March 6-11: Glamorous Night, with Barry Mackay, Victoria Campbell, John McHugh, Paul Rycroft, George Street, John Rogers, Margaret Green, Rex Korda, Peter Stretton, Maris Randall, Philip Sherman, Corps de Ballet, Operatic Chorus

March 14-18: Peter Pan, with Margaret Lockwood, John Justin, Christina Forrest, Elizabeth Clifford, Philip Ray, Iain Scott, Desmond Carrington, Denis Carew, Stanley Platts, Derek Rock, Bill Croydon, Jane Wren

March 20-25: International Ballet: The Sleeping Princess, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, Endymion, Sea Legend, Visions, Swan Lake, with Mona Inglesby, Algeranoff, Ernest Hewitt, Errol Addison, Helene Armfelt, Claudie Algeranova, Sandra Vane, Miroslav Zloch, Maurice Bejart, Anne Suren, Peter White, Denys Palmer, Patricia Bentley, Ninette Gold, Myra Kidd, Christine Blair, John Healy, Harold Robinson, Joyce Gearing, Bridget Kelly, Anthony Wallis, Antony Eustrel, Basil Rabin, Malcolm Hughes, David Lusby, Jeanette Minty, James Walker, Wynn Reeves

March 27-April 1: The Damascus Blade (Laurence Olivier presentation), with John Mills, Beatrix Lehmann, Peter Finch, Austin Trevor, Barry Jones, Mary Mackenzie

April 3-15: Lilac Time, with Celia Lipton, John Lewis, Tudor Evans, Sydney Arnold, Wilfred Gartrell, James Durban, William Senior, Brenda Stanley, Betty Felstead, Joseph Sealy, Yvonne Manners, Rita Varian, Dimitri Vetter, Audrey Hemmerde, Norman Gay, Raymond Wayne

April 17-May 6: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Darrell Fancourt, Peter Pratt, Leonard Osborn, Herbert Newby, Martyn Green, Richard Watson, Margaret Mitchell, Alan Styler, Ella Halman, Joan Gillingham, Thomas Hancock, Stanley Youngman, Muriel Harding, Isidore Godfrey

May 9-June 17: Annie Get your Gun, with Barbara Shotter, Neville Mapp, Neil Sweetmore, Bertram Dench, David Reid, Frank Crane, Winifred Braemar, Audrey Freeman, James Browne, Ronald Barnes, Arthur D Logan

June 19-July 1: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: La Traviata, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Cosi fan Tutte, La Boheme, Cavalleria Rusticana, I Pagliace, Hugh the Drover, with Marion Lowe, Rowland Jones, Amy Shuard, Frederick Sharp, Gerald Davies, Denis Dowling, Arnold Matters, Elsie Morison, Anna Pollak, Marion Studholme, Joyce Gartside, James Johnston, James McKenna, Kate Jackson, Olwen Price, Hervey Alan, Josephine Proust, Frank Sale, Minnia Bower, John Kentish, Roderick Jones, James Robertson, Michael Mudie

July 3-8: Donald Peers, Ernest Ponticelli, Alec Pleon, Jimmy Elliott, Myrons, Stella Marie and Paul

July 10-15: Lena Horne, Tovarich Troupe, Sirdani, Eve and Lilian, Joe Black, Tipsy and Brow, Fred Lovelle, Mills and Belita

July 17-22: Forces Showboat - all-male comedy revue, with ex-Army, Navy and RAF personnel: Terry Bartlett and Colin Ross, Moray Brothers and Dave, Whirlwind Elwardos, Cliff Sherlock, Showboat Lovelies

July 24-29: Hypnotism, with Peter Casson

July 31-August 5: Billy Cotton and his Band, with Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens, Clem Bernard; La Esterella, Harry Kahne, Kemble Brothers and Christine, Mr Lyons, Charles Hague, Dorothy Gray and Brothers

August 7-12: Grand Holiday Programme, with Rose Murphy (The Chee-Chee Girl), Steve Conway and Jack Martin, Billy Russell, Max Bacon, Jane and Little Fritzi, Freddie Harris and Christine, Frank Marx and Iris, Dey, Dey and Dey

August 14-19: Mischa Auer, Peter Sellers, Harold Barnes, Peggy Mortimer and Mark Ollington, Revel and Fields, Erikson, MacDonald and Graham, Cynthia and Gladys

