, Kirby’s Flying Ballet

February 19: Mike Reid - Live and Uncensored

February 20-25: Moscow City Ballet: The Nutcracker, Cinderella, with Natalia Shelokova, Evgenia Vorobieva, Dimitri Romanov, Ivor Shavruk

February 27-March 4: English National Ballet: Romeo and Juliet, with Lisa Pavane, Thomas Edur

March 5: Avon Dance Stages 1995

March 7-11: Welsh National Opera Company: Le Nozze di Figaro, The Yeomen of the Guard, with Rebecca Evans, Donald Adams, Susan McCulloch, Roberto Scaltriti, Jason Howard, Sheri Greenawald, Donald Maxwell, Richard Stuart, Gareth Jones

March 15-April 15: Singin’ in the Rain, with Paul Nicholas, Shona Lindsay, Tony Howes, Sarah Payne, Barry J Gordon, Matt Zimmerman, Jean Challis, Sebastien Torkia, Mark Pollard, Mark Donovan, Pauline Walker, Suzanna John-David, Louisa Landon, Alasdair MacNeill

March 26: The Good Olde Days, with John Inman, Brian Eames, Clinton Ford, John Bouchier, Pete Lindup, Van Buren and Kim, Gaiety Girls

April 2: Eddie Izzard Unrepeatable

April 9: Jimmy Jones

April 18-22: Avon Scouts Gang Show 1995

April 24-29: Return to the Forbidden Planet

April 30: Jethro, Eddie Large, in aid of Bristol Open Scanner Appeal

May 2-6: Hot Shoe Shuffle, with Louise Plowright

May 7: James Last

May 8-13: Three Steps to Heaven, with Iain Hawkins

May 14: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Joanna James

May 15-20: Dance, with Wayne Sleep, Ryan Francois, Jenny Thomas

May 23-June 10: “Carmen Jones”, with Patti Boulaye, Grace Kennedy, Ruby Turner, Antoni Garfield Henry, Blair Wilson, Leon Herbert, Wendy Mae Brown, Maureen Brathwaite, Simone Sauphanor, Colin Lainchbury-Brown, Horace Oliver, Cornell John, Paul Bateman

June 11: A Concert for CLIC 1995, with Max Bygraves, Roger Cook, Robin Cousins, Bristol Ballet School dancers

June 19: The Drifters

June 24: The Concert they Never Gave

June 25: Voulez Vous

June 27-July 1: Welsh National Opera Company: Cosi fan Tutte, La Traviata, Elektra, with Alwyn Mellor, Ann Taylor-Morley, Donald Maxwell, Susannah Waters, Neill Archer, Nathan Berg, Nuccia Focile, Paul Charles Clarke, Mary Lloyd-Davies, Felicity Palmer, Clarry Bartha, Mark Wigglesworth

July 2: The Magical World of the Musicals in Concert, with Dave Willetts, Lorna Luft, Magical Musicals Orchestra and Singers

July 14-15: Freak Out!, with Mike Fab-Gere, Jean Genie, John Mainwaring

July 17-22: What a Show!, with Tommy Steele

July 23: The New Care Bears Magic Show

July 24-26: Russian Navy Spectacular: Music of the Tsars, with Svetlana Volkova, Leonid Repin, Stanislav Tchassov, Tania Matos, St Petersburg Admiralty Navy Band, Alexei Karabanov, Kirov Opera singers, Russian Ballet dancers, Ukraine Cossacks, Moscow State Circus

August 4: A Summer Variety Show, with Ronnie Hayward, Eric Yorke, Yvonne Lloyd, Brian Pollard, Barry Anthony and Ray Young, David Harper, Mike Pullen

August 13: Syd Lawrence Orchestra and Singers

August 20: Boxing, by satellite: Tyson v McNeeley

August 31: Scrooge Preview, with Anthony Newley

September 5-16: Me and My Girl, with Peter Duncan, Josephine Baird, Ursula Smith, Julie-Alanah Brighten

September 10: Russ Conway’s 70th Birthday Celebration Variety Music Hall, with Russ Conway, Bert Weedon, Joan Regan, Peter Goodwright, Peter Baldwin, Mark Mathison, Jack Gibbons, Dennis Lotis, ’60s Tiller Girls, in aid of Russ Conway Cancer Fund

