January 15-20: Shoot the Works!, with Forsythe, Seamon and Farrell, Joey Porter, Denise Vane, Eight Rockets, Morton Fraser, Four Jacks, Pop, Wright and Stagger, Priscilla Wise, Doris Hall, Over the Rainbow, with Minerva and Bobby Rowntree

January 22-27: Punch without Judy, with Elizabeth Allan, Henry Kendall, Peter Murray Hill, Ernest Jay, Vicky Lister, Olive Walter, Terence Plunket Greene, Humphrey Morton

January 29-February 3: The Music Box, with Jack Payne and his Band, Al Devito, Maudie Edwards, Robert Ashley, J Messini; The Disorderly Room, with Tommy Handley; Archie Elray, Arthur Pond, Kinson, Karlson Three

February 5-10: Folies Superbes, with André Randall, Leon Werd, Les Trois Storrs, Rebla, Maurice Brooke, Dania, Winnie Silver, Walyne, Jacques Cey, Roberta Petley, Eileen Burke, Seven Hindustans, 36 International Beauties

February 12-17: Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick, Rawicz and Landauer, Noni and Partner, Arthur Prince and Jim, Evelyn Darvell and Alan Shires, Renee Roberts, Claude Williams, Al Wright and his Comedy Circus

February 19-24: Cradle Snatchers, with Ennis Lawson, Mabelle George, Jean Stephenson, Leslie Handford, Larry Burns, Anthony Pendrill, Harold Cheshire, Geoffrey Gunn, Michael Logan, Decima, Myrtle Moss, Yvonne Vaughan, Gabrielle Welford

February 26-March 2: Carroll Levis with his BBC Discoveries (Marie Hyde, Donovan and David, Leslie Farr, George McTear, David Wykes, Sheffield Three, Molly McCormack, Katherine Shields, Amarita Carmen, Harry Ward, Gunner Andrews, Robb Steward), Murray and Mooney, Jose Moreno, Danny Lipton Three, Norman Thomas Trio

March 4-9: While Parents Sleep, with Daphne Riggs, Hazel Hughes, Zoe Davis, Duncan Lewis, John Roderick, Joyce Wren, Faith Noble, Patrick Atkinson

March 11-16: Hutch (Leslie A Hutchinson), G S Melvin, Robb Wilton, Percy and Mary Honri, Henderson Twins and Dick Junior, Artemus and his Crazy Gang, Don Philippe and Marta, Lily Avon Duo

March 18-23: “George and Margaret”, with Viola Compton, Jack Brown, Heron Carvic, John Wynyard, Bay White, John Merrick, Audrey Simmonds, Enid Clark

March 25-30: Caprice Parisien, with George Doonan, Keith Devon and Audrey Wayne, The Lai Founs, Josef Shellard, Julie Nash, Florence, Gaillard Trio, Society Four, Dorothy Brown

April 1-6: Tommy Trinder, Randolph Sutton and Eric Fowler, Clifford and Marion, Beryl Orde, Eddie Bankey, Jean Melville and Freddie Aspinall, Deveen and his New York Blondes, Eddie Earle and Babette, Regan and Ann

April 8-13: Old Soldiers Never Die, with Ernie Lotinga, Peggy Rothwell, Olwyn Williams, Roy Mitchell, Harold Wilkinson, William Forsyth, Frank Tilton, Fred Luck, 12 Oomph Girls

April 15-20: Going Greek!, with Fred Kitchen Junior, Nugent Marshall, Gwen Hayes, June Day, Joy Fayre, Percy Le Fre, Henry Lattimer, Dorothy Blythe, Walter Brodie, Jack Stock

April 22-27: Scott and Whaley, Douglas Byng and Norman Hackforth, Billy Danvers, Nat Mills and Bobbie and George Gray, Max Hoffman, Howard De Courcy, Les Storks, Harrison Viney

April 29-May 4: Radio Discoveries, with Leonard Urry (Tony and Dump, Jack Harcombe, George Harper, Olga Dale, Eric Sincock, Bill Harding, Zonie Dale, Billy Shakespeare, Glyn Davies, Doreen Villiers, Ivor Pye, Glyn Evans, Evelyne Skinner, Charles Sullivan, Swing Maniacs, Kathleen Owens), Sober as a Judge, with Jimmy James and company; Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters, Syd Makin, Nicol and Martin, Amar and Afana

May 6-11: Soir de Paris, with Jack Herbert, Jack and Billy Moxham, Jimmie Leslie, Melody Monarch and Jack Walker, Allen, Burns and June, Montmartre Models’ Living French Postcards, Bernard Verrey, Freda Burns, Bud Franklyn, June Fraser, Rosalind Wade’s 16 Raptures

May 13-18:  Runaway Love, with Leslie Hatton, Con Kenna, Renee Reel, Olga May, Hal Collins, Audrey Eskell, Clare Lindsay, June Lupino, Esther McPherson, James Stewart

May 20-25: Keep Smiling, with Raymond Bennett, Harry Moreny, Eddie Henderson, May Goring Thomas, Charles Ancaster, Leslie Chasey, Howard Devonshire, Janet Heath

May 27-June 1: International Showboat, with Eric Edgley and Clem Dawe, Len Bermon, Jean Melville and Freddie Aspinall, Georgie Hayes, Nick and Maria, Al Wright’s Comedy Circus, Ma Fu, Rosa Rito, Daysh Trio, 12 International Beauties, International Art Galleries Presenting Famous Pictures

June 3-8: Radio’s Personality Parade, with Elsie and Doris Waters (Gert and Daisy), Randolph Sutton, Haver and Lee, Cliff Cook, Bill Reid and his Accordion Band and Dorothy Squires, Harry Jerome, MacDonald and Graham, Marie Louise Trio

June 10-15: Troise and his Mandoliers, Percy Manchester, Nellie Wallace, Jack Daly, Chevalier Brothers, Gray, Austin and Worth, Jack Stocks, Harvard and Ross, Yeamans’ Canine Wonders

June 17-22: Gaietés de Montmartre, with Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, Two Garcias, Fred Dee, Toko and Barry, Sheila Daly and James Heys, Daphne and Jean Mariajanos, Mayura

June 24-29: Claude Dampier and Billie Carlyle, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, Suzette Tarri, Bennett and Williams, Cavan O’Connor, Buck Warren and Chic Cooper company, Bob and Rita Rema, Lucas and Paulette

July 1-6: Your Radio Favourites, with Western Brothers - Kenneth and George, Renee Houston and Donald Stewart, Ted Ray, Patillo and Pesco, Devon and Wayne, Ladd West, Demain, Verek and Moir

July 8-13: Flash!, with Eddie Leslie and Jean Adrienne, Fred Sylvester and his Nephews, Sid Tracey and Bessie Hay, Wilfred Greene’s Monarchs of Swing, Lady Godiva, Fred Gratton, Florence Whiteley’s Zio Angels, 12 Flash Blondes

July 15-20: The Daring 1940s, with Willie Pantzer and his Great Little Men, Frank Harvey and Jimmy Mac, Harvey Cowan and Paulo, Joan Turner, George and Esme Grande, Two Dancettes, George Ellisia, Daphne De Wit, Mille Jackson’s Eight Dancing Beauties

July 22-27: Second Edition of Folies Superbes, with André Randall, Sherkot, Neville Bishop, Stetson, Winnie Silver, Ernest Maxim, Dania, Seven Hindustans, 36 International Beauties

July 29-August 3: The Two Leslies - Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes, Judy Shirley, Motoring, with Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Harry Tate Junior; Four Aces, Alyce and Jimmy Dey, Allen and Taylor, Renara, Maginot Trio

August 5-10: Stars and Strips, with Will Hatton and Ethel Manners, Billy Kay, Martin Lukens, Four Spitfires, Marjorie Macklin, Masoni and Risch, Three Hiltons, Inez Lata, Josie Stuart, Ten Smart Girls

August 12-17: Caprice Parisien, with George Doonan, The Lai Founs, Keith Devon and Audrey Wayne, Richard Aubrey, Barbara Wood, Marquis Trio, Society Four, London’s Loveliest Girls

August 19-24: Radio’s Personality Parade, with Elsie Carlisle, The Head of St Michael’s, with Will Hay Junior and company; Charles Forsythe, Addie Seamon and Eleanor Farrell, Stanelli, Three Yale Brothers, Erikson, Donovan and Hayes, Bourne Sisters

August 26-31: Roll Out the Barrel, with Nat Jackley, Jack Clifford, Eddie Gray, Billy de Haven and Dandy Page, Don Rico and his Ladies Swing Band, Renee Beck, Chika Lane, Walter Wade, Billy Rhodes, Mary Borkett, Hartman, Tiny Shields, Betty Drew, 30 Dazzling Lovelies

September 2-7: Oscar Rabin and his Romany Band, Beryl Davis, Diane, Garry Gowan, Eddie Palmer and his Novachord, Harry Davis; Jack Doyle and Movita, Gus Chevalier and company, Dick Henderson, Pointer, Gray and Dawn, Wheeler and Wilson, Peter Raynor, Chris Sands

September 9-14: Park your Torches, with Naughton and Gold, Billy Caryll and Hilda Mundy, Anona Winn, Syd Amoy, Mansell and Ling, The Kirks, Sylvia and Leslie Kellaway, Peter Fannan

September 16-21: Black Velvet, with Ronald Frankau, Monte Crick, Ted Ray, Jill Manners, Ada Reeve, Morgan and Hadley, Joy Hayden, Diana Chase, Jackie Billings, 25 Hippodrome Lovelies

September 23-28: Doorlay’s Tropical Express 1940, with Eddie Reinhardt, Harry Seltzer, Louisa Moe, Karen Larsen, Joy Rogers, Shu Ping and company, Piccolino and Mai Chee-Cha-Ko

September 30-October 5: Black Velvet, with Ronald Frankau, Ted Ray, Jill Manners, Pat Kirkwood, Hayden, Berenice Barry, Ada Reeve, Morgan and Hadley, 25 Hippodrome Lovelies

October 7-12: Reginald Foort and his theatre organ, Billy Danvers, George Harold, Russ Carr, Lorraine, Pamela Peach Girls, Gordon Ray Girls

October 14-19: Eve Sur Parade, with Albert Burdon, Tubby Turner, Karina, Vadio and Hertz, Pop, Wright and Stagger, Harry Lester, Henry D Adams, Peter Marwoode, Sonny Burke, Babs Lester, 30 Picked Peaches

October 21-26: Carroll Levis and his BBC Discoveries (Bobbie Sirs, Harry and Cicely, Marion Page, Cecilia Addison, David and Diane, Will Evans, Dorothy Neil, Renee Pollington, May Patterson, Larry Jay, David Wykes, Eric Gaskell), Gaston Palmer, French and Roberts, John ‘Harp’ Lawrence, Three Miller Sisters

October 28-November 2: Sandy Powell’s 1940 Road Show, with Sandy Powell, Randolph Sutton, Three Musketeers, Edward Victor, Roy Jefferies, Cottrillos, Vint Graves, Joan Townsend, Alec Sanders, Sylvia Rainford, Duncan Whyte, Lorna Martin, Babs Dudley, Billy Guest, Eight Damie Beach Lovelies

November 4-9: My Wife’s Family, with Ernie Lotinga, Harold Wilkinson, Madge Escoline, Fred Luck, Betty Baldwin, Florence Woodgate, Zena Houlder, Charles Stuart, Jimmy Elliott, Joan Page

November 11-16: Go to It!, with Elsie and Doris Waters (Gert and Daisy), Harold Ramsay and his Lovely Ladies, Four Bobrics, Colores and Barri, Holt and Maurice, Gwen Evans, Victoria Sladen, Bettina Merson Girls

November 18-23: Gaietés de Montmartre, with Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, Mariora, Povah, Mae and Povah, Bega Duo, Two Garcias, Sheila Daly, Brogden Millard


Heavy bombing in central Bristol on November 24 closed the Hippodrome for a week, cancelling a planned variety show headed by Tommy Trinder


December 2-3: It’s a Funny Thing, with Harry Korris, Tessie O’Shea, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, John Tiller Lovelies, Bunty Meadows and Cecil Fredericks, Robby Vincent, Chickolas, Iris Simmonett, Eleanor Fayre


Further bombing forced the theatre’s closure again. No more shows were scheduled until Christmas week


December 23-28: Vic Oliver, Clifford and Marion, Dennis Family, Donald Stuart, Howard Rogers, Eddie Earle and Babette, Don Philippe and Martha, Three Crackers

December 30-January 4: Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler, Sober as a Judge, with Jimmy James and company; Herschel Henlere, Paul Wingrave, Duncan Gray, Terina, Two Rexanos, Red Fred




January 6-11: It’s a Funny Thing, with Harry Korris and Tessie O’Shea, Michael Moore, Betty Wheatley, Cecil Frederick and Bunty Meadows, The John Tiller Lovelies, Bobby Vincent, Jan Tors, Iris Simmonett

January 13-18: London Casino Revue d’Elegance, with Freddie Forbes, Angela Barrie, Edna Proud, Denise Vane, Bennett O’Loghlen, Nellie Sheffield, Pamela Richards, Marquis Trio, Worthy, Three Yale Brothers, Seven Royal Hindustans, London Casino Glamour Lovelies and Dancing Divines

January 20-25: Mad Hatters of 1941, with Syd Seymour and his Band, Curtis and Sanford, Constance Evans, Bobby Farrell, Ten Seemore Lovelies, Pavians