August 21-26: Stand Easy, with Charlie Chester and Radio’s Crazy Gang - Fred Ferrari, Ken Morris, Arthur Haynes, Edwina Carol, Len Martin; Brahim Troupe, Ivan Kos

August 28-September 2: Allan Jones, Ernest Arnley and Gloria, Tattersall, Eva May Wong, Cooke’s Pony Revue, Hackford and Doyle, Linda and Lana, Two Valors

September 4-9: Let the People Sing!, with Issy Bonn, Bonn-a-Chords, Sweet Notes, Patricia and Rudy, Len Clifford and Freda, Hazel, Viona and Tommy Elliott, Maurice and May, Denis Gordon, Arthur Vollum, Gordon Rolfe, John Tiller Girls

September 12-30: The White Horse Inn, with Nita Croft, Bert Brownbill, Fred Stone, Nancy Burne, Wilfred Johns, Harold Childs, Stella Kemball, Hilton Layland, Malcolm Watson

October 2-7: Music at Midnight, with Genevieve Guitry, Andrew Osborne, Austin Trevor, Hannah Watt, Joan Heal, Ballard Berkeley, Cameron Hall, Gwen Dante, Nigel Neilson, Aud Johansen, Deirdre de Peyer, Eugenie Sivyer, Riccy Chisholm

October 9-28: Bless the Bride, with Edmond Goffron, Valerie Lawson, Eric Fort, Jack Farr, James Harcourt, Edna Clement, Marianne Juer, Marjorie Chard, Stewart Vartan, Tommy Hudson, Hebe Bliss, Tom Lewis, Chorus and Corps de Ballet

October 30-November 4: September Tide, with Evelyn Laye, Frank Lawton, Ann Walford

November 6-18: Tom Arnold’s Ice Revue of 1950, with Eddie Ward, Anne Rogers, Maisie Brown, Alma Cookson, Four Eskimos, Topper Martyn, Cyclo Brothers, Hamilton Brown, Badminton on ice, with William Bowdler, George Stevens

November 21-December 16: Oklahoma!, with Peter Felgate, John Elliott, Marilyn Nowell, Alfred Cibelli, Billie Love, Babette Regnier, Ian Stuart, Maxwell Coker, Jennie Gregson, Jack Higginson, Glenn Martin, Harry Ross, Laura Hedley, Joan Steer, Monica Brent, Patricia Halligan, Joyce Moreton, Marguerite Stewart, Payne Converse, Georgina Rouke, Stan Thomason, Ivor Smith, Anthony Coppock, Michael Rocharde

December 23-March 3: Humpty Dumpty, with Jean Adrienne, Freddie Frinton, Duncan Gray, Fred Wynne, Stan Little, Phyllis Adrian, Harry Simms, Hugh Harden, Sylvia Vowels, Elaine Millar, Zacchini Trio, Cilla’s Football Dogs, Sherman Fisher Girls, Peggy Barnes’ 12 Alvettes




March 5-10: Village Wooing, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, The Man of Destiny, with Rosamund John, Griffith Jones, Ellen Pollock, Karel Stepanek

March 12-17: Home and Beauty, with Brenda Bruce, Hugh Burden, Anthony Marlowe, Brian Oulton, Susan Richmond, Barbara Leake, John Boxer, Peggyann Clifford, Virginia Hewett, Philip Ashley, Marjorie Dunkels, May Hallatt

March 19-31: Festival Ballet: Petrouchka, Le Beau Danube, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Harlequinade, Dying Swan, Bolero, Blue Bird, Le Spectre de la Rose, Capriccioso, with Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin, Tatiana Riabouchinska, John Gilpin, Paula Hinton, Anita Landa, Malcolm Goddard, Vassilie Trunoff, Noel Rossana, Keith Beckett, Audrey Harman, Jacqueline Mannechez, Peter White, Bryan Balkwill

April 2-9: Charley’s Aunt, with Leslie Phillips, Frank Tilton, Frederick Morant, Donald Price, Bryan Grant, Howard Lamb, Anne Brooke, Elizabeth London, Susan Dudley, Jocelyn Teasdale

April 9-21: Folies Bergere Revue, with Kenneth Birrell, Vivan and Tassi, Eddie Vitch, Les Trois de Milles, Karma and Yaki