September 17: The Melody Lingers On, with Hinge and Bracket

September 18-23: Bottom - The Big Number Two Tour Live, with Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson

September 24: Magic - A Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen

September 27-October 7: Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, with Angus MacGregor, Clare Bonsu

October 8 (daytime): Mr Men Alphabet Show

October 8: Jethro

October 10-14: Welsh National Opera Company: Nabucco, Idomeneo, Madame Butterfly, with Jonathan Summers, Janice Cairns, Sara Fulgoni, Gwyn Hughes Jones, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Christine Weidinger, Rebecca Evans, Toby Spence, Donald Braswell, Sylvia Mitton, Geoffrey Moses, Gareth Jones, Sir Charles Mackerras

October 17-21: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Hobson’s Choice, Birthday Offering, Carmina Burana, with Michael O’Hare, Leticia Muller, Desmond Kelly, Joseph Cipolla, Kevin O’Hare, Alain Dubreuil, David Morse, Paul Murphy, Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Ex Cathedra Choir

October 24-28: Guys and Dolls, with Bristol Light Opera Club

October 29: The Glenn Miller Orchestra in Concert

October 30-November 4: Dame Edna Everage: “Look at me when I’m Talking to You!”, with Barry Humphries

November 5: The Solid Silver ’60s Show, with Bobby Vee and the Ricochettes, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Fortunes, Brian Hyland

November 6: Good Olde Days, with Danny La Rue, Steve Barclay, The Holloways

November 7: Richard Digance, Ian Irving

November 11: Andrew Newton

November 13-December 2: Blood Brothers, with David Cassidy, Clodagh Rodgers

December 3: Christmas with the Savoy, with Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 4: Chas and Dave’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Street Party

December 5: The Fureys in Concert - The Claddagh Road Tour

December 6: West End Showstoppers, with Ben Murphy, Mitchell Armstrong, David Lawrence, Lorayne Brown

December 7-9: Roy “Chubby” Brown

December 10 (daytime): The White Christmas Children’s Show, with Grotbags

December 10: The White Christmas Variety Show, with The Bachelors, Frank Starr, Dino

December 11-16: Five Guys Named Moe

December 20-February 24: Scrooge - The Musical, with Anthony Newley, Paul Leonard, Dudley Owen, Philip Hazelby, Mark White, David Baxter, Duncan Gregory, Harry Dickman, Felicity Soper, Jeremy Sharples, David Alder, Angie Smith, Martin Hibbert, Julia Harrison Jones, Jennie Dale, Nick Tcherniak, Stuart Pedlar




February 26-March 2: English National Ballet: Cinderella, with Josephine Jewkes, Monica Perego, Lisa Pavane, Thomas Edur, Greg Horsman, Michael Coleman, Kevin Richmond, Elisabeth Miegge, Ambra Vallo, Joanne Clarke, Jane Haworth, Freya Dominic, Louise Halliday, Emma Greenhalgh, Sarah McIlroy, David Peden, Christopher Hampson, David Coleman

March 5-9: The Hot Ice Show, with Victor Mytnik, Valeria Tishler, Nicky Scott

March 12-16: Welsh National Opera Company 50th Anniversary Season: Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, The Rake’s Progress, with Bryn Terfel, Paul Nilon, Alwyn Mellor, Dennis O’Neill, Anne-Marie Owens, Rosalind Sutherland, Mark Wigglesworth, Carlo Rizzi

March 17: Avon Dance Stages ’96

March 19-23: Sinderella, with Jim Davidson, Jess Conrad, Dianne Lee, Dave Lee and Roger Kitter, Mia Carla, David Kristian, The Oddballs

March 25-30: The Official Tribute to The Blues Brothers

March 31: The Hollies in Concert

April 2-6: The Rocky Horror Show, with Nicholas Parsons, Howard Samuels, Paul Darnell, Sam Warden, Kate O’Sullivan

April 9-13: Avon Scouts Gang Show ’96

April 16-May 11: Copacabana, with Michael Praed, Theresa Kartell, Eric Flynn, Marilyn Cutts, Jonathan Burn, Leonie Wilde