January 27-February 1: Come and Lead the Band, with Harry Roy and his Band (audience competition to conduct the band), Gray, Austin and Worth, Kemble Kean and Laurel Mather, Sirdani, Two Dancettes, Konyots

February 3-8: Florence Desmond, Max Wall, Two Bredwins, Frank Lee and Peggy Stamula, Jack Demain, Reading and Grant, Detroy and Lady, Pell and Little

February 10-15: Just Nuts, with Sid and Max Harrison, Georgie Wood and Dolly Harmer, St Louis Boys, Swan and Leigh, Sid Howard, Joan Barnes, Mabs Newnham’s Clevettes, Michael Doyle and Peggy Wilding, Aggie and Maggie, Richard Afton, Harry Newstone

February 17-22: Secrets of the BBC, with Bryan Michie, Dorothy Duval, Jean Bamforth, Arthur Tolcher, Eric Bartholomew, Archie Glen, Rosie and Alice Lloyd, Donna Sisters, Al and Hilda Heath, Iizuka Brothers, George and Jack D’Ormonde, Martin Lukens, Mary Naylor

February 24-March 1: Sh! Keep it Dark, with Naughton and Gold, Billy Thorburn and his Music, Three Loose Screws, Broadway Boys and Brenda, Terry Devon, Eight Torchbeams, Ann Seymour, Wally Windsor

March 3-8: Swing is in the Air, with Nat Gonella and his New Georgians, Stella Moya, Roy Dexter, Dave Morris and company and Billy Smith, Duncan’s Collies, Three Forces, Renee Dymott, Montreal Trio, Bob Kearns and Mary Lou, Marie Louise

March 10-15: Soir de Paris, with Jack Herbert, Jack and Billy Moxham, Jimmy Leslie, Melody Monarchs, Eva Beynon, John Lonsdale, Bobbie Medlock and Vic Marlowe, Montmartre Models’ Living French Postcards, Bernard Dudley, Rosalind Wade’s 16 Raptures

March 17-22: Troise and his Mandoliers and Percy Manchester, Turner Layton, Stainless Stephen, Betty Jumel, Charles Ancaster, Lucas and Paulette, George Barton and Partner

March 24-29: Carroll Levis Carries On - The Latest BBC Discoveries (Three Sheffields, Phyllis Plackett, Johnny Williams, Pat Davey, Doris Brooks, Benny Craven, Marion Page, Renee Pollington, Amarita Carmen, Pam and Claudia), Issy Bonn, Eddie Lee, Diane Darling and David Love, Stan Stanford and Diana Grey, Catherine Dunn Trio, Two Cromwells, Jose Moreno and Assistant

March 31-April 5: Cyril Fletcher, Billy Danvers, Leonard Henry, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Harry Tate Junior and Frank Leslie, Four Bobrics, Colores and Barri, Bettina Merson Girls

April 7-12: Ethel Revnell and Gracie West, Billy Bennett, Richard Neller and Clarice Clare, Darita, Sid Plummer, Navan O’Reilly, Macdonald Twins

April 14-19: Claude Dampier, Billie Carlyle, Randolph Sutton, Clifford Hellier, The Fourth Form at St Michael’s, with Will Hay Junior and company; Patricia Rossborough, Three Musketeers, Regan and Ann, Denise Vane, Martyn and Maye

April 21-26: You Lucky People, with Tommy Trinder, Derek Roy, Freddie Sparkes, Sparkes Brothers, Doreen, Cawalini and his Canine Companions, Mariora, Eight Lucky Girls

April 28-May 3: Venus Comes to Town, with Gaston and Andree, George Bolton, Stetson, Six Royal Hindustans, Dennis Lawes, Bud Cordell, Freda Gardner, Alec Dane, Eight Gordon Ray Bathing Beauties

May 5-10: Business as Usual, with Douglas Byng, Dick Henderson, Henderson Twins, Norman Thomas Trio, Freddie Crump, Foster and Clarke, Sunny Rogers and Joan, Jill and Jean, Mary Rosina, Rosina Girls, Tony Brigden, Hot-Pot Club

May 12-17: Duggie Wakefield, Chuck O’Neil, Billy Nelson, Jack Butler, Bill and Ben Loew, Silvestri, Don and Dorette, Al Podesia and his Playboys, Fred Culpitt, Jan Glenrose, Six Pyramid Girls

May 19-24: Rhapsodies of 1941, with George Gee, Jennie Benson, Sid and Max Harrison, Marquis Trio, Robinson Twins, J W Jackson Girls, Meggie Eaton, Lorraine La Fosse, Eddie Black, Moya Maxwell

May 26-31: To See Such Fun, with Naughton and Gold, Young China Troupe, Gold and Cordell, Len Clifford and Freda, Marjorie and Betty Clayton, Edna Love, Gwen Evans, WAAF Girls

June 2-7: Une Nuit Excitante, with Sid Field, Evelyn Taylor, Howard de Courcy, Joe Moreno, Tony Ricardo, Alf Dean, Harry Gould, Lillian Trevor

June 9-14: May we Introduce?, with Leonard Urry’s BBC Discoveries, Raydini, Rawicz and Landauer, Jean Adrienne and Eddie Leslie, Beryl Beresford, Archie Elray, Novelettes

June 16-21: Let the Band Play, with George Lacy, Tom Ellis and Vi West, Five Lai Founs, Sydney Shaw, Izna Roselli, Moran and Elof, Ena Roscoe, Roy McLeod, Joyce Byrne, Ten Glory Girls

June 23-28: Sailors don’t Care, with Ernie Lotinga, Jack Frost, Exotic Eve, London Four, Bertie Sellers, Betty Baldwin and William Hutchinson, Harold Wilkinson, Jack Brewster, April Ross, Hilton Layland, Doyle Crossley, Hobbs Girls

June 30-July 5: Glamorous Desires, with Harry Angers and Oswald Waller, “Monsewer” Eddie Gray, Eddie Ready and Joy, Reub Silver and Marion Day, Clem Austin, Yvonne

July 7-12: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Harry Davis, Beryl Davis, Diane, Bob Dale, Jan Zalski, Eddie Palmer and his Novachord; Artemus and his Gang, Tex McLeod, Kemble Brothers and Helen, Lauri Howe and Jimmy Young, Alma Victoria, Syd Amoy

July 14-19: Very Tasty - Very Sweet, with Nan Kenway and Douglas Young, Billy Thorburn and his Music, Randolph Sutton and Clifford Hellier, Bennett and Moreney, Duncan Gray, Bob Kerns and Mary Lou, Eight Torchbeams

July 21-26: Anglo-Polish Ballet: Les Sylphides, Le Spectre de la Rose, Divertissement, Cracow Wedding, Maciek is Dead, Schubertiana, Goyesca, with Alicja Halama, Cz Konarski, Maria Sanina, Pamela Carter, Alexis Rassine, Florence Read, Oenone Talbot, Barbara Vernon, Jasht Crandall

July 28-August 2: All in Favour, with Billy Caryll, Hilda Mundy, Syd Makin, Mary Bland, May Goring-Thomas, Marion Wilson, Ed Smythe, Harris Dancers, Betty Hobbs’ Globe Girls, Navarne Dancers

August 4-9: Eve on Leave, with Frank O’Brian and Joe Hudson, Ernest Shannon, Edna Squire-Brown, Mexano and his Accordion Band, Sylvia Hylton, Three Shades, Jimmy Nuts, Noni Monty,

August 11-16: Mad Hatters of 1941, with Syd Seymour and his Band, Constance Evans, Stanelli, Seemore Lovelies, Lucille Rath, Shek Ben Ali, Mervyn Rolando, Pavians

August 18-23: Dorchester Follies, with Maurice Winnick and his Broadcasting Band, Leon Cortez and the ‘Awkins Family (Doreen Harris and Syd Bridgen), Grace Draper, George Grey, Helen Ward and Doreen Stevens, Harold Berens, Bonita Sisters and Noreen, Borstal Boys, Sonny Jenks and Rene Williams, Dorchester Lovelies

August 25-30: You Shall have Music, with Troise and his Mandoliers, Isabelita Alonso, Hetty King, Lewis King, Gerald, Dave and Joe O’Gorman, Kathleen Moody, Campbell and Rogerson, Kingsley and Ford, Reading and Grant

September 1-6: Sandy Powell’s 1941 Road Show, with Sandy Powell, Cavan O’Connor, Stanley White and his Band, Peggy Farrell and her 12 Tiny Tappas, Marion Navarre, Bob Bemand and his Pigeons, Two Especials

September 8-13: Room for Two, with Gene Gerrard, Joyce Heron, Jack Hellier, Walter Cross, Richard Cuthbertson, Simon Taylor, George Alton, Maxine Audler, Harry Evans, Violet Thompson, Helen Enckel

September 15-20: Hotter than Hollywood, with Ken Douglas, Morton Frazer, Michel and Arnova, Harry Seltzer, Two Cromwells, Edna Proud, Four Desirees, John Tiller Hollywood Beauties

September 22-27: Girls in Arms, with Tom Gamble, Veronica Wilson, Royal West Mounties, Frances Hughes, Ronnie Gamble, Baby Beam and the Six Acromites, Lew Miles, Matt Newton, Melville Birley, Edwyn Roberts, Military Maids

September 29-October 4: Mayfair Follies, with Billy Percy, Nixon and Morrison and Noele, Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick, Cawalini and his Canine Comedians, Marqueez and Young Madrigal, Noele, Jack Roche, Benson Dulay, Eight Charmon Girls

October 6-11: Revue Frivolities, with Campbell and Wise, Johnny Worthy, Vernon and Eve Matthews, Joe Laurel, Maurice, Ruth Sendler, Charmon Victory Girls

October 13-18: Ambrose Merry-go-Round, with The Ambrose Octet, Peggy McCormack, Anne Shelton, Three Admirals, Les Carew, Teddy Foster, George Shearing, Ted Fielding; N’Gai, Yale Brothers, Bernard and Brown, Three Renowns, Nanette and her Blondes

October 20-25: Hello America!, with Nor Kiddie, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Two Valors - Berel and Ostran, Arthur Carvey, Eunice Roberts, Peggy Stone, Gordon Ray Yankee Clippers, Four Pamela Peach Girls

October 27-November 1: Lace and Laughter, with Monte Rey and Harry Gordon, Billy Russell, Maudie Edwards, Laurie Howe, Nonie Page, Freda Wyn, Lonsdale Sisters, Marquis Trio, Mysteries of the Orient, with Cingalee and company; Lace and Laughter Lovelies

November 3-8: Ambrose presents Stars of Radio, with Max Bacon, Evelyn Dall, Owen McGiveney, De Haven and Page, Arthur Danville and Lady, Gudzow’s Dogs, Stuart and Gold, Teddy Williams

November 10-15: Forsythe, Seamon and Farrell, Scott Sanders, Bunny Doyle and Mollie Mozelle, Eddie, Stanley and Mae, Ben Polo, Doris Hall, Terina, Four Silent Sweethearts, Joan and Jean Franklin, Hush-Hush Girls

November 17-22: Me and My Girl, with Billy Tasker, Bert Platt, Barbara Wood, Sheila Daly, Molly Stoll, Reg Andrews, Pat Timony, Jan Hardy, Grace Newcombe

November 24-29: Almost a Honeymoon, with George Gee, Chili Bouchier, Louis Darnley, Cyril Jervis-Walter

December 1-6: Melody Showboat, with Frank O’Brian, Rawicz and Landauer, Syd and Max Harrison, Marietta Dancers, Duncan’s Collies, Eva May Wong, Susan and Mandy, Joe Hudson, Jill Shipley

December 8-13: Arthur Joel’s Anglo-Russian Circus, with Tommy Aston’s dogs and monkey, Luni Harry, Austin and Cooke, gymnasts, high-wire, clowns, pony, horses, bears, donkey

December 15-20: Garrison Theatre, with Jack Warner, Pearl Carr, George and Jack Dormonde, George Moon and Burton Brown, Three Aberdonians, Freddy and Garrison Theatre Band, Vincent Tildsley’s Mastersingers, Rao Brothers

December 26-February 28: Mother Goose, with George Lacy, Joan Brett, Anne Bolt, Archie Wallen, Dorothy Dee, Frank Cariello, Geoffrey Hastings, Harry Cranley, Cecil Wayne, Joyce Bryne, Roy McLeod, Imperial Quartette, Ten Charmon Girls, 12 Little Alvettes, Peggy Barnes Girls




February 8: Bristol MP and former Ambassador to Soviet Union Sir Stafford Cripps speaks on return to UK

March 2-7: May we Introduce?, with George Lacy, Gladys Sewell, Jock McKay, Leonard Urry’s BBC Discoveries (Glyn Evans), Raydini, Shirley Houston, Alma Victoria and Betty Lee, Donovan and Hayes, Roy and Lee

March 9-14: Yankee Clipper, with Buck and Chick and company, Jack Daly, Frank Lee, Kem Kean and Laurel Mather, Geoffrey Warner, Ruth and Ella Myles, Delly Kin, Texas Rangettes, Rhythm Rangers

March 16-21: George Scott-Wood and his Orchestra and the Six Swingers, Terry Devon, Sally Douglas, Lottie Abrew, Patrick Colbert; Joe Young and company, Dick Henderson and Dick Henderson Junior, Tommy Jover and Nena and Raf, Two Paiges, Jose Moreno