April 23-28: The Student Prince, with Lilian Stewart, John Graham, Jimmy Godden, Andrew Waterson, Dennis Astell, Molly Wainwright, Josie Hale, Leal Douglas, Bert Randall, Corps de Ballet, Operatic Chorus

April 30-May 5: Red Ingle and the Frantic Four, Jimmy Elliott, Shirley, Sharon and Wanda, Scott Sanders, Olga Varona, Cycling Oxfords, Vic Ray Trio, Scott and Foster

May 7-19: Carl Rosa Opera Company: Carmen, La Boheme, The Barber of Seville, Faust, Rigoletto, La Traviata, Madame Butterfly, John Socman, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, The Flying Dutchman, with Gita Denise, Una Hale, John Myrddin, Arthur Wallington, Hubert Dunkerley, Gita de la Fuente, Alice Gange, George Chitty, Redvers Llewellyn, Donald Campbell, Gwent Lewis, Frederick Wood, Ernest Thomas, Stella Phillips, Tudor Davies, Ruth Packer, Elizabeth Theilmann, Sheila Hardie, Oreste Jirkop, Joseph Satariano, Arthur Fear, Arthur Hammond, Mauritts Sillem

May 21-26: Frankie Howerd, Eddie Arnold, Voltaires, Charles Warren and Jean, Cycling Brockways, Tony and Ruby, Bobbie Kimber, Six Westway Girls

May 28-June 2: A Streetcar Named Desire, with Helen Horton, William Sylvester, Frances Hyland, David Powell, Eileen Dale, George Cooper, Paul Bogdan

June 4-9: Froufrou, with Jean Kent, Lloyd Pearson, Eric Berry, Margaret Diamond, Megan Latimer, Donald Sinden, Diana Mahoney, Anthony Addison, Frank Henderson, Martin Lane, Eric Messiter, Pamela Grant, Walter Price, Henry Jack, Elizabeth James

June 11-16: The Voice of Variety, with Ronnie Ronalde, Steffani and Orchestra, Arthur Worsley, Ossie Noble, Jose Moreno and Partner, A J Powers, Nat Hope, Bebe and Belle, Rey Overbury and Suzette

June 18-23: Lee Lawrence and Len Taylor, Anton Karas, Billy Russell, Max Bacon, Slim Rhyder, Kay Kortz and Eugene, Helga Barry, Charles Adey and Dawn

June 25-30: Nellie Lutcher and her Rhythm - George Duvivier (base), Earl Hyde (drums); Jimmy Wheeler, Harry Tate Junior and company, The Jewels, Frank Marx and Iris, Ray and Madge Lamar, Lorraine, Kenways

July 2-7: The Nitwits - Sid Millward, Wally Stewart, Cyril Lagey, Arthur Calkin, Billy Christmas, Fred Willetts, Dennis Croker, Ronnie Genarder, Jack Brent; Sam Costa, Bobby Breen, Finlay Brothers, Mereaux and Lilane, Curzon Trio, Kizma and Karen

July 9-14: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens, Clem Bernard; Freddie Sales, Arthur Dowler, Mills and Belita, Los Ona, Two Valors

July 16-21: Bonar Colleano, Syd and Max Harrison, Albert and Les Ward, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Lee Royce, Two Angelos, Betty Hobbs Globe Girls

July 23-28: Deep River Boys, Vic Wise, Jay Palmer and Doreen, Flying Cromwells, Harry Worth, Bernard Spear, Musical Derricks and Tony, Jackie, Shane Sisters

July 30-August 4: Gypsy Rose Lee, Walthon and Dorraine, Morecambe and Wise, Hazel and Audrey Ross, Chris Sands, Roger Carne, Three Hotleys

August 6-11: Highlights of Radio, with Max Wall, Radio Revellers, Semprini, Dick James, Jack “Hubert” Watson, Lester Sharpe, Tune-In Lovelies, Jothia and Joan

August 13-18: Rose Murphy (the Chee-Chee Girl), Vic and Joe Crastonian, Charlie Clapham, Three Lederers, George Meaton, Two Yolandas, Merle and Marie, Joe and Kay Stuthard

August 20-25: “Monsewer” Eddie Gray and Jack Hartman, Arthur English, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, Lowe and Ladd, Val Merrall, MacDonald and Graham, Betty Kaye’s Pekes, Frances Duncan