April 28: In the Mood, with Herb Miller Orchestra and Singers, John Miller, Fiona Paige, Kaye Sisters

May 12: British Theatre Dance Association Gala Performance

May 14-18: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Theme and Variations, The Cage, ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café, Far from the Madding Crowd, with Leticia Muller, Wolfgang Stollwitzer, Peter Ernst Lassen

May 19: Jethro

May 20: The Dubliners in Concert - Further Along Tour

May 21: Voulez Vous

May 22: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Joanna James, Josie Cain

May 23: Shirley Bassey in Concert

May 24-25: What a Feeling, with Felice Arena, Sonia, Veronica Bruno

May 26: Ain’t no Stopping us Now - The Philadelphia Tour 1996, with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Sheila Ferguson, McFadden and Whitehead

May 27-June 1: Patsy Cline - The Musical, with Sandy Kelly, George Hamilton IV, Emma Weaver

June 2: Magic - A Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen

June 4-8: Welsh National Opera Company: Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, Faust, The Rake’s Progress, with Alastair Miles, Alwyn Mellor, Paul Groves, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Donald Maxwell, Della Jones, Paul Charles Clarke, Jason Howard, Gareth Jones

June 11-15: Phantom of the Opera on Ice, with The Russian Ice Stars - Valeri Spiridonov, Ekaterina Murugova, Oleg Makarov, Larissa Selezneva, Vladimir Kotin, Andrei Bannikov, Kathy Dooley

June 19-22: National Theatre Company: The Wind in the Willows, with Tim Hudson, Francis Matthews, Christopher Strauli, Ian Sharrock, David Roper, Robin Bowerman

June 24-29: Ferry ’Cross the Mersey - The Musical, with Gerry Marsden, Carl Kirshner

June 30: Lee Evans

July 1-6: Freak Out!, with Mike Fab-Gere and The Permissive Society, Jean Genie, John Mainwaring

July 3-6 (daytime): Noddy, with Karen Briffett

July 7: The Good Olde Days, with Jimmy Cricket, Roly Polys, Craig Douglas, Lizzie Wiggins

July 9-13: The Secret Garden, with The Library Theatre Company, Nadia Chambers, Laurence Wythe

July 28: Lee Evans

July 29-August 3: Showstoppers - The 1996 Concert Tour, with Gary Wilmot, Hannah Jones, Johanne Murdock, Philip Hazelbury, Marc Joseph, Paul McGuire

August 5-10: Only the Lonely - The Roy Orbison Story, with Peter Howarth, Kate Taylor

August 16: The Ultimate ’60s Concert, with The Imposters

August 25: Get Fresh with Bradley Walsh

August 27-31: Rita, Sue and Bob Too, with Paula Frances, Lisa Herbertson, Guy Oliver-Watts, Sylvia Gatril, Andy Abrahams, Amelia Stephens

September 2-7: There’s a Girl in My Soup, with Tony Scannell, Lisa Marks, Jack Smethurst, Debee Ashby, Phil Rose, Claire Robinson, David Callister

September 9-14: Spirit of the Dance, with The Irish International Dance Company, Irish National Harp Orchestra, New York Gospel Choir, New Orleans Tap Kings, Russian Cossacks, Oriental Acrobatic Ballet Company, Mongolian State Dancers

September 15 (daytime): Mr Men in Music Land

September 15: A Tribute to The Carpenters

September 17-21: Hot Shoe Shuffle, with Louise Plowright, Darren J Bennett, Dean Magri, Teddy Green

September 22: Old Tyme Music Hall, with Dennis Hancock, Ken May, Pauline Rayner, Michelle Bedford, Pamela Gray, in aid of St Peter’s Hospice

September 25: Stars of The Comedians, with Jos White, Ronnie Hayward, Jimmy Marshall

September 26-28: Hollywood and Broadway, with Wayne Sleep, Lorna Luft, Trevor Jones

September 30-October 5: Return to the Forbidden Planet, with Stuart Nurse, Sarah Whittuck, Patrick Moore, Roger Alborough, Marvin Springer, Matt Devitt, Allison Harding, Simon Jessop, Clive Fishlock, Jane Milligan, Sian Allen, Kludo White, Jonathan Bonner, Kate Edgar