March 23-28: Dorchester Follies, with Maurice Winnick and his Broadcasting Band, Al Burnett, Doreen Stephens, Helen Ward, Stanley Fraser, Morgan and Royal, Worthy and Jarrett, Sirdani, Charles Dudley and his Midgets, Lorna Martin, Dorchester Lovelies

March 30-April 4: Sailors don’t Care, with Ernie Lotinga, Jack Frost, Jonty Dewhurst, April Ross, “Modern Venus” Eve

April 6-11: Keep ’em Rolling, with Danny Malone, Neil McKay, Pat Hyde, Lynton Boys, Harry Pringle and Joe O’Wray, Regis Sweethearts, Wonder Wheelers, Dorothy Grey and Brother Paul, Gay and Gay

April 13-18: Troise and his Mandoliers, Isabelita Alonso, Lewis King, Gerald, Stanelli, Clifford and Marion, Russ Carr, Peter and Joan Fannan, Phantom Guard, with Bernard Montague; Kitty Masters and Clifford Hellier, 12 Zio Angels

April 20-25: How’s about It?, with Sid Field, Uriel Porter, May Mills, Four Avalons, Bert Nicol, Evelyn Taylor, Tracey and Hay, Lilian Trevor, Jack Edlin, Henshall’s Young Ladies

April 27-May 2: Rookery Nook, with Ralph Lynn, Vernon Kelso, Joan Shannon, Guy Fane, Jean Lester, Marjorie Caldicott

May 4-9: Koringa, Alfredo and his Russian gipsy band, Jean Kennedy, Peter White, Bon (Boneless) Blot, Ziska, Breach and McLean, Hurricanes

May 11-16: Glamour Serenade, with Gus Chevalier, Erikson, Joan Wilkinson, Stetson, Two Garcias, Alfred Esdaile, Marie Delmar, Davros, Mercia Lotinga, Peter Lewis

May 18-23: George Elrick and his Band, Joy Conway, Kay Owens, Wee Johnny Hudson; Randolph Sutton, Freddie Forbes, Angela Barrie, Low and Webster, Edna Squire-Brown, Renee Dymott, Inebriates

May 25-30: Rocky Mountain Rhythm, with Big Bill Campbell, Hill-Billy Band, Elva Ledson and Mark Sheridan, Billy O’Connor, Elaine and Hugo, Harold Walden, Bob and Rita Rema, Six Hurricanes, Peggy Bailey, Buck Douglas, Royal Canadian Mounties, Delys Trio, Jack Mitchell and Ray Baillie

June 1-6: Venus Comes to Town, with Gaston and Andree, Fred Miller and Millie Deane, Billy Shakespeare, Ted Andrews, Alec Dane, Cathie Haigh, Cliff Cook, Gordon Ray Bathing Beauties, Four Mannequins

June 8-13: Runnin’ Wild, with Rudy Starita and his Orchestra of Starlites, Freddie Cleef and Johnny Moroney, Duncan Gray, George Lavoie, Denise Vane, Martyn and Maye, Stuart and Gold, Runnin’ Wild Lovelies

June 15-20: George Robey, Revue Exquisite, with Dick Montague, Cora Craven, Rhythm Rockets, Joan Martin, Rothwells, Pim, Billy Stern, Glamorous Desirees

June 22-27: Funny-Bone Frolics, with Nat Jackley and Jack Clifford, Jack Stanford, Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters, Three Musketeers, Bettina Richman, Jean Shaw, Wendy Toye’s 16 Radio Glamourettes, Dick Beamish, Jack Hodges, Hank Swain, Leo Massey

June 29-July 4: Beat the Band, with Billy Thorburn and his Music, Dorothy Ward, Elstree’s Three Stooges, Freddy Morgan, Delia and Eleanor, Archie McKay, Peggy Denise, Bernard and Brown, Crisetta Dancers

July 6-11: Black Velvet, with Ted Ray, Wally Stewart, Eda Peel, Harry Gould, Miller and Findlay, Mario de Pietro, Hazel Jennings, Noele Gordon, Berenice Barry, Marjorie Yardley, 16 Hippodrome Lovelies

July 13-18: Now then, Boys, with Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt, Iris Sadler, Harry and Marjorie Ristori, Jimmy Lyons, Mariora, Roy Arlen, Sheila Daly, Betty Hobbs’ Globe Eight Girls

July 20-25: Oscar Rabin and his Band - Harry Davis, Diane, Bobby Young, Alan Dean, Terry Devon, Sid Wright and his Novachord; Tex McLeod, Nina Devitt, Eileen, Peg and Pam, Calienta and Lolita, Tom Payne and Vera Hilliard

July 27-August 1: Anglo-Russian Circus, with ponies, horses, bears, dogs, monkeys, clowns

August 3-8: Ladies Without!, with Dave and Joe O’Gorman, Charlie Jones and Vic Thomas, Patricia Stainer, Dorothy Hills-Watson, Fred Johnson, Jean Arnold, Norman McGlen, Hugh Phelps, Alva Brothers, Joe Lines, Millie Jackson’s Adorables, Four Exquisites

August 10-15: Here’s Cheer, with Hatton and Manners, Bunny Doyle, Delya and Madge Stephenson, Adrian and Audree, Rex Harte and June, Bert Attwood, Peggy Stamula, Mollie Mozelle, Four Spallas, Ronald Chesney, Mabs Newham’s Valdettes

August 17-22: Stars of the Air, with Sam Browne, Max Bacon, Maudie Edwards, Gloria Brent, Jimmy Henney, Frank Paleson, Scott Sanders, Michael Arnaud and Peggy, Frank Boston, A J Powers, Catherine Dunne Trio, Ladd West

August 24-29: Joe Loss and his Band, Pat McCormac, Bette Roberts, Don Rivers, Harry Kaye, Maureen, Loss Chords; Howard de Courcy and “Garbo”, Torino and Joyanita Cole, Pointer, Gray and Dawn, Joe Baker and Olga, Ernest Shannon, Skeets Martin

August 31-September 5: Mad Hatters of 1942, with Syd Seymour and his Band, Constance Evans, Pearl Brown, Shek Ben Ali, Mervyn Rolando, Victor Julian and his pets, Seemore Lovelies, Flying Lubins

September 7-12: Sandy Powell’s 1942 Road Show, with Sandy Powell, Commander Campbell, Harry Lester and his Hayseeds, Paul Thompson, Alec Sanders, Vincent Ryan, Babs May, Jack Demain, Three Crackers, Two Especials, 12 Tiny Tappas

September 14-19: The New Wonder Show, with Jack Simpson and his Swing Sextet, Betty Kent, Albert Burdon, Karina, Vadio and Hertz, Tubby Turner, Kemble Brothers and Helen, Professor Stern’s Living Tableaux, Olgo, Fred Malcolm, Fred Barrie, Sonny Burke, Joan Colley, Jack Taylor’s Sunkissed Peaches

September 21-26: Victory Vanities, with Frank O’Brian, Janice Hart, Berkeley Swing Band, Archie Craig, Joe Hudson, Jim and Mary Brent and company, Radio Rascals, International Clubmen, Richard Martin, Alecia St Leger, Marita, Dancing Vanities

September 28-October 3: The Gestapo, with Ernie Lotinga, Jack Frost, Geoffrey Denton, Fred Luck, Ivy Luck, Gretta Hagen, “Modern Venus” Eve, Two Storrs, London Four, Joan Turner, Madge Escolme, Doyle Crossley, Mariajanos, Will Beasley, Shaun Desmond, Charles Fenton, Hobbs Girls

October 5-10: Play Parade: Present Laughter, This Happy Breed, Blithe Spirit, with Noel Coward, Dennis Price, Judy Campbell, Beryl Measor, Joyce Carey, James Donald, Billy Thatcher, Gwen Floyd, Gerald Case, Jennifer Gray, Molly Johnson

October 12-17: Stranger’s Road, with Barry K Barnes, Diana Churchill, James Harcourt, Frances Waring, Morris Harvey, Julian D’Albie, Grenville Darling, Angela Kirk

October 19-24: Sadler’s Wells Opera: La Traviata, Rigoletto, Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, with Janet Hamilton-Smith, Rose Hill, Barbara Beaumont, Elisabeth Abercrombie, Linda Parker, Ben Williams, Powell Lloyd, Morgan Jones, Arthur Servent, Edith Coates, Rose Norris, Valetta Iacopi, Jon Hargreaves, Tom Williams, Edmund Donlevy, Ronald Stear, John Greenwood, Roderick Lloyd, Lawrance Collingwood, Herbert Menges

October 26-31: Chu Chin Chow, with David Basil Gill, Jack Mayer, Doreen Duke, Mae Raymond, Walter Cross, Raymond Douglas, Kay Bourne, Margaret Rowan, Lawrence Kingston, Pat Thayer

November 2-7: Aren’t Men Beasts, with Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton, Ruth Maitland, Sydney King, Pamela Blake, Helen Christie, Faith Brook, Frederick Morant, Joan Playfair, Daphne Maddox, Beatrice Boarer, Scott Harold, Sydney Monckton, Noel Morris

November 9-14: A Waltz Dream, with Nita Croft, Leslie Hatton, Leo Franklyn, Victor Standing, Katie Kay, Irene Lister, Anna Claire, Max Linder, King Palmer, Ladies’ Stage Orchestra and Chorus

November 16-21: Thark, with Ralph Lynn, Guy Fane, Clare Lindsay, Moya Fenwick, Jack Hellier, Rona Laurie, Bellenden Clarke, Jean Lester

November 23-28: Maid of the Mountains, with Sonnie Hale, Malcolm Keen, Sylvia Cecil, Davy Burnaby, Marjorie Sandford, Joy Hayden, Raymond Mitchelmore, Dan Noble, Bernard Dudley, George Lowndes, Will Henry, Bert Randall, Dawson Howard, Kenneth Mosley, Margaret Milne, Kathryn Eden

November 30-December 5: Calling all Stars, with Jimmy Nervo and Teddy Knox, Betty Driver, Nancy Burne, Leon Sherket, De Haven and Page, Pamela Foster, Pat McGrath, Arnaud and Peggy, Roy Jefferies, Daphne Peretz, Sara Luzita, Sherman Fisher Girls

December 7-12: International Ballet: Carnaval, Twelfth Night, Planetomania, Endymion, dances from Fete Boheme, Prince Igor, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Giselle, with Mona Inglesby, Nina Tarakanova, Harold Turner, Leslie French, Rex Reid, George Weldon

December 14-19: The Duke in Darkness, with Leslie Banks, Michael Redgrave, Mervyn Johns, Walter Fitzgerald, Richard Nairne, Fred Groves, D J Williams

December 26-February 6: Robinson Crusoe, with George Robey, Kittie Prince, Delys Hendie, Walter Niblo, “Chic” Elliott, Con Kenna, Carey Hixon, Donovan and Hayes, Ronni Adair, Izna Roselli, Don Franklin, Five Canadian Mounties, Little Alvettes, Peggy Barnes Babes, Roselli Girls




February 8-13: Vintage Wine, with Charles Heslop, Beryl Mason, Alwyn D Fox, Gerald Fitzgerald, Trevor Denis, Barbara Shotter, John Deverell, Joan Geary, John Clevedon, Michael Shannon, George Dudley, Florence Hunt, Joan Button, Faith Rogers, Beryl Burton

February 15-20: The International Circus, with Coco the Clown, Michael, Toni and Tina, Diacoffs, Robert Bemand’s Pigeons, Palette’s dogs, Superbs, Sylvia, Flying Cromwells, Marjorie’s liberty horses, Lou Lenny’s unrideable mule, Lai Founs

February 22-27: Brighton Rock, with Hermione Baddeley, Richard Attenborough, Dulcie Gray, Norman Pierce, Billy Hartnell, Harcourt Williams, Beckett Bould, Virginia Winter, Daphne Newton, Lyn Evans, Anna Burden, Sheila Keith

March 1-6: Jack Buchanan presents Waltz without End, with Patrick Hoey, Jane Carr, Jimmy Godden, Bertram Dench, Bertram Wallis, Heather Boys, Charles Quartermaine, Marianne Deeming, Harold Charlton, David Lee, Nancy McNaught, Patricia Smylie, Mary Reynolds

March 8-13: Rose Marie, with Marjorie Browne, Phyllis Monkman, Raymond Newell, George Lacy, Douglas Quayle, Frank Powell, Betty Frankiss, David Davies, Jeanne Mavlus, Danny Green, Vicki Hollands, Tom Lewis

March 15-20: The Desert Song, with Arthur Lucas, Doris Francis, Wilfred Watson, Patricia Perry, Lily Curtis, Charles Travers, Alec Johnstone

March 22-27: Love for Love, with John Gielgud, Yvonne Arnaud, Leslie Banks, Angela Baddeley, Leon Quartermaine, George Woodbridge, Naomi Jacob, Max Adrian, Miles Malleson, Marian Spencer, Rosalie Crutchley, Cecil Trouncer, Isabel Dean, Alec Mason

March 29-April 3: International Music Week, with Pouishnoff, Peter Stadlen, Piccaver and Lamond, Mark Hambourg, Rawicz and Landauer, Sir Adrian Boult, Reginald Goodall, William Rees, Jan Hurst, Rudolph Dunbar, London Philharmonic Orchestra

April 5-10: Watch on the Rhine, with Zena Dare, Roger Livesey, Ursula Jeans, Geoffrey Toone, Kathleen Kent, Sophie Ellis, George Williams, Dennis Gordon, Michael Gainsborough, Maureen Glynne, Robert Andrews