August 27-September 1: Sugar Chile Robinson, Ali Bey and company, Tattersall and Jerry and company, Paul and Pauline, Joy, Joy and Joy, Paula Coutts, Fran Dowie and Candy Kane

September 3-22: Brigadoon, with Peter Vernon, Denise Walker, Stella Moray, Leon Czerny, Philip Dale, James McKenna, Keith Shepherd, Humphrey Heathcote, John Talbot, Douglas Ward, Arthur Jordan, Mary Ross, Ursula Fincham, Julian Pepper, Joanna Duncan

September 24-October 6: Folies Bergere Revue, with Eddie Vitch, Vivian and Tassi, Alec Pleon, Trois de Milles, Carma and Yaki, Vilma La Verne, Helen Crerer, Kenneth Birrell

October 8-13: Bless the Bride, with Edmund Goffron, Valerie Lawson, Peter Croft, Marianne Juer, Gavin Gordon, Zena Shaw, Kamala Amasur, Phyllis Gladwyn, Jane Linton, Richard Gilbert, Harry Lacey, Stella Maris, Helen Lawrence, J Rees-Evans, Josephine Burns

October 15-20: National Light Opera Company: Chu Chin Chow, with Joan Wood, Vera Christie, Gladys Cowper, Bernard Dudley, C Denier Warren, William Dickie, Henry Norton, Roger Avon, Kenneth Macdonald, June Lynette, Douglas Thompson, William Dickie, Austin Cooper, Richard Morgan, Olga Dolgetty, Harry Davison

October 22-24: National Light Opera Company: Lilac Domino, with Vera Christie, William Dickie, Joan Wood, June Lynette, C Denier Warren, Roger Avon, Douglas Thomson, Kenneth Macdonald, Julie Redman, David Byerley, Bernard Dudley, Henry Norton, Richard Morgan

October 25-27: National Light Opera Company: Merrie England, with Joan Wood, William Dickie, Kenneth Macdonald, C Denier Warren, Vera Christie, Douglas Thomson, Roger Avon

October 29-November 3: Pygmalion, with Margaret Lockwood, Laurence Hardy, Charles Victor, R Stuart Lindsell, Beatrice Varley, Gladys Boot, Dorothy Reynolds, John Warner, Gillian Howell, Mary Walklett

November 5-10: Annie Get your Gun, with Peggy Powell, Arthur Clarke, William Thomson, Peter Owen, Frank Crane, Winifred Braemar, Leonora Walsh, Roy Byfield-Riches, Henry Wright, Arthur Logan

November 12-17: International Ballet: Swan Lake, Coppelia, Capriccio Espagnol, Giselle, For Love or Money, Visions, Gaiete Parisienne, with Mona Inglesby, Ernest Hewitt, conductor Anthony Baines

November 19-December 15: King’s Rhapsody, with Jack Buchanan, Marie Burke, Sylvia Cecil, Barbara Leigh, Muriel Barron, Harry Fergusson, John Palmer, Lewis Henry, Edgar Elmes, Tom Gillis, Peggy Rowan, Alexander Fisk, Sheila Holt, Huia Mase

December 22-March 1: Red Riding Hood, with Leo Franklyn, Billy Danvers, Paula Marshall, Doreen Lavender, Hugh Lloyd, Sylvia Vowels, Johnnie Shaw, Bert Platt, Bill Futter, Eddie Gordon and Nancy, Olivia Phillips, Josephine Evans, Anna Marinova, J W Jackson Girls, Peggy Barnes Children




March 3-8: The Belle of New York, with Norman Griffin, Mary Meredith, Eve Eacott, Gavin Doyle, Ronald Marsh, Phyllis Baker, Jill Day, Anthony Dawes, Cecil Wayne, Carole Godfrey, Anthony Gordon, Pauline Gaye, Millar Wilson

March 10-15: London Festival Ballet: Symphonic Impressions, Swan Lake, Don Quixote grand pas de deux, Prince Igor, Les Sylphides, Le Spectre de la Rose, Pas de Quatre, Scheherazade, Petrouchka, Le Beau Danube, Concerto Grosso en Ballet, The Black Swan grand pas de deux, The Nutcracker, Bolero, with Natalie Krassovska, Belinda Wright, Anton Dolin, John Gilpin, Tamara Toumanova, Oleg Briansky, Anita Landa, Daphne Dale, Vassilie Trunoff, Noel Rossana, Audrey Harman, Joan Potter, Louis Godfrey, Sonia Arova, Monica Leigh, Keith Beckett, Bryan Balkwill