October 6: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro

October 8-12: Romanian National Opera: Aida, The Magic Flute, Norma, with Mariana Colpos, Ecaterina Tutu, Ionel Voineag, Gabriela Dragusin, Dan Dumitrescu, Ana-Camelia Stefanescu, Adriana Mestes, Sever Barnea, Alexandru Samoila, Cornel Trailescu, Bristol Light Opera Club, Great Western Chorus

October 15-19: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Les Patineurs, Le Baiser de la Fée, The Nutcracker Sweeties, Swan Lake, with Catherine Batcheller, Yuri Zhukov, Sabrina Lenzi, Peter Ernst Lassen

October 21-26: High Society, with Jackie Trent, Tracey Childs, Michael Howe, Roland Curram, Martin Fisher, Monica Bravo, Rory Campbell, Stewart McLean, Kerris Peeling, Dannie Bourne

October 29-November 9: Evita, with Marti Webb, Christopher Corcoran, Stagecoach Theatre School students

November 3: Syd Lawrence Orchestra

November 4-5: Let the Force be With You, with Johnny Ball

November 12-16: Anything Goes, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 17: Andrew Newton

November 19-23: Welsh National Opera Company: Don Giovanni, La Boheme, The Doctor of Myddfai, with Davide Damiani, Arwel Huw Morgan, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Alwyn Mellor, Rosalind Sutherland, Carlo Ventre, Gerald Finley, Linda Tuvas, Lisa Tyrrell, Paul Whelan, Graham Jackson, Richard Armstrong

November 26-30: Fame - The Musical, with Kimberley Partridge

December 3: Sean Wilson and Susan McCann, Charlie Days

December 5: Slade II, Sweet, John Rossall’s Glitter Band Experience - Merry Christmas Everybody Tour

December 6-7: Roy “Chubby” Brown

December 8: Christmas with The Savoy, with Bristol Savoy Operatic Society

December 11: Chris de Burgh in Concert

December 12-14: Rambert Dance Company 70th Anniversary Tour: Rooster, Swansong, Eidolon, with Steven Brett, Patricia Hines, Sheron Wray, Barbara Rodriguez Torres, London Musici

December 20-January 25: Dick Whittington, with Jim Davidson, John Virgo, Victor Spinetti, Melanie Stace, Keith Emerson, Roger Kitter, John Bardon




January 24 (11.30pm): Dick and Pussy - A Love Story, with Jim Davidson, John Virgo, Victor Spinetti, Patsy Palmer, Jess Conrad, Dianne Lee

January 28-March 1: Crazy for You, with Patrick Mower, Fiona Benjamin, Tim Flavin, Angela Moran, Barry J Gordon, Amanda Prior, David Gilliam, Graham Hoadly, Annette McLaughlin, Claire Taylor, Robert Scott

February 9: The Late, Late Christmas Variety Show 2, with Cannon and Ball, Martin Daniels, Faith Brown, Dino, Kaz, Richard Wyatt, in aid of The Jack and Jill Appeal, Frenchay Hospital

February 23: Abba Gold

March 4-8: English National Ballet: Alice in Wonderland, with Alice Crawford, Monica Perego, Marta Barahona, Lenaig Guegan, Yat-Sen Chang, Lee Robinson, Greg Horsman, Dmitri Gruzdyev, Christian Duncan, Lisa Pavane, Irina Roncaglia, Michael Coleman, Giuseppe Picone, Patrick Flynn

March 9: What a Feeling!, with Sonia, Luke Goss, Sinitta

March 11-15: Welsh National Opera Company: Carmen, Rigoletto, Iphigénie en Tauride, with Sara Fulgoni, Phillip Joll, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Diana Montague, Didier Henry, Robert Spano, Julian Smith, Steven Sloane

March 16: Stages ’97: Celebrating Dance

March 17-22: Bottom Live 3: Hooligan’s Island, with Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson

March 26: The Drifters

March 27: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro, Peter Carson

March 28: In the Mood - A Tribute to Glenn Miller, with Herb Miller Orchestra and Singers, John Miller, Fiona Paige