April 12-17: Covent Garden Opera Company: Hansel and Gretel, with Nora Gruhn, Mae Craven, Constance Stocker, Gladys Palmer, Jennie Bleasdale, Percy Heming, Lorely Dyer, Glenys Bracken, Marie Davis, Ralph Letts

April 19-24 Billy Cotton and his Band, Ted Ray, Dick Henderson, Edna Squire-Brown, Calienta and Lolita, Cynthia and Gladys, Earle and Lewis

April 26-May 1: Cavalcade of Mystery, with The Great Lyle, Clifford and Marion, Len Williams, Patillo and Pesco, Tiller Happidrome Girls

May 3-8: Carroll Levis Carries On, with the BBC Discoveries (Muriel Leigh, Raye Miller, Jack Adams, Ken Wells, Pat Davey, George Meaton, Phyllis Plackett, Gomer Jones), Len Young, Eddie Lee, Sonnie Jenks and Rene Williams, Eileen Huckerby and Benny Craven, Nanette Royale and Nina Revere, Percy Rich and Eva, Badminton match between Billy Cooke and Alan Collins, with Alice Cooke

May 10-15: Clap Hands and Smile, with Charlie Kunz, Nellie Wallace, George Harold, Jean Adrienne and Eddie Leslie, Nat Hope, Earle and Babette, Young China Troupe, Al Wright’s Comedy Circus

May 17-22: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Bobby Young, Terry Devon, Alan Dean, Sonia, Hi-Spots, Bernie Fenton and his Novachord, Harry Davis; Scott Sanders, Howard de Courcy and “Garbo”, Clay and Sullivan, Four Pagolas, Three Novelettes, Peter Brough, Dorothy Gray and Brother

May 24-29: Eric Winstone and his Swingtette, Roy Marsh, Julie Dawn, Jean Williams, Cortez and Harris, Josie Fearon and Charles Gillespie, Max Wall, La Celeste, Wonder Wheelers, Gay and Gay, Lily Lapidos and Frank Jarvis

May 31-June 5: Tommy Get your Fun, with Teddy Brown, Georgie Wood and Dolly Harmer, Tommy Jover and Nena and Raf, Connor and Drake, Bettina Richman, Yolanda and George, The West End Glamour Girls

June 7-12: Henry Hall and his Orchestra, Cavan O’Connor, Freddy Mann, Tovarich Trio, Russ Carr, Vesta and Ashton, Two Inebriates, Russ Larr

June 14-19: Here’s that Gang Again, with Duggie Wakefield and his Gang, Billy Nelson, Chuck O’Neil, Jack Butler, Ronald Chesney, Chris Charlton, Java Brothers, Marie Wilson, Lennox Dalton, Al Roxy, Society Four

June 21-26: How do Folks, with Norman Evans, Harold Ramsay and Cherrie Cooper, Gypsy Petulengro, Vic and Joe Crastonian, Irene and Aileen Hayes, Three Shades, Eight Sparklettes, Patillo and Pesco, Eileen Rosewarn, Ramsay Trio, Norman’s Baby Panda, Jack Taylor’s 12 Sunshine Girls

June 28-July 3: In the Mood, with Joe Loss and his Band, Harry Kaye, Pat McCormac, Elizabeth Batey, Maureen; Gray, Austin and Worth, Jock McKay, Duncan Gray, Marie Louise, Al Max and Annette, Two Paiges

July 5-10: Old Town Hall, with Adelaide Hall, Freddie and Old Town Hall Orchestra, George Moon and Burton Brown, Alice and Rosie Lloyd, Archie Glen, Jean Bamforth, Jack Emerald, Ronnie East, Charles Harvey, Town Hall Belles

July 12-17: Come and Lead the Band, with Harry Roy and his Band, Grafton Sisters and Jacques, George Bolton, Dubarry Twins and Melita, Sirdani, Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters

July 19-24: Over to You, with Afrique, Nat Mills and Bobby, Bunny Doyle, Jessica James, James Hayes and Molly Mozelle, Harry Carter and Doray, Tommy Kelly, Six Beautiful Norman Girls

July 26-31: Issy Bonn, Randolph Sutton, Tom Gamble, Veronica Wilson, Melville Birley, George Barton, Billy Reid and Dorothy Squires and the Ladies’ Accordion Band, Hamilton Conrad and his pigeons, Lynn and Margot, Muldoon Four

August 2-7: Harry Parry and his Radio Sextet, Rita Marlow, Sonnee Rangan, Dave Wilkins; Scott and Whaley, Fay Dawn and Hugh Ormond, Claude Lester and Doreen Andree, Two Elmers, Eddy Bayes, Bega Trio

August 9-14: No Limit to Fun, with Naughton and Gold, Billy Thorburn, Olgo, Rita Gray, Nicky Taranda, Lucas and Paulette, George Betton, Sherman Fisher Dancers

August 16-21: Carl Barriteau and his Orchestra, Mae Cooper, Rita Lynn, Bob Gamble and the Vocal Tones; Suzette Tarri, Tessa Deane, Bobby Wright and Marion, Billy Matchett, De Bear and Du Bray, Three Stooges, Peter and Joan Fannan

August 23-28: Stephane Grappelly and his Hot Club Sextette, Beryl Davis, David Miller, Talbot O’Farrell, George Shearing, Dave Fullerton, Billy Munn, Pat Lennox and Sylvia, Martyn and Maye, Anna and her Animal Pals, Garcias

August 30-September 4: Laugh and Be Happy, with Hal Monty, Nan Kenway and Douglas Young, Harry Lester and his Hayseeds, Marietta Dancers, Broadway Boys and Brenda, Ancaster, Eve Clare

September 6-11: The Novelty Box, with Koringa, Alfredo and his Russian Gipsy Band, Ronald Frankau, Billy Danvers, Tucker and Ross, Sydney Revill, Beryl Reid, Ivy Arthur, A Long, Pat Taylor, Pat Barry

September 13-18: Troise and his Mandoliers, Ivor Adams, Doreen, Eve Ross; Stanelli, Gaston Palmer, Helena, Waring and Lomas, Olsen and his Sea Lion, Three Matas, Georges and Dorina

September 20-25: No, no, Nanette, with Jean Colin, George Clarke, Reginald Palmer, Hilda Meacham, Bertha Russell, Barbara James, Terence Delaney, Monica Mallory, Grace Draper, Muriel White, Sherman Fisher Young Ladies, Sunnycliffe Boys

September 27-October 2: International Ballet: Carnaval, Les Sylphides, Everyman, Fete Boheme, Giselle, Swan Lake, Twelfth Night, with Mona Inglesby, Nina Tarakanova, Harold Turner, Leslie French, Wyn Reeves

October 4-9: The Count of Luxembourg, with George Gee, Victoria Hopper, Jimmy Godden, Paddy Browne, Patrick Hoey

October 11-16: The Maid of the Mountains, with Sylvia Cecil, Percy Marmont, Davy Burnaby, Marjorie Sandford, Dan Noble, Bobby Vernon, Joy Hayden, Bernard Dudley

October 18-23: Old Chelsea, with Richard Tauber, Nancy Brown, Maire O’Neill, John Denis, Elizabeth Aveling, Esther Moncrieff, Betty Felstead, Francis Roberts, Warde Morgan, Olga Gwynne, Patrick Timoney, Stella Maris, Freda Hale, Serge Krish

October 25-30: Florodora, with Hannah Watt, Jay Laurier, Clifford Warren, Roy McLeod, Leslie Jones, Nicolette Roeg, Leonard Edwards, Kittie Prince, Lynn Hope, Orlando Mabbett

November 1-6: The Man who Came to Dinner, with Robert Morley, Mary Alice Collins, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Jerry Verno, Edward Cooper, Kenneth Embley, Cameron Hall, Ralph Roberts, Constance Lorne, Viola Lyel, Edie Martin, Laura Smithson, Jean Short, Peter Murray, Sydney Benson, Alec Finlayson, Mary Rigby, Godfrey Parker, Isa Bowman, Norman Prince, Lance George, Fred Hastings

November 8-13: The Royal Britannic Circus, with Four Scotts, Gridneffs, Bud Cordell, Tarzan - the Human Ape, Stella Marie, Chipperfield’s Thoroughbreds, Dudley’s Midgets, Zix, Jax and Max, Four Warwicks, Cliff Berzac and his Docile Mule, Rose Marie the Wonder Horse, Three American Spitfires, Agar and Young, Hubert Cook’s Pony Revue, Zola Brothers

November 16-20: The Student Prince, with Bruce Trent, Marion Gordon, Arthur Clarke, Harry Brindle, Cyril James, John Clifford, Marjorie Chard, Bryan Johnson, Alec Hardy, Bernard Albrow, Marjorie Macklin, Charles Denby, Toby Lenon, Bobbie Pett, Jose Williams

November 22-27: Sadler’s Wells Ballet: Le Lac Des Cygnes, Les Rendezvous, The Rake’s Progress, Les Sylphides, Hamlet, The Quest, with Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann, Beryl Grey, Alexis Rassine, Gordon Hamilton, Margaret Dale, David Paltenghi, Anthony Burke

November 29-December 4: No Orchids for Miss Blandish, with Helen Shingler, Nan Braunton, George Cross, John Lothar, Matt Nixon, Percy Robinson, Eileen Dale, Scotty Morrison

December 6-11: The Desert Song, with Arthur Lucas, Doris Francis, Wilfred Watson, Rhys Thomas, Patricia Perry, Kathleen Gay, Wallace Court, Lily Curtis, Charles Travers, John Hughes, Robert Hughes, Nan Liddle, Albert Rouse

December 13-18: The Wind and the Rain, with Mackenzie Ward, Mercia Swinburne, Merton Hodge, George de Warfaz, Rosamund Paget, Noel Egan, John Falconer, Norman Page, Nancy Roberts

December 24-March 18: Cinderella, with Duggie Wakefield, Nancy Burne, Norah Chapman, Roy Jefferies, Joyce Randall, Winifred Evayne, Chuck O’Neil, Charles Jones and Victor Thomas, Billy Nelson, Anthony Gordon, Jack Butler, Peggy Barnes Girls




March 20-25: The Arcadians, with George Lacy, Horace Kenney, Lorely Dyer, Renee Reel, Ella Drury, John Denis, Cecil Wayne, Kenneth Palmer, Paul Dixon

March 27-April 1: Meet me in Victoria, with Lupino Lane, Phyllis Robins, Mai Bacon, Wallace Lupino, Fred A Leslie, Violet Blythe, William Norman, Lauri Lupino Lane, Ann Booth, Bennett O’Loghlen, Doreen Duke, Vernon R Kelso, Reginald Matthews, Mickey McConnell, Eight Glamazons, Victoria Palace Girls, Mantovani and his Orchestra

April 3-8: It’s Time to Dance, with Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph, Fred Emney, Daria Luna, Joan Eddowes, Max Kirby, Anthony Howard, Mabel Twemlow, Charles Minor, Van Boolen, Ernest King, Will Kings, Humphrey Kent, Victor Hagen, Doremi Trio, Pat Hagan, John Kelly

April 10-15: Cavalcade of Mystery, with The Great Lyle, Beryl Beresford, Arthur Worsley, Bebe Norma, Eight Gordon Ray Girls

April 17-22: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Harry Davis, Terry Devon, Bobby Young, Alan Dean, Bobby Richards, Bernie Fenton and his Novachord; Design for Glamour, with Eve Drury, Cyril Tyler, Four Raymond Girls; Robert Wilson, Eltham and Sharpe, Lamonte Julie Trio, Frank’s Fox Terriers, Lily Lapidus and Frank Jarvis

April 24-29: Artistes and Models, with James Gaston and Rosemary Andree, Stanelli, Low and Webster, Clifford and Wrigley, Eva May Wong, Rosarito and Paula, Jackson and Davis, Dena Moore, Richard Martin, Gordon Ray’s Eight Pin-Up Girls, Six Magazine Cover Models

May 1-6: Henry Hall and his Orchestra, Freddy Mann, Eve Beynon, Ken Green, Paddy O’Neill; Douglas Byng, Sonny Jenks and Rene Williams, Paul Wingrave, Vera Bradley, Ann Verne and ‘Im, La Petite Poupee, Sam Linfield presents HMS Lively. May 5: Army Cadet Force Night

May 8-13: Afrique, Renee Houston and Donald Stewart, N’Gai, Len Young, Mickey Maxi’s Miniature Circus, Claude Lester and Doreen, Skatellos

May 15-20: Salute the Solider, with Leslie Strange, Helen Hill, Elsie Percival, Hilda Meacham, Heath Joyce, Gunner John Palmer, Gunner Whittle, Lance Corporal F Stobbs, Lieutenant G Bradford, Private Jaconelli

May 22-27: Joe Loss and his Band, Pat McCormac, Elizabeth Batey, Harry Kaye, Sadie Glenn; Skeets Martin, Bob Kerns and Mary Lou, Three Lancasters, Jack and Eddy Eden, Howard de Courcy and “Garbo”, Flying Lubins

May 29-June 3: Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders, Davros, Louisa Moe, J Cullogh, Pulu Moe Trio; Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick, Freddie Forbes and Angela Barrie, O’Doyle Brothers and Jean, Don Philippe and Marta, Southern Sisters, Archie Elray and company, Dump Harris and Partner

June 5-10: The New Mad Hatters of 1944, with Syd Seymour and his Band, Olsen and his Sea Lion, Constance Evans, Seemore Lovelies, Mervyn Rolando, Alfred Thripp, Speedy and company, Tovarich Trio

June 12-17: Cavan O’Connor, Billy Reid and his Accordion Band, Dorothy Squires, Sydney Becker, Arthur Knotto, Edith Wallington, Bobby Wright and Marion, Evelyn Taylor and Sonny Thomas, Bob Bemand and his Pigeons, A J Powers, Tiki and Dell

June 19-24: It’s Foolish, but it’s Fun, with Syd and Max Harrison, Billy De Haven and Danny Page, Bruce Carfax, Lind Joyce, Arnaud and Peggy, Gray, Austin and Worth, Roy Jefferies, Daphne Peretz

June 26-July 1: Serenade to Fun, with Betty Driver and Alan Kitson, Billy Thorburn, Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters, Clapham and Dwyer, Nicol and Merrill, Jackie Trevor, Norah Moody, Marietta Dancers

July 3-15: The New Happidrome of 1944, with Harry Korris, Marie Lawton, Robbie Vincent, Syd Railton, Cecil Frederick, Hutch (Leslie A Hutchinson), Frank Wilson, Stuart and Gold, Eileen Murphy, Bunty Meadows, Four Charladies, Massey and Hodges, Sherman Fisher Happidromettes, Norman Parry

July 17-29: Black Vanities, with George Moon, Burton Brown, Tommy Jover and Nena and Raf, Zena Dell, Joy Fayre, Joyce White, Doreen Blythe, Borstal Boys, Elaine and Hugo, Daphne de Wit, Paige and Metro, Sammy Curtis, Rene Roy’s Radio Rangers, 24 Black Vanities Showgirls, Wendy Toye Dancers

July 31-August 5: Laugh and Be Happy, with Hal Monty, Harry Lester and his Hayseeds, Bob Monty, Eve Clare, Marietta Dancers, Frank Boston, Cleef and Moroney, McKenzie Reid and Dorothy

August 7-12: Radio Funfare, with The Two Leslies - Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes, Suzette Tarri, Pat Lennox and Sylvia, Renee, Renara, Two Inebriates, Harry Mooney and Victor King, Joe Peterson, Three Oxfords

August 14-19: Hamlet, Love for Love, with John Gielgud, Leslie Banks, Peggy Ashcroft, Yvonne Arnaud, Max Adrian, Ernest Hare, Francis Lister, Miles Malleson, Leon Quartermaine, Cecil Trouncer, George Woodbridge, Marian Spencer, Patrick Crean, Rosalie Crutchley, Annie Esmond, Isabel Dean, John Leather, John Blatchley, Donald Bain, Francis Drake, D J Williams, Tom Colmer, Eric Goldie

August 21-26: Robert Donat presents Emma, with Anna Neagle, Frank Allenby, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Gillian Lind, Julian Dallas, Margaret Vines, Cecil Ramage, H R Hignett, Wynne Clark, Terry Randal, George Thirlwell, Graveley Edwards

August 28-September 2: Billy Cotton and his Band, Randolph Sutton, Delya, Frank O’Brian and Lee Brooklyn, Les Storks, Walter Niblo, De Bear and Marie Du Bray

September 4-9: Hit the Sky, with George Doonan, Freddy and Partner, Sylvia Kellaway, Lisa Brionda and Joy Camden, Four Lyrical Lovelies, Five Royal Canadian Mounties, Florence Whiteley’s Phantom Guard, Tommy Dee, Donald Currie, Hal Payne, Stella Holles, Doreen Dawne, Exotic Eve, 12 Zio Angels

September 11-23: The Quaker Girl, with Celia Lipton, Ivy St Helier, Billy Milton, Hal Bryan, Pat McGrath, Joy Hayden, Geoffrey Dunn, Pamela Foster, April Ross, Dimitri Vetter, Jasmine Dee, Dewey Gibson, Michael Collins

September 25-30: Arsenic and Old Lace, with Mary Merrall, Nellie Bowman, Richard Molinas, Sydney King, Patricia Hicks, Franklin Davies, Meinhart Maur, Billy Leonard

October 2-7: Africa Stars, with Leslie Henson, Hermione Baddeley, Walter Crisham, Nan Kenway and Douglas Young, Prudence Hyman, Decima Knight, Joan Alexis, Gavin Gordon, Gaiety Girls

October 9-14: Junior Miss, with Joan White, Ronald Ward, Frank Leighton, Linda Gray, Peggy Cummins, Douglas Stewart, Betty Marsden, Peggy Simpson, Peggy Hale, Denis Bedford, Michael Seavers, Donald Kemp, Terence Harvey, Barry Ford, Tony Hilton, Derrick Wood, Jess Sweet

October 16-21: There Shall be no Night, with Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Frederick Lloyd, Norman Williams, Charles Russell, Terry Morgan, Muriel Pavlow, Kathleen Kent, June Bowker, Gerard Kempinski, Alexander Pashkoff, Alan Sedgwick, Harvey Golden, David Peel, Charles Lamb

October 23-28: Flare Path, with Geoffrey Toone, Phyllis Monkman, Kathleen Harrison, Emrys Jones, Ivan Samson, Leslie Dwyer, Hazel Terry, Phyllis Morris, Gerard Hinze, Bryan Forbes

October 30-November 4: The Love Racket, with Arthur Askey, Roy Royston, Hugh Morton, Angela Braemar, Peggy Carlisle, Valerie Tandy, George Street, Harry Milton, The Freddie Carpenter Dancers, George Gray, Greta Unger, Guy Fane

November 6-11: The House on the Bridge, with Cedric Hardwicke, Vivienne Bennett, Victoria Hopper, Joan Swinstead, Marie Ault, Katie Johnson, Dennis Arundell, Laurence Hanray, Glen Farmer, Tony Stockman

November 13-18: Flanagan and Allen (Oi!), Gwen Catley, Cleef and Moroney, Artemus and his Gang, Chow Ding, Marie Wilson, Three Renowns, Billy Matchett

November 20-25: The Three Waltzes, with Evelyn Laye, Charles Goldner, Esmond Knight, Madoline Thomas, Grace Lane

November 27-December 2: Sadler’s Wells Opera: The Barber of Seville, Cosi fan Tutte, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, with Ben Williams, Edith  Coates, Powell Lloyd, Peter Pears, John Hargreaves, Joan Cross, Margaret Ritchie, Owen Brannigan, Tom Culbert, Elisabeth Abercrombie, Tom Williams, Kate Jackson, Morgan Davies, Morgan Jones, Victoria Sladen, Muir Mathieson, Lawrance Collingwood

December 4-9: The Gipsy Princess, with Jimmy Godden, James Etherington, Phyllis Hunter, Guy Fielding, Ruth Maitland, Doris Gillett, Charles Quartermaine, John Burch, Douglas Phair, Kay Barry, Lawrence Archer, Nora Ford, G Alex Wright, Felix Knupfer, Romeo, Darmora Ballet

December 11-16: The Years Between, with Clive Brook, Nora Swinburne, Ronald Ward, Henrietta Watson, Allan Jeayes, Arthur Chesney, Geoffrey Morris, John Gilpin, Lilian Christine, Audrey Alan

December 22-March 3: Aladdin, with Duggie Wakefield, Nancy Brown, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Roy Jefferies, Billy Nelson, Bernard Dudley, Rubina Gilchrist, Chuck O’Neil, Lucille Gaye, Maiberts, Leslie Barker, June Turton, Jill Waller, Peggy Barnes Girls




March 5-10: The Love Racket, with Arthur Askey, Roy Royston, Finlay Currie, Valerie Tandy, Joy Hayden, Sheila Douglas-Pennant, Humphrey Kent, Harry Milton, William Morgan, Guy Fane, Freddie Carpenter Dancers

March 12-17: Harry Benet’s Royal Majestic Circus, with Koringa, Lieutenant Rickard’s forest-bred lions, liberty horses, Young China Troupe, Cilla’s Dogs, Joe Adami, Soft Sammy, Two Garcias, Jix, Jax and Max, Six Gatwick Girls, Gridneffs, Charles Barth’s Pedestal Ponies, Tarzan, Hubert Cooke’s Pony Revue, Tommy Goodall, Zola Brothers

March 18: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Eric Winstone and his Orchestra, Jack Powers

March 19-24: Appointment with Death, with Mary Clare, Carla Lehmann, Percy Walsh, Owen Reynolds, Harold Berens, Gerard Hinze, Janet Burnell, Ian Lubbock, Keith Campbell, Beryl Machin, Joan Hickson, Alan Sedgewick, Deryn Kerby, John Wynn

March 25: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Leslie (Jiver) Hutchinson and his All-Coloured Band, Yorke de Sousa, Dave Wilkins

March 26-31: Two Edgar Wallace Plays: The Frog, The Ringer, with Gordon Harker, Franklin Dyall, Reginald Tate, Jenny Lovelace

April 1: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Sunday Serenade, with Bristol Promenade Orchestra, Sydney Phasey, Peter Williams

April 2-7: The Wind of Heaven, with Diana Wynyard, Emlyn Williams, Megs Jenkins, Dorothy Edwards, Clifford Huxley, Arthur Hambling, Herbert Lomas, Barbara Couper

April 8: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Johnny Claes and his Octet

April 9-14:  Peter Pan, with Mary Windust, Walter Fitzgerald, Rhona Thorndike, Kenneth Kove, Phyllis Joyce, Teddy Brogden, Derek Mayhew, Betty Brown, Stanley Escane, Jenny Wren, Denny Spence, Gerald Fox, Ian Hardy, Alex Collins, Bert Lloyd, William Luff, John Ellery, William O’Connor

April 15: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Royal Tank Regiment Orchestra, Nat Gonella, Harry Gill

April 16-21: The Merry Widow, with Elizabeth French, Frank Fox, George Graves, Eileen Macdonald, Leonard Mac’krill, John Eden, Anna Claire, Frank Cariello, John Marsh, Clive Desmond, Sydney Arnold, Nancy Munks, The Norman Ballet

April 22: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Leslie Hutchinson and his Band

April 23-28: The Skin of our Teeth, with Vivien Leigh, Cecil Parker, Ena Burrill, Peter Lord, Sidney Monckton, Joan Young, Michael Lynd, Roger Braban, Pamela Conroy, Terry Morgan, Anthony Wallis, Maurice Bannister, Norman Webb, Charles Doran, Daphne Newton, Ann Wilton, Hugh Stewart

April 29: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Nat Allen and his Radio Band

April 30-May 5: The Last of Mrs Cheyney, with Coral Browne, Jack Buchanan, Athene Seyler, James Dale, Austin Trevor, Margaret Scudamore, Frances Rowe, Flora Britton, Anthony Shaw, Madge Compton

May 7-12: Arsenic and Old Lace, with Janet Barrow, Nellie Bowman, Meinhart Maur, Franklin Davies, Raymond Rollett, Gerald Barton, Elizabeth London, Bryan Herbert, Frank Kendal

May 14-19: International Ballet: Danses Espagnoles, Swan Lake, dances from Prince Igor, Everyman, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, Twelfth Night, with Mona Inglesby, Rovi Pavinoff, Algeranoff, Leslie French, Sonia Arova

May 21-26: The Spice of Variety, with Issy Bonn, The Fourth Form of St Michael’s, with Will Hay Junior and company; Albert Whelan, Len Clifford and Freda, Percy Manchester, Lionel King, Sam Linfield presents HMS Lively, Hooper Sisters, Georges and Dorina

May 28-June 2: Mad Hatters of 1945, with Syd Seymour and his Band, Constance Evans, Bredwins, Bob and Rita Rema, Alfred Thripp, Carvey and Mac, Beau Peep Cuties

June 4-9: Happidrome, with Harry Korris, Adelaide Hall, Robbie Vincent, Pat Lennox and Sylvia, Hal Swain and his Swing Sisters, Four Charladies, Massey and Hodges, George and Esme Grande, Diana Miller, Happidrome Girls

June 11-16: Arthur Askey, Max Bacon, Joe King, Dollie Elsie, Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters, Bobbie Kimber, Jackie Trevor, Red Fred and Rosa

June 18-23: Carroll Levis and the latest BBC Discoveries (20 including Maurice Hall, George Meaton), Young China Troupe, Cawalini and his Canine Comedians, Sonny Jenks and Rene Williams, Royale and Revere, Bernard Spear

June 25-30: Troise and his Mandoliers, Ivor Adams, Eve Ross, Jean Askew, Douglas Byng, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Paul Wingrave, Ken Swan and McGhee, Bob Bemand and his Pigeons, Tiki and Del

July 2-7: Max Miller, Dorothy Ward and Alan Kitson, Archie Glen, Dudley’s Midgets, Zelda Day, Tempus, Josie Del Rio

July 9-14: Ronnie Munroe and his Sunday Serenade Orchestra, The Two Leslies - Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes, Frank O’Brian and Art Kildare, Johnson Clark, A J Powers, Balmoral Four, Helen Lewis

July 16-21: Harry Parry and his Radio Dance Orchestra and Gail Page, Elsie and Doris Waters (Gert and Daisy), Danny Malone, Al Roxy, Bega Trio, Harry Seltzer, De Bear and Marie Du Bray

July 23-28: Billy Cotton and his Band, Bobby Wright and Marion, Kitty Masters, Johnny Lockwood, Fred Lovelle, Chicane, Four Blue Pages