March 29: The Chuckle Brothers

April 1-5: Bristol Scout Gang Show Silver Jubilee

April 6: Magic - A Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen

April 7-12: The Official Tribute to The Blues Brothers

April 16-June 21: Summer Holiday, with Darren Day, Ross King, Clare Buckfield, Hilary O’Neil

April 20: Glen Campbell in Concert, Debby Campbell, Goodtime Band

May 18: All Star Celebrity Gala Variety Show, with Russ Conway, Nicholas Parsons, Lisa Goddard, Andrew Sachs, Rosemary Squires, Peter Goodwright, Hilary O’Neil, Les Reed, Su Douglas, Korgis, Madeline Bell, Sue Nicholls, Mark Eden, David Neilson, Peter Baldwin, Spice-ish Girls, in aid of Parkinson’s Disease Society

June 24-28: Welsh National Opera Company: Simon Boccanegra, The Barber of Seville, From the House of the Dead, with Phillip Joll, Katarina Karneus, Jonathan Veira, Charles Workman, Jeffrey Lawton, Nigel Douglas, Yolande Jones, Carlo Rizzi, Richard Armstrong

June 30-July 5: A Chorus Line, with Adam Faith, Maria Laura Baccarini, Pili Lopez, Samantha Hughes, Flik Swan, Louise Smith, Daniel Hinchliffe, Brenda-Jane Newhouse, J Harrison Combe, Andrew Wright, David Otton, Zoe Smith, Jeremy Fisher

July 6: The Care Bears Magical Story Book

July 13: The Billy Fury Experience, with Colin Gold, Fury’s Tornados

July 14-19: Tapping Harlem

August 25-September 13: South Pacific, with Jessica Martin, Mark Wynter, Rustie Lee, Roger Leach, David Anthony, Tita Lau, Jesse Milligan, Warren Kimmel

September 15-20: Blood Brothers, with Lyn Paul, Mike Dyer, Paul Crosby, Tom Fairfoot, Lisa Bowerman, Sarah Mowat, Peter Washington, Anthony Jordan, Andrew Westfield, Sara Haggerty, Jason Summerfield, Tony Lanfranchi, Victoria Ward, Stuart Cross

September 22-27: The Roy Orbison Story, with Peter Howarth, Kate Taylor, Julie Maguire

September 29-October 4: 42nd Street, with Gemma Craven, James Smillie, Jennifer Williams

October 7-25: West Side Story, with Katie Knight-Adams, David Habbin, Graham Macduff, Edward Baker-Duly, Anna-Jane Casey, Fraser Skeoch

October 12: Margarita Pracatan, Ted and Hilda Durante

October 27-November 8: Tommy - See Me, Feel Me, with Paul Keating, Simon Jermond, Emma Francis, Natalie Holton

November 11-15: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Edward II, Serenade, Orpheus, The Four Temperaments, with Wolfgang Stollwitzer, Sabrina Lenzi, Andrew Murphy, Joseph Cipolla, Chi Cao, Paul Bayes-Kitcher, Alain Dubreuil, Daniel Taylor, Jonathan Payn, Paul Murphy, Royal Ballet Sinfonia

November 16: Joe Longthorne in Concert

November 18-22: Welsh National Opera Company: Fidelio, Carmen, La Clemenza di Tito, with Gidon Saks, Suzanne Murphy, Patricia Bardon, Katarina Karneus, Isabelle Vernet, Paula Hoffman, Lisa Milne, Adrian Thompson, Rebecca Evans, Glenn Winslade, Simon Kirkbride, Sir Charles Mackerras

November 25-29: Barnum, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 30 (daytime): Mr Men and the Magic Toy Shop

November 30: Harry Hill Live

December 3: The Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll Show, with Marty Wilde and The Wildcats, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers, John Leyton, Eden Kane, The Vernons Girls

December 4-5: Frank Skinner Live, with Frank Skinner, Steve Best

December 6: Freddie Starr

December 7: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro

December 10-13: Peter Pan, with Leon Greene, Sophie Louise Dann, Carrie Ann Sutton, Karen Holmes, Andy Ford

December 15-20: From a Jack to a King, with Eric Glamis, Allison Harding, Stuart Nurse, Sarah Whittuck

December 29-March 28: Les Misérables, with Jeff Leyton, Peter Corry, Cameron Blakely, Gemma Sandy, Mark O’Malley, Cathy Breeze, John Owen Jones, Joshua Jenkins, Marc Pickard, Bradley Read, Rebecca Vere, Paul Monaghan, Julia Worsley, Martin Warden, Ellie Brogan, Anna Blake, Sam Hillier, Susie Dumbreck, Nicci Brightman, Morag Siller, Norman Bowman, Catherine Digges, Paul Christ




March 15: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Joanna James, Josie Cain

March 22: Cast of Les Misérables Grand Appeal Charity Concert

March 29: Stages ’98 Dance Gala Show

March 30-31: Roy “Chubby” Brown

April 1-2: Spirit of the Dance, with The Irish International Dance Company

April 3: Magic - A Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen

April 4: Voulez Vous - The Abba Experience

April 5: The Hollies in Concert

April 7-11: Welsh National Opera Company: Billy Budd, The Coronation of Poppea, Tosca, with Robert Tear, Christopher Maltman, Stephen Richardson, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Paul Nilon, Neil Jenkins, Gwynne Howell, Michael Chance, Linda Kitchen, Sally Burgess, Peter Sidhom, Suzanne Murphy, Carlo Ventre, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Gareth Jones, Julian Smith

April 14-18: Bristol Gang Show ’98

April 21-25: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Far from the Madding Crowd, Symphony in Three Movements, Grosse Fuge, Elite Syncopations, with Monica Zamora, David Justin, Yuri Zhukov, Kevin O’Hare, Dorcas Walters, David Morse, Ambra Vallo, Andrew Murphy, David Justin, Catherine Batcheller, Andrea Tredinnick, Keren Waldie, Mikaela Polley, Joseph Cipolla, Wolfgang Stollwitzer, Timothy Cross, Sergiu Pobereznic, Philip Ellis, Jonathan Higgins, Royal Ballet Sinfonia

April 26: Solid Silver ’60s Show, with Helen Shapiro, The Seachers, The Swinging Blue Jeans

April 27-May 2: The Official Tribute to The Blues Brothers - The Final Tour, with Ian McKeith, Brad Henshaw, Dionne Bennett, Joe Speare, Roger Wright, Steve Parry

May 5-June 6: Grease, with Luke Goss, Alison Carter, Nicky Adams, Chris Holland

June 7: The Chuckle Brothers

June 9-13: Welsh National Opera Company: Boris Godunov, La Traviata, Tosca, with Grant Dickson, Gwynne Howell, Peter Hoare, Cara O’Sullivan, Jonathan Summers, Carlo Ventre, Michele Hedge, Robert Hayward, Carlo Rizzi

June 15-20: Boogie Nights, with Shane Richie, Lisa Maxwell, Sharon Benson

June 23-July 4: Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story

July 14-25: The Goodbye Girl, with Gary Wilmot, Marti Webb, Nia Jermin, Hope Augustus

July 27-August 1: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with Richard Swerrun, Bristol School of Dancing Children’s Choir

August 2: Anthology of The Beatles

August 5-8: Playdays - Crash! Bang! Wallop!!

August 12: Danny La Rue - 50 Glorious Years, with Danny La Rue, Steve Barclay, Linda Watts, Lavelle Twins, David and Pauline Conway, David Carter Band

August 29: Bodger and Badger - Mad Mash III

September 6: The Woolpackers in Concert, with Alun Lewis, Billy Hartman

September 7-11: Four Steps to Heaven, with Peter Howarth, Alex Bourne, Tim Whitnall

September 14-19: Girls’ Night Out

September 20: The Drifters

September 23-26: Rambert Dance Company: Airs, August Pace, Axioma 7, Cruel Garden, with Paul Liburd, Dierdre Chapman

September 28-October 10: Blood Brothers

October 11: Lily Savage

October 12-17: Smokey Joe’s Café, with Hannah Waddingham

October 20-24: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Romeo and Juliet, Powder, ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café, The Protecting Veil, with Sabrina Lenzi, Kevin O’Hare, Lee Fisher, Michael O’Hare, Dorcas Walters, David Justin, Robert Parker, Paul Murphy, Emma Johnson, James Potter