July 30-August 4: Cavalcade of Mystery, with The Great Lyle, Nor Kiddie, Reub Silver and Marion Day, Cavalcade Girls

August 6-11: Renee Houston and Donald Stewart, Younkman and his Czardas Band, Georgie Wood and Dolly Harmer, Delya, Gordon Whelan, Roy Walker, Joy, Josie and Josette

August 13-18: George Elrick and his Band, Joy Conway, Connie O’Neill; Randolph Sutton and Eric Fowler, Steffani and his 30 Silver Songsters, Don Philippe and Marta, Ronalde, Douglas Francis, Bernarde and Bette

August 20-25: Melody in F.U.N., with Maudie Edwards, Alec Pleon, Jerry Allen Trio, Veronica Martell, Tamiroff and Elanda, Norah Moody, Margery Manners, Curtis and Lavoie, Ten de Vere Dancers, Flying Lubins

August 27-September 1: Primo Scala and his BBC Accordion Band, Margherita Stanley, Stanley Ambler; Nan Kenway and Douglas Young, Stanelli, Max Hoffman, Jack North and Pat Stoyle, Maida Trio, Joe Heritage and company, Walker and Ray

September 3-8: Henry Hall and his Orchestra, Billy Russell, Eltham and Sharpe, Taylor and Thomas, Percy Rich and Eva, Lilian Keyes, Dot Dash Trio

September 10-15: Vera Lynn, Len Edwards, The Great Cingalee and company, Joe Young, Two Inebriates, Dump Harris and Don Arroll, Glamorous Garcias, Eddy Bayes, Jack Grieve

September 17-22: Forsythe, Seamon and Farrell, Design for Glamour with Eve Drury, Cyril Tyler, Four Raymond Girls; Hubert Cooke’s Pony Revue, Len Young, Diacoffs, Six Mighty Atoms, Sally Lunn, Jack Haig

September 24-29: Follow the Girls, with Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Bruce Carfax, Wendy Toye, Vic Marlowe, Jack Billings, David Dale, Sheila Douglas-Pennant, Diana Chase, Carl Lacey

October 1-13: The Quaker Girl, with Celia Lipton, Billy Milton, Hal Bryan, Jack Mayer, Elaine Garreau, Rosamund Belmore, Richard Lawrence, Dimitri Vetter, Carole Marr, Marjorie Fieldhouse, Bunty Barnett, Frank Wignall

October 7: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: RAF Dance Orchestra The Squadronaires, Sergeant Jimmy Miller, George Chisholm, Ronnie Aldrich, Sid Colin, Tommy McQuater, Jimmy Durrant, Andy McDevitt

October 14: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Merrie England, with Dora Jones, Doris Gambell, Redvers Llewellyn, Walter Glynne, Albert Walters, Maurice Alexander, Timprod Choir, Aero Engines Choral Society members

October 15-20: Quiet Week-end, with Evelyn Roberts, Stuart Lindsell, Barbara Leake, Muriel Russell, Tom Clarkson, Pamela White, Vivienne Burgess, Phoebe Hodgson, Ruth Robinson, Elisabeth Bayly, Ronald Ibbs, Stella Linden, Tom Squire

October 21: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Maurice Winnick’s Orchestra, Harry Hines, Doreen Stephens, Helen Ward, Stanley Fraser

October 22-27: The Maid of the Mountains, with Sylvia Cecil, Malcolm Keen, Davy Burnaby, Billy Tasker, Joy Hayden, James Durban, Frank Pettitt, Myrtle Rowe, Jack Morris, Bert Randall

October 28: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Skyrockets Dance Orchestra, Paul Fenoulhet, Doreen Lundy, Cyril Shane, Pat Dodd, Chick Smith

October 29-November 3: Panama Hattie, with Jean Adrienne, Eddie Leslie, Fred Kitchen, Frances Marsden, Teddy Beaumont, Leslie Kellaway

November 4: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Harry Davis, Joy Conway, Roy Edwards, Jackie Bonser, Bobby Kevin

November 5-10: The Desert Song, with Wilfred Gartrell, Olive Rose, Leonard Henry, Lily Curtis, Ella Drummond, Stella Dixon

November 11: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders, Pulu Moe Trio

November 12-17: Miss Hook of Holland, with Billy Danvers, Rubina Gilchrist, Les Allen, Norman Griffin, Arndyk Military Band, Marion Wilson, Shirley Belmore, Tony Snape

November 18: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Phil Green and his Band, George Swift, Toni Massino, Dorothe Morrow, Teddy Johnson

November 19-24: Three Waltzes, with Evelyn Laye, Frank Lawton, Frank Royde, Fred Groves, Charles Goldner, Maureen Leslie, Fred Berger, Thelma Ruby, Eileen Essell, Diana Cort, Louise Javotte, John Shepherd, Constance Nightingale, Langley Howard, Gerald Lennan, Herbert Griffiths

November 25: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Carl Barriteau and his Orchestra, Mae Cooper, Teddy Baxter

November 26-December 1: Melody of Love (The Gypsy Baron), with Hella Toros, Edward Reach, Constance Stocker, Hugh Rene, Renee Reel, Patricia Watts, Walter Goehr

December 2: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra The Squadronaires, Sergeant Jimmy Miller, George Chisholm, Sid Colin, Ronnie Aldrich

December 4-15: Song of Norway, with Janet Hamilton-Smith, John Hargreaves, Halina Victoria, Leslie Baker, Moyra Fraser, Bernard Ansell, John Pygram, Darroll Richards, Olive Sturgess, Charles Doran, Colin Cunningham, Jan Lawski, Paul Gavert, Reginald Hayes, James Davie, Gerard Peters, Jean Anderson, Patricia Garnett, Gideon Fagan

December 9: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Jack Jackson and his Band, Derrick Collins, Kay Harding, Patricia Ward, Jack Watmore

December 22-March 16: Jack and the Beanstalk, with “Monsewer” Eddie Gray, Nita Croft, Eddie Childs, Bert Murray, James Lomas, Jeanette Haley, Harold Childs, Lennox Dalton, Stella Kemball, Jack Hartman, Zola and Mattie, Charles Ancaster, Jack Hartman, Audrey Ainsworth, Gordon Ray Girls, Peggy Barnes Dance School pupils




January 6: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Skyrockets Dance Orchestra, Paul Fenoulhet, Doreen Lundy, Cyril Shane, Les Lambert

January 13: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Ted Heath and his Music, Kenny Baker’s Brass Hats, Jack Parnell Quartette

January 20: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Jimmy Miller and his Squadronaires Dance Orchestra, Tommy Bradbury, George Chisholm, Ronnie Aldrich, Billy Nichols

January 27: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Carl Barriteau and his Orchestra, Mae Cooper, Teddy Baxter, Tommy Mitchell

February 3: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Eddie Franklyn and his Ex-London Fire Force Dance Orchestra, Bernard Alexander, Arthur Sutherland, Billy Finch

February 10: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Sid Millward and his Swingsters, Biff Byfield and the Dixieland Band, Francisco Caballero’s Rhumba Rhythm, Wally Stewart

February 17: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders, Pulu Moe Trio, Louisa Moe, Harry Brooker

February 24: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Squadronaires Dance Orchestra, Jimmy Miller, Billy Nichols, George Chisholm

March 3: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Skyrockets Dance Orchestra, Paul Fenoulhet, Cyril Shane, Doreen Lundy, Maurice Burman

March 10: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Maurice Winnick’s Orchestra, Harry Hines, Doreen Stephens, Helen Ward, Stanley Fraser

March 17: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Teddy Foster and his Dance Orchestra, Eunice Metcalfe, Dennis Hale, Brass Octette

March 18-23: “Madame Louise”, with Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton, Harriette Johns, Ruth Maitland, Dennis Wyndham, Al Millen, Nicolette Roeg, Constance Lorne, Maria Barry, Pamela Dear, Clive Drummond, Patrick Baring, Stephen Gray, Chester Dolben, Hebe Bliss

March 24: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Harry Roy’s Tiger Ragamuffins Dance Orchestra, Eddie Edwards, Roy Dexter, Pat Stenton

March 25-April 6: The Lisbon Story, with Anthony Howard, Eve Lister, Edward Sinclair, Reginald Long, Hazel Bray, Angela Barrie, Michael and Peggy Arnaud, Arsene Kirilloff, Frederick Victor, Douglas Vigors, Martin McDonald, Edward Waddy, Edward Chislett

March 31: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Harry Davis, Bob Dale, Joyce Conway

April 8-13: Grand National Night, with Leslie Banks, Hermione Baddeley, Olga Edwardes, Frederick Lloyd, Campbell Copelin, Archibald Batty, Vincent Holman, Charles Groves, Peggy Fame

April 15-18, 20: The Merry Widow, with Marjorie Sandford, Frank Fox, Sydney Arnold, Freddie Foss, Gwyneth Lascelles, Bernard Bedford

April 22-May 4: The Dancing Years, with Barry Sinclair, Jessica James, Angela Braemar, Peter Tuddenham, Sara Romano, Henry Lutman, Marion Edwardes, Leslie Moorehouse

May 6-11: Ruth Draper - Original Character Sketches

May 13-18: The Winslow Boy, with Frank Cellier, Emlyn Williams, Angela Baddeley, Jack Watling, Madge Compton, Clive Morton, Alastair Bannerman, Michael Newell, Mona Washbourne, Kathleen Harrison, Brian Harding

May 20-25: International Ballet: Coppelia, Comus, Aurora’s Wedding dances, Swan Lake, Everyman, with Mona Inglesby, Algeranoff, Leslie French, Domini Callaghan, John Sergieff, Jack Spurgeon, Ernest Hewitt, Seamus Gordon, Joyce Gearing, Doreen Nash, Noreen Lee, Ann Suren, Jean Ireland, Antony Eustrel, Moira Tucker, Wynn Reeves, James Walker

May 27-June 1: The Poltergeist, with Gordon Harker, Olga Lindo, Austin Trevor, Lloyd Pearson, Jacqueline Clarke, Olive Kirby, Peter Neil, Frank S Strickland, Anne West

June 3-9: Henry Hall and his Orchestra, Donald Peers, Oakley and Carver, Jenks and Williams, Harry Seltzer, Hamilton Sisters, Leslie Lester, Betty Driver, Eva Beynon, Freddie Mann

June 10-15: Sandy Powell and company, Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick, Harold Ramsay and Cherrie Cooper, Connie Graham and Hal Scott, Lewis King, Charles Carlton, Chicane and Gay, Bob Bemand and his Pigeons

June 17-22: Nat Gonella and his Georgians and Helen Mack, The Fourth Form of St Michael’s, with Will Hay Junior and company; Clapham and Dwyer, Bert Wright and Zena, A J Powers, Sally Lunn, Sam Linfield and company presents HMS Lively

June 24-29: Skylights, with George Doonan, Ganjou Brothers and Juanita, Malcia, Herbert Hare, Three Jokers, Leslie Kellaway, Denise Clifford, Zio Angels, Florence Whiteley’s Military Tattoo

July 1-6: Leslie Henson, Turner Layton, Iris Sadler, Ali Bey, Johnny Lockwood, Don Carlos, Gerry Leader, Merton and Britton, Richard Calicott, Patricia Gaunt

July 8-13: Troise and his Mandoliers, Ivor Adams, Renee Barr; Bobb Wright and Marion, Dick Henderson, Three Kovacs, Percy Manchester and Louise, Johnson Clark, Roy Walker

July 15-20: Let’s Get on with It, with Nat Mills and Bobbie, Crotchet, Three Pagolas, Pepino’s Miniature Circus, Billy West and his Harmony Boys, Frank Boston, Eddie Hart, Dennis Martyn, Christine Johnston, William McLaren, Harry Richards, Ballet International, 12 Orchids

July 22-27: Billy Cotton and his Band, Alan Breeze, “Dear old Pals”, with Morris and Cowley; Albert Whelan, Paul Wingrave, Eddy Bayes, Murray and Hinton, Hooper Sisters

July 29-August 3: Charles Shadwell and his Orchestra, Eric James, Charmain Innes, Marion Sanders, Robert Greene, Jock Morgan; Herschel (Jizz) Henlere, Worthy and Jarrett, Radcliffe and Ray, David Poole and “Johnny Green”, Three Anuras, Danny Lipton and Lynda Lane

August 5-10: Primo Scala and his Accordion Band, Jimmy Hampson, Peter Howard, Nina Del Monte; Beryl Orde and Eddie Hardy, Randolph Sutton and Eric Fowler, Len Young, Reub Silver and Marion Day, Ravel, Trixie and Anton, Steve Daniels and Mignon Jarrold

August 12-17: Carroll Levis and his BBC Discoveries (Eddie Jones, Cecilia Wright, Georgette George, Dundee Swing Quartet, Percy Hughes), Thrilling Badminton, with Billy Cooke, George Mansfield, Monte Rose; Blondie Hartley Sisters, Davy Kaye, Jacena Two, David Delmonte

August 19-24: Old Mother Riley and her Daughter Kitty, with Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, Moran and Elof, Betty and Peter Dighton, Dot, Dash and Don, Tom Deere, Del Strong, George E Beck, Willer Neal, Hayes Sisters, Gordon Norval’s 12 Young Ladies, Four Marsh Boys in Harmony, Billy Caley Four

August 26-31: Funny-go-Round, with Afrique, Georgie Wood and Dolly Harmer, Harry Mooney and Victor King, Richman and Jackson, Bettina, Three Renowns, Marietta Dancers

September 2-7: Max Miller, Tommy Jover and Raf and Fe, Danny Malone, Three Aberdonians, Garcias, Fred Lovelle, Joe Astor and Rene, Mary Priestman

September 9-14: Robb Wilton, Steffani’s Silver Songsters, Balliol and Merton, Peter Waring, Ronalde, Frank Waters, Dump Harris, Maida Trio

September 16-21: Rocky Mountain Rhythm, with Big Bill Campbell and his Radio Cowboys and Ranch Girls - Peggy Bailey, Buck Douglas, Mervyn Saunders, Norman Harper, Ronnie Brohn, Home Town Band; Duncan Gray, Cooke’s Pony Revue, Nita Valerie and Alyce Dey, Karlson Three, Wonder Wheelers, Bab Norman’s Can-Can Girls, Milton and Gray

September 23-28: Bill Hatton and Ethel Manners, G H Elliott, Max Bacon, Sereno and June Trio, Great Cingalee and company, Lonsdale Sisters, Lupe and Velez, Cliff Cook

September 29: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: The Blue Rockets Dance Orchestra, Eric Robinson, Diana Whitburn, Garry Gowan, Radio Revellers, Tommy Keith, Laurie Clarke, Lew Stevenson, Bob Roberts, Douglas Bainbridge

September 30-October 5: The Big Broadcast, with Issy Bonn, Margerite and Charles, Terry and Doric Kendall, Jerry Allen Trio, Bert Nicol and Partner, Florence Whiteley’s 12 Rhythm Girls

October 6: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Oscar Rabin and his Band, Harry Davis, Eddie Palmer, Frank King, Don Smith, Bob Dale, Annabelle Lee

October 7-12: We were in the Forces, with Hal Jones, Louis Hayden, Billy Eaves, Terry Gardener, Ken Wilson, Eric Plant, Bert O’Dare, Vernon Harvard, Lionel Flowers, Arthur Clarence

October 13: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Squadronaires, Jimmy Miller, George Chisholm, Tommy McQuater, Jock Cummings, Ronnie Aldrich, Doreen Stephens, The Quads

October 14-19: Ballets des Champs-Élysées: Le Lac des Cygnes, Le Fiancée du Diable, Le Spectre de la Rose, Les Forains, Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe, Le Rendez-Vous, Coppelia Act II, Los Caprichos, with Jean Babilee, Nathalie Philippart, Irene Skorik, Roland Petit, Deryk Mendel, Ana Nevada, Gordon Hamilton, Andre Girard, Jean Blanchard, Paul Gnatt, London Philharmonic Orchestra

October 21-26: For Crying out Loud, with Jimmy Nervo and Teddy Knox, Billy Caryll and Hilda Mundy, Frank Holloway and Jack Hart, Dollie Elsie, Egon Riber and Margrethe Dantzer, Molly Rayner, Calienta and Partner, Humphrey Kent, Willie Carlisle

October 27: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: The Skyrockets Augmented Orchestra, Paul Fenoulhet, Doreen Lundy, Cyril Shane, Chick Smith, Pat Smuts, Don Macaffer, Pat Dodd, George Fierstone

October 28-November 2: And no Birds Sing, with Kenneth Moore, Elizabeth Allan, Harold Warrender, Helen Haye, Elizabeth Gray, Russell Waters, James Harcourt, Pat Nye, Elspeth Seely-White, Derek Tansley, Nigel Stock, Natalie Jordan

November 3: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Roy Fox and his Band, Jack O’Hagan, Bobby Joy, Little Foxes

November 5-9: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Betty Shaw, Bruce Carfax, Fred Walker, Joy Robins, Joseph Heritage, Micky Chapman, Monty Seal, John Bennett, Alf Goodwin, Jack Perry, Charles Stirling, Fantasy Male Quintette, Sherman Fisher’s Ladies of the Ballet, Kirby’s Flying Ballet

November 10: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Grand Broadcast Concert, with West Country Studio Orchestra, Reginald Redman, The West Country Singers, Frederick Harvey

November 11-16: The Years Between, with Alan Webb, Hazel Terry, Allan Jeayes, Patrick Crean, Nancy Roberts, Dennis Castle, Dorothy Turner, Arthur Chesney, Audrey Alan, Derek Farge

November 17: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: The George Evans Big Rhythm Orchestra, Les Evans, Eric Jupp Quartette, Shirley Grey, Ken Kaye, Roy Ringrose, Eric Maxwell, Charlie Paine, Eric Derges

November 18-23: Ever Since Paradise, with Roger Livesey, Ursula Jeans, Roy Ellett, Joy Shelton, Michael Denison, Jane Carr, Robert Eddison, Alwyne Whatsley

November 24: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: The Blue Rockets Orchestra, Eric Robinson, Radio Revellers, Diana Whitburn, Garry Gowen, Tommy Keith, Billy Hill

November 25-30: The Kingmaker, with Kay Hammond, Irene Vanbrugh, John Clements, John Harvey, Robert Eddison, Charles Lloyd Pack, Howieson Culff, James Mills, David Peel, Moira Lister, Mary Stone, Frances Rowe, Graham Stuart

December 1: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Harry Davidson and his Orchestra, Esther Coleman

December 3-14: Red Mill, with Doreen Duke, Maudie Edwards, Slim Allan, Billy Milton, Davy Burnaby, Julia Bretton, Quentin Tod, Shelagh Dey, Guy Massey, Edmund Goffron, John Bleasdale, Anthony Haworth, Jack Mayer, Enid Lowe

December 8: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Beniamino Gigli, Rainaldo Zamboni, Lionel Bowman

December 21-March 8: The Sleeping Beauty, with Freddie Forbes, Nita Croft, Max Wall, Bert Murray, Beverly Wright, Isobel Marden, Leon and Kiki, Vic and Joe Crastonian, Vilna De Boer, Pamela Roye, Balmoral Four, Joan Lacy, Betty Hobbs Globe Girls, Peggy Barnes’ Little Alvettes, Bevan Williams

December 29: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Squadronaires Dance Orchestra, Jimmy Miller, Ronnie Aldrich, Jock Cummings, George Chisholm, Doreen Stephens, Sally Browne




January 5: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Eric Winstone and his Orchestra, Alan Kane, Roy Marsh, Hazel Bray, Joe Nusssbaum, Julie Dawn, Ernest Shear, Jerry Bowman, Art Day

January 12: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Harry Roy’s Ragamuffin Orchestra, Eddie Edwards, Dorothy Cintone, Tiger Ragamuffins, Carl Lloyd, Danny Kaye, George Harrison, Jack Lennox

January 19: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Skyrockets Augmented Orchestra, Paul Fenoulhet, Doreen Lundy, Cyril Shane, Pat Dodd, Les Lambert

January 26: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders, Archie Coates, Pulu Moe, Louisa Moe, Helen Davis, Frank Pickford, Peter Cosimini, Sammy Mitchell, Cynthia Read

February 2: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Sid Millward and his Nitwits

February 9: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Nat Gonella and his Georgians, Hal Vincent, Roy Plummer

February 16: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Charles Shadwell and his Orchestra, Eric James, Marian Saunders, Robert Green, Jock Morgan, Jimmy Easton

February 23: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Leslie Douglas and his ex-RAF Bomber Command Dance Orchestra, Sammy Herman, Pearl Carr, Serenaders, Cliff Adams

March 2: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Squadronaires Dance Orchestra, Jimmy Miller, Doreen Stephens, Sally Browne, George Chisholm Swing Group, The Quads

March 9: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Blue Rockets Orchestra, Benny Daniels, Garry Gowan, Judy Johnson, Radio Revellers, Douglas Bainbridge

March 10-22: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert & Sullivan, with Darrell Fancourt, Thomas Round, Martyn Green, Leslie Rands, Richard Walker, Ella Halman, Margaret Mitchell, Charles Dorning, Leonard Osborn, Hilton Layland, Radley Flynn, Isidore Godfrey

March 16: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Sid Millward and the Nitwits, Cyril Lagey, Iris Cooper, Ronny Genarder

March 23: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: George Crow and his Blue Marines Dance Orchestra, Humphrey Lestocq, Barbara Sumner, Rae Whitaker, Reg Gough, Freddie Woods, Jack Rogers

March 24-29: Pick-Up Girl, with Edmund Bailey, Doreen Hughes, Frederick Bartman, Joan Matheson

March 30: Charles H Lockier’s Sunday “Pop” Concert: Ted Heath and his Orchestra, Kenny Baker Swing Group, Jack Parnell and his Quartet, Reg Owen, Jackie Armstrong, David Goldberg, Tommy Whittle, Paul Carpenter

March 31-April 5: “Hattie Stowe”, with Mary Ellis, Wilfred Hyde White, Milton Rosmer, Hugh Paddick, Anthony Nicholls, Stephen Jack, Charles Cameron, Julian Dallas, Beckett Bould, Augustus Newton

April 7-12: Tip-Toes, with Jackie Hunter, Natasha Sokolova, Billy Milton, Bertram Dench, Frank Cariello, Andrew Massey, May Meredith, Iris Tulley, Moya McCormick, Brenda Gay, Jay Denyer, J W Jackson Girls and Male Chorus

April 14-19: Off the Record, with Hugh Wakefield, Hubert Gregg, Bill Gates, Pamela Matthews, Eve Ashley, Tom Gill, Anthony Holmes, Roger Maxwell, Louise Gainsborough, J Ainsworth, Frederic Kerr, Eric Holmes

April 22-May 3: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Betty Shaw, Bruce Carfax, Fred Walker, Joy Robins, Kirby’s Flying Ballet, Mickey Chapman

May 6-24 Ice Follies, with The Three Rookies - Neil Rose, Meryl Baxter, William Keffe, Chris Heierle, Eva Nyklova, Valerie Moon, Lidwells, Gillian Duncan, Maurice Barlow, 24 Skating Graces; Fred Brezin, Clifford Stanton, Bunin Puppets

May 26-31: Billy Reid and Dorothy Squires, Billy Caryll and Hilda Mundy, Jack Daly, Freddie Bamberger, Godfrey and Kerby, Willane, Danny Gray

June 2-7: Charles Shadwell and his Orchestra and Eric James, Marion Sanders, Robert Greene, Jock Morgan, Johnny Rolland; Turner Layton, Freddie Forbes and Angela Barrie, Victor Julian and his Pets, Jack Stocks, Lionel King, Dehl Trio

June 9-14: Zuider Zee, with Macari and his Dutch Serenaders, Larry, Peter McKay and Partner, Zuider Zee Girls, Rosa, Johnny Pedlar, Bernard Toms, Elsie Monks, Joe Macari, Fred Pattison; David Poole, Bobby Wright and Marion, Albert Whelan, Tuppy Oliver, Sanctuary with Elsie, Ten Dorchester Lovelies

June 16-21: Cavalcade of Mystery 1947, with The Great Lyle; Harry Mooney and Victor King, Archie Elray and company, Moray and Maxine

June 23-28: Elsie and Doris Waters (Gert and Daisy), Jimmy Currie’s Gigantic Water Spectacle, Stephane Grappelly and George Shearing, Valmar Trio, Winstanley Babes, Les Pierrotys, Joe Young and company, Donald B Stuart

June 30-July 5: Good Evans, with Norman Evans, Vic and Joe Crastonian, Radcliffe and Ray, Four Pomars, Jackie Trevor, Three Shades, Swan and Leigh, Marion, Norman’s Baby Panda, Florence Whiteley’s Zio Angels present The Phantom Guard

July 7-12: Anne Shelton, Max and Harry Nesbitt, Marie Wilson, Cleef and Moroney, Johnny Lockwood, Pointer, Gray and Dawn, Johnson Clark, Paul Wingrave

July 14-19: Laurel and Hardy, Harry Moreny, Carl and Roger Yale, Jimmy Bruce, Palette’s Dogs, Mackenzie Reid and Dorothy, Mariora, Three Redheads, Olga Varoma

July 21-26: Stand Easy, with Charlie Chester and Radio’s Crazy Gang - Ken Morris, Arthur Haynes, Len Marten, Ramon St Clair; Lynn Taylor, Leslie Noyes, Monna Tymga Four, Dave and Maureen, El Granadas and Peter, 12 John Tiller Girls

July 28-August 2: Old Mother Riley and her Daughter Kitty, with Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, Flannigan’s Band, Willer Neal, Keith and Cortez, George Meaton, George E Beck, Dot, Dash and Don, Carl and Bette, Three Lane Sisters, Barton Four, Dancing Colleens

August 4-9: Robb Wilton, Three Peters Sisters, Morris and Cowley, Reub Silver and Marion Day, Hooper Sisters, Zelda Day, Dudley and his Little Tough Guys, Cooke’s Musical, Dancing and Boxing Ponies

August 11-16: Billy Cotton and his Band, Douglas Byng, Stewart McBean, Evelyn Taylor and Lee Brooks, Bobbie Kimber, Sam Linfield and company, Ten Starlets, Foster and Clarke

August 18-23: Primo Scala and his BBC Accordion Band, Adelaide Hall, Ronnie East, Alec Pleon, Charles Hague, Craig and Voyle, Kizma and Karen, Claude (Medals) Williams

August 25-30: Koringa, Dave and Joe O’Gorman, Herschel (Jizz) Henlere, Mary Priestman, A J Powers, Earle and Babette, Len Young, Jenks and Williams