October 25 (daytime): The Mr Men and Little Miss in Nursery Rhyme Land

October 25: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro

October 26-31: The New Rocky Horror Show, with Jason Donovan, Ken Morley

November 3-7: Welsh National Opera Company: Un Ballo in Maschera, Madame Butterfly, Jenufa, with Paul Charles Clarke, Lada Biriucov, Suzanne Murphy, Rosalind Sutherland, Nigel Robson, Christopher Lincoln, Dennis O’Neill, Gail Pearson, Phillip Joll, Christine Weidinger, Susan Gorton, Julian Smith, Graham Jackson

November 10-14: The King and I, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 15: Abba Gold

November 16: The Billy Fury Experience

November 17: Jane McDonald in Concert

November 18-21: Jasper Carrott in Concert

November 27-28: Van Morrison

December 1-5: English National Ballet: The Nutcracker, with Larissa Ponomarenko, Patrick Armand, Agnes Oaks, Thomas Edur

December 6: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Josie Cain

December 8: The Magic of Sinatra, with Andy Prior, Donna Canale, Andy Prior Orchestra

December 9-10 (daytime): Mortal Combat - An Introduction to Shakespeare

December 10-13: The One Hundred and One Dalmatians, with Heidi Monsen

December 15: The Ultimate Fantasy Show




January 5-May 22: The Phantom of the Opera, with Scott Davies, Zoe Curlett, Richard Lake, Valerie Cutko, Carrie Ellis, Katrina Murphy, David Delve, Hans Dornbusch, Alan Vicary, Joanne Pullen, Lucy Middleton, Anthony Boon, Carl Donohue, John Polhamus, Colin Fay, Paul Christ

February 28: A Century of Song, with The Phantom of the Opera cast, in aid of Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal

March 14: Stages ’99 - Bristol City Schools Dance Production

May 9: Phil Cool in Concert

May 27-29: Birmingham Royal Ballet: Coppelia, with Sabrina Lenzi, Andrew Murphy, Paul Murphy

June 1-26: Jesus Christ Superstar, with William Byrne, Ben Goddard, Golda Rosheuvel, David Durham, Matt Cross, Fred Johanson

June 27: The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), with The Reduced Shakespeare Company - Rick Bland, Christian Malcolm, John Schwab

June 29-July 3: Fiddler on the Roof, with Bristol Light Opera Club

July 6-10: Welsh National Opera Company: Tristan und Isolde, The Magic Flute, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, with Andrew Shore, Toby Spence, Franzita Whelan, Catherine Foster, Jean-Yves Ossonce

July 12-17: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with Richard Swerrun, Louise Dearman, Andy Lingfield, children from Bristol Stage School, City of Bristol Boys Choir and Thornbury Boys Choir

July 21: Men O Men

July 22-24: Aspects of Dance, with Wayne Sleep, City Ballet of London

July 27-August 7: Martin Guerre, with Matthew Cammelle, Joanna Riding, Stephen Weller, Gareth Snook, Michael Bauer, George Abbott, Maurice Clarke, Lisa Peace

August 9-14: The Ultimate Hen Party

August 18-21: Playdays: Why Bird’s Lucky Number

August 24-September 4: West Side Story, with Ulster Theatre Company - Zoe Rainey, Mark Dugdale, Mark Dougherty

September 5: An Evening of Nonsense with Jethro, Ovation Brothers, Karen Noble

September 6-11: Opera and Ballet International, with Russian principals, Chisinau National Ballet Company and Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, with Elena Zaitseva, Andrei Litvinov, Ion Ianachi, Svetlana Popova

September 12: Beyond the Barricade, with Rebecca Thornhill, Lindsey Danvers, David Fawcett, Andy Reiss, in aid of MENCAP

September 13-18: The Official Tribute to The Blues Brothers, with Matthew Stokes, Matthew Hewitt, Eleanor Leah, Julian Cannonier, Rohan Reckford, Steve Parry

September 19: The Counterfeit Stones

September 20: Magic - A Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen

September 22: The Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll Show ’99 - 5th Anniversary Tour, with Joe Brown and The Bruvvers, Marty Wilde and the Wildcats, John Leyton, Eden Kane, The Vernons Girls