September 1-6: Two Shows in One: Venus Keeps a Date, with Gaston and Andree, Tommy Jover and Raf and Fe, Flack and Lucas, Eddie Reindeer, Marie de Vere Dancers; Those Were the Days - old-time music hall

September 8-13: Max Miller, George Lacy, James Heyes, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, Original Tiger Ragamuffins, Lupe and Velez, Ronnie Leslie, Pharos and Marina, Doyle Kids

September 15-20: The Big Broadcast of 1947, with Issy Bonn, Two Movers, Siki and Son, Billy Rhodes and Chika Lane, Vivian, Jack Markham, Ray Burns, Beri Shaw, Les Johnson, Gordon Rolfe, Florence Whiteley’s Zio Angels

September 22-27: Sim-Sala-Bim, with Dante, Moi-Yo Miller, Victoria Lopez

September 29-October 4: Troise and his Mandoliers, Ivor Adams, Eve Ross, Maureen Tasker; Jack Durant, Leslie Strange, Don Philippe and Marta, Garcias, Bartlett and Massey, Freddie Harris and Christine

October 7-18: The Dancing Years, with Barry Sinclair, Muriel Barron, Nicolette Roeg, Veronica Brady, Sara Romano, Frank Thornton, James Milner, Ruby Moule, Warde Morgan

October 20-25: The Desert Song, with Frederic Bentley, Peter Grant, Olga Gwynne, Robert Hughes, Patricia Perry, Wallace Court, Lillian Curtis, George Greaves, Richard Williams

October 27-November 1: Lady Windermere’s Fan, with Betty England, Lee Fox, John Cross, Philip Pearman, Patricia Dickson, Hugh Stewart, Charles Perry, Phyllis Relph, Gillian Raine, Geoffrey Barfoot, Doris Littel, Joan Forrest, Elizabeth Clifford, Doreen Dunlop, Irene Beck, Alan Brown, Marjorie Lucas, Thomas Hutcheson

November 3-8: “Jane”, with Yvonne Arnaud, Ronald Squire, Charles Victor, Enid Sass, Theodore Meade, Esyllt Moray, Jeremy Hawk, Pamela Stocks, Simon Lack

November 10-15: International Ballet: Swan Lake, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, Carnaval, Aurora’s Wedding, with Mona Inglesby, Algeranoff, Jack Spurgeon, Ernest Hewitt, Jeanne Lusby, James Walker

November 17-29: Carl Rosa Opera: Rigoletto, La Boheme, Faust, La Traviata, Madame Butterfly, Il Trovatore, Carmen, with Janet Howe, John Myrddin, Arthur Copley, Phyllis Kinney, Olwen Davies, Margery Field, Gita de la Fuente, Ivan Dixon, Arthur Fear, Hubert Gunkerley, Harold Blackburn, Robert Scott, Korina Hellas, Maris Randall, Patrick Black, Helen Ogilvie, Robert Sydney, Ernest Thomas, Eric Shepherd, Betty Sagon, David Ellenberg, Vilem Tausky

December 1-6: Song of Norway, with Janet Hamilton-Smith, John Hargreaves, Brenda Stanley, Frank Rydon, Dale Williams, Joan Blake, Frank Stewart

December 8-13: Just William the Second, with Billy Nelson Junior, Beryl Riggs, Maxwell Longmuir, Valerie Jene, Betty Bodwen, Brian Oulton

December 24-February 14: Babes in the Wood, with Arthur (Old Mother Riley) Lucan, Jean Adrienne, Finlay Brothers, Bert Platt, Valerie Lawson, Carol Lane, Jeanne Goddard, Denise Presland, Harry Simms, Rita Baker, Peggy Barnes’ dancers, Yeoman Sextette, Dassie Brothers, Campbell and Rogerson, Eugene’s Flying Ballet




At 1pm on Monday, February 16, fire broke out at the Hippodrome, forcing its closure for more than ten months


December 24-March 12: Cinderella, with Ted Ray, Hazel Bray, Gwyneth Lascelles, Ann Wheatley, Johnny Kavanagh, Freddie Foss, Rupert Rogers, Bert and Harry Nicol, Court Quartette, Anthony Gordon, Leslie Barker, Alec Harland, Stella Bloom, Alva Brothers, Court Quartette, Sylvia Coulsting, Bel Air Brothers, Peggy Barnes’ 12 Alvettes, Sydney Phasey




March 15-April 2: Glamorous Night, with Sylvia Cecil, Barry Mackay, John McHugh, Dorothy Ivimey, Ernest Bale, Nan Liddle, Hugh Craig, Arthur Pusey, Charles Quartermaine, Joan Wood, Ivan Huckerby

April 4-14, 16: Song of Norway, with Peggy Rowan, Ivor Evans, Brenda Stanley, Shelagh Dey, Victoria Campbell, Frank Stewart

April 18-30: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Martyn Green, Peter Pratt, Leonard Osborn, Thomas Round, Charles Dorning, Richard Watson, Ella Halman, Muriel Harding, Alan Styler, Darrell Fancourt, Donald Harris, Thomas Hancock, Stanley Youngman, Margaret Mitchell, Muriel Burnett, Joan Gillingham, C William Morgan, Marian Smith, Isidore Godfrey

May 3-7: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Joan Davies, Eric Palmer, Joy Robbins, Fred Walker, Charles Stirling, Kirby’s Flying Ballet

May 9-14: Private Lives, with Margaret Lockwood, Peter Graves, Jack Allen, Josephine Stuart, Pamela Stirling

May 16-21: Playbill: The Browning Version, with Mary Ellis, Barry Jones, Marie Lohr, Peter Scott, Anthony Oliver, Owen Reynolds, Patrick Jordan; A Harlequinade, with Mary Ellis, Barry Jones, Marie Lohr, Anthony Oliver, Henryetta Edwards, Owen Reynolds, Conrad Phillips, Patrick Jordan, Thelma Ruby, George Ivor

May 23-28: The Lilac Domino, with Marjorie Sandford, William Dickie, Leo Franklyn, Peggy Thompson, Peter Grant, Ian Carmichael

May 30-June 11: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: Carmen, The Bartered Bride, Madame Butterfly, The Marriage of Figaro, Faust, Die Fledermaus, La Boheme, with Harold Lake, Anna Pollak, Minnia Bower, Stanley Clarkson, Kate Jackson, John Kentish, Gerald Davies, Howell Glynne, William Booth, Marion Studholme, John Wright, Edmund Donlevy, Victoria Sladen, Arnold Matters, James Johnston, John Probyn, Anna Pollak, Joyce Gartside, Roderick Jones, James Robertson, Leo Quayle

June 13-July 2: Tom Arnold’s Ice Revue, with Len Stewart, Sheila Hamilton, Marjorie Chase, Alma Cookson, Jean Colquhoun, Nicolette d’Avigdor, Maisie Brown, Rene Strange, Eddie Ward, Wondrous and Mimi, Four Eskimos, Maurice Barlow, Stan Kennett, Skating Graces, Speed Kings

July 4-9: Tess and Bill, with Billy Cotton and his Band, Tessie O’Shea, Wally Dewar, Three Hotleys, Arthur Dowler, Alan Clive, Hamilton and Vassi, Cooper Twins

July 11-16: Hold your Breath! Aqua-Revuette, with Tarzan Junior, Hazell, Professor Conky Javen, Underwater Striptease by Maree Leyland, Ernest Staig’s Australian Air Aces, Charih Indra, Elizabeth and Collins, Gerry Leader, Piet Van Brechts, Allen Brothers and June, Aqua-Lovelies, Lieutenant Landon Richardson’s Frogmen

July 18-23: Five Smith Brothers, The Nitwits - Sid Millward, Wally Stewart, Cyril Lagey, Arthur Calkin, Billy Christmas, Freddie Willetts, Dennis Croker, Ronnie Genarder, Monty Warlock; Warren Latona and Sparks, Sirdani, Malcia, Val and Monty and Pat Lester, Harry Benty, Walter Niblo

July 25-30: Chico Marx, Harry Nichols, Gold and Cordell, Bob Lloyd and Betty, Harry Bailey, Stevil Sisters, Henri Vadden and Girls, Bobbie Kimber  

August 1-6: Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler, Rudells, Albert Whelan, Frank Preston, MacDonald and Graham, Charles Ancaster, Kardoma, Johnson Clark

August 8-13: Thanks for the Memory, with G H Elliott, Gertie Gitana, Ella Shields, Lily Morris, Randolph Sutton, Talbot O’Farrell, Billy Danvers, Bob Wayne and Barbara, Six Silver Belles, Terry Doogan, Paul Conrad, Eric Fowler, Stewart McBean, Sererno and Joy

August 15-20: Don Ross’s Royal Imperial Circus, with ringmaster Tom Fossett, equestrian director M Yelding, Captain Sidney Howes’ lions, Tom Fossett’s Monkeys, Fredericka’s Cats and Dogs, Barbara and her Six Liberty Ponies, Boy Andro, Three Kenways, Jack Holst and M’lad, Belle Fossett and horse Ra-Jah, Rabbit and his Trampoline, Spangletti, Ancell’s Painted Pigeons, Edgar Cooke, Alf Pratley, Three Gilpins, Mick and Mack, Jo-Jo and Jennie, Rough and Ready, Spot

August 22-27: Frances Langford, Jon Hall, Arthur Worsley and “Charley Brown”, Charlie Clapham, Slim Rhyder, Godfrey and Kerby, Joan Hinde, Les Valettos, Alan Kay and Gloria, The Lubbins

August 29-September 3: Peter Lorre, Max Bacon, Jean Melville, Artemus, Bob Bemand’s Comedy Pigeons, Bunny and Byron, Nat Hope and Doreen Ray, Bill Burke

September 5-10: Piccadilly Hayride, with Nat Jackley, Marianne Lincoln, Jack Francois, Armand and Anita, Costello Twins, 12 Tiller Girls, Hey-Hey Lovelies, Dick Beamish, Sammy Curtis, Dennis Murray, Bernard Albrow

September 12-17: Radio Round-Up, with Frank Marlowe, Jack Jackson, Winifred Atwell, Leon Cortez, Hal Menken, La Esterella, Jose Moreno, El Granadas

September 19-24: Deep River Boys, Maudie Edwards, Scott Sanders, Bill Kerr, Jean, Jack and Judy, A J Powers, Eve and Mary Harvey, Olgo

September 26-October 1: Your Country Cousins, with Harry Lester and his Hayseeds, Goofus, Bob Lester, Pee-Wee-Pete, Cicero, Egon Regon and June Royal, Bob and Marion Konyot, Chris Sands, Ann Vernon, Carol

October 4-22: White Horse Inn, with Nita Croft, Bert Brownbill, Fred Stone, Nancy Burne, Charles Mayhew, Harold Childs, Stella Kemball, Pauline Anderson, Isobel Marden, Hilton Layland, Dairymaids, M K Behrens

October 25-November 5: Wild Violets, with Jerry Verno, Stella Moray, Bill Stephens, Allen Christie, Ian Carmichael, Doreen Duke, Grace O’Connor, Phyllis Bourke, Billie Love, Julia Shelley, David Croft, Pamela Hawker, Pauline Grant Dancers

November 7-26: Perchance to Dream, with Geoffrey Toone, Ruthene Leclerc, Hilary de Chaville, May Tomlin, John Wynard, Maidie Andrews

November 28-December 3: The Schoolmistress, with Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney, Madge Elliott, Gretchen Franklin, Moya Nugent, Alexander Archdale, Judith Stott, Roy Dean, Joan Forrest, Morris Sweden, Howard Lamb, Joan Lord, Ellen Martin, Richard Davies, Stanley Osborne

December 5-17: Waltz Time, with Janet Hamilton-Smith, John Hargreaves, Leo de Pokorny, Judy Kemp, Michael Cole, Alan Reid, John Denis, Leslie Kyle, John Martin

December 24-March 4: Mother Goose, with George Gee, Jill Manners, Beryl Reid, Sheila Lawrence, Archie Glenn, Bert Martell, Jimmy Britton, Sylvia Lane, Rita Baker, Roger Williams, Leslie Barker, Eugene’s Flying Ballet, Dassie Brothers, J W Jackson Girls, Peggy Barnes’ Little Alvettes


TWO thousand “swing” fans were left disappointed on The Day they Lost Joe Loss.

   He and his orchestra were due to appear in a Sunday evening concert in October 1946 when the coach taking them to the Hippodrome broke down in Chippenham.

   The restless audience had been in their seats for 20 minutes when an embarrassed promoter Charles H Lockier took the stage to announce the show was cancelled because under his licence it had to end by 8.45pm and they would never make it in time.

   Mr Lockier organised a total of 54 Sunday “pop” concerts at the theatre between 1945 and 1947, featuring such favourites as Ted Heath and his Orchestra and Nat Gonella and his Georgians. He also brought Beniamino Gigli, described as the greatest tenor of his generation.

   Transport problems also kept the audience waiting in October 1944 when a rail mishap near Paddington stranded several members of the company starring in There Shall be No Night. When told, one man shouted: “Give us Syd and the orchestra and we shall be all right”. Conductor Sydney Phasey and his musicians played for 75 minutes before the delayed artistes dashed on stage without make-up to start the play.

    The Joe Loss night was one of the few times an entire show had to be cancelled when the audience was already seated. It happened again six decades later when flooding prior to a Showaddywaddy concert forced its cancellation because backstage areas had become unsafe to work in.