September 23: Jet Harris’s Shadows

September 24: Think Floyd in Concert - The Eclipse Tour ’99, Playbox Theatre and Bristol School of Dancing students

September 25: Thanks for the Memory, with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Ray McVay, Bernie Winton

September 28-October 9: Annie, with Lesley Joseph, Kara Wenman, Kevin Colson, Kate Normington

October 11-16: Return to the Forbidden Planet, with Robert McCormick, Mark Crossland, Nicola Bolton

October 19-23: English National Ballet: La Bayadere, Sphinx, The Rite of Spring, Coppelia, with Agnes Oaks, Thomas Edur, Dmitri Gruzdyev, Daria Klimentova, Tamara Rojo, Monica Perego, Yat-Sen Chang, Michael Coleman, Martin West

October 26-30: Bristol Gang Show 1999

October 31: The Hollies

November 2-6: Welsh National Opera Company: Don Giovanni, Rigoletto, The Carmelites, with Robert Hayward, Arwel Huw Morgan, Nuccia Focile, Matthew Hargreaves, Linda Kitchen, Cara O’Sullivan, Timothy Robinson, Nicolae Moldoveanu, Phillip Joll, Claire Rutter, Carlo Ventre, Antonia Sotgiu, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Sally Burgess, Elizabeth Vaughan, Natalie Christie, Julian Smith, Gareth Jones

November 7 (daytime): That’ll be the Day presents Wicked

November 7: That’ll be the Day, with Trevor Payne, Gary Anderson, Morgan Turner, Josie Cain

November 8: A Slice of Saturday Night

November 9-13: The Hobbit

November 17-January 29: Les Misérables, with Jeff Leyton, Peter Corry, Rosie Palfrey, Kristina Lewis, Samantha Pring, Orla Dennehy, Alex Sharpe, Martin Fisher, Andrew Bain, Ben Starr, Eddie Brown, Paul Monaghan, Damian Wilson, Lindsey Danvers, Lincoln Hudson, Amanda Leigh Smith, Eaton James, Catherine Breeze, Greg Castiglioni, Keith Brookman, Michael England

November 21: Peter Karrie Unmasked

December 5: Freddie Starr, Johnny Laff

December 19: Les Chris-Mis Gala - An Evening with the Cast of Les Misérables, Playbox Theatre children, in aid of Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal



JUST as Sir Harry Secombe was thinking of retirement at the age of 71 in 1992 he was persuaded to reprise his role as the lead in Pickwick - The Musical, which had been a West End hit from 1963 to 1965.

  It arrived at the Hippodrome for Christmas 1994 - nearly 40 years after he had first appeared there as a Goon alongside Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan (top left).

  Harry, although unwell at the time, managed a barnstorming rendition of If I Ruled the World nightly for nearly seven weeks, starring with Ruth Madoc, his daughter Katy Secombe and David Cardy who had replaced cancer-striken Roy Castle as Sam Weller. It was a runaway success and took more than £1 million at the box office.

  Apart from the 1955 Goons show, Harry had also appeared at the Hippodrome in Rocking the Town in 1957, Secombe Here! in 1963 and Fall In, The Stars, a one-nighter in March 1983 in the presence of Princess Anne in aid of The Army Benevolent Fund.

  One theatre can perhaps look very like another to actors constantly on the move, and in 1994 Harry reminisced about the wash-out ex-servicemen’s show he starred in at the Hippodrome in 1948. In fact it had been at the Empire in Old Market.

This picture was taken in 1994 when the Hippodrome was run by Apollo Leisure. In a few years it would transform the look of the frontage by buying back the lease from the Great British Burger bar next door and replacing it with a bistro called Grant’s, named after actor Cary Grant who had worked at the theatre as a callboy in his youth. The Hippodrome would also get a new entrance canopy, replacing the gaudy display currently stretched across the front of both the theatre and burger bar. The 52ft-long Newscaster has been removed from the roof, leaving its support visible. The current show is Me and My Girl with Andrew O’Connor and Rebecca Thornhill, which ran from                                                             June 7 to 25. (Picture: Courtesy of The Theatres Trust Image Library)