March 17-22: Treasure on Pelican, with Anne Crawford, Basil Sydney, Lloyd Pearson, Ruth Lodge, Eileen Beldon, Anthony Sharp, Hal Osmond, John Hayter, Angus Mackay

March 24-April 5: Kiss me, Kate, with Christopher Hewett, Elizabeth Larner, Lionel Blair, Joyce Blair, Peter Bentley, Ellis Jackson, Norman Scace, Sydney Arnold, Buster St George, Stanley Vilven

April 7-26: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Peter Pratt, Ann Drummond-Grant, Leonard Osborn, Darrell Fancourt, Anne Stone, Shirley Hall, Muriel Harding, Fisher Morgan, Eric Thornton, Alan Styler, Donald Adams, Lois Elaine, Joyce Wright, Frederick Sinden, Isidore Godfrey

April 28-May 3: Look In, with Naunton Wayne, Alfred Marks, Julie Andrews, Paddy O’Neil, Ossie Noble, Four Fredianis, Sherman Fisher Girls

May 5-10: Dick Whittington and his Cat on Ice, with Jean Craven, Dennis Arnold, Joan Lucas, Joyce Marsh, Johnny Ladd, Ken Swan, Delia and Rosa Montreal, Iris Shawyer, Alan James, Pam Smith, Don Stewart, Jack Vincent, Jan Kemp, Kirby’s Flying Ballet

May 12-24: King’s Rhapsody, with Barry Sinclair, Marie Burke, Sylvia Cecil, Elizabeth French, Barbara Leigh

May 26-31: Mum! Mum! You can’t Help Laughing, with “Monsewer” Eddie Gray, Arthur English, Peggy Powell, Butlin American Square Dancers, Two Playboys, Viking Trio and Charmain, Brian Kent, Cycling Astons, 12 Eileen Rogan Girls

June 2-7: Tessie O’Shea, Leslie Welch, Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang, George Martin, Benson Dulay, Matt Nixon and June Dixon, Richards Sisters

June 9-14: Happy-go-Lucky, with Derek Roy, Eve Boswell, Three Falcons, Downey and Daye, 12 Florence Whiteley Girls

June 16-21: Kalanag and Gloria and company, Danny Gray

June 23-July 5: Katherine Dunham, Lenwood Morris, Lucille Ellis, Vanoye Aikens, Wilbert Bradley, Julie Robinson, Frances Taylor, Jacqueline Walcott, Bernardo Noriega

July 7-12: Gwen Liddle and Billy Cheshire, Anton Karas, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Billy Russell, Leslie Randall, Niberco Brothers, Rex and Bessie, Skating Sayers, Bobby Dennis

July 14-19: Josef Locke and Will Fyffe Junior, Mills and Belita, Helga Barry, Archie Glen, Dumarte and Denzer, Claude Chandler, Los Grecos, Chevalier Brothers

July 21-26: Meet the Gang, with Ralph Reader, Fred Stone, Clifford Henry, Rex Jameson, Denis Brothers, Kirby and Hayes, Richard Gilbert, Bryan Bradley, Roger Avon, Anthony Gill, David Main, Keith Leggett, June Gouldsmith, Eight Troubadours, The 16 Girl Friends, The 16 Boy Friends

July 28-August 2: Magic Spectacle, with John Calvert, Ann Cornell

August 4-9: Stars of Radio Times, with Max Wall, Dick James, Beryl Reid, Hedley Ward Trio, Sherman Fisher Girls, Cawalini’s Dogs, Page Puppets

August 11-16: Frankie Howerd, Blanche Moore, Max Geldray, Marcia Owen, Roger Carne, Curzons, Lee Young and Annette, Lester Sharpe, Krandon and Karna

August 18-23: Al Read, Mary Naylor, Eddie Gordon and Nancy, St Denis Brothers and Beryl, Lionel King, Hal Mack and his Dancing Demons, Tommy Mitchell, Allen and Lee, Johnson Clark

August 25-30: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, with Alan Breeze, Clem Bernard, Peter Williams; Claude Williams, Senor Don Felipe Marino, Hamilton Twins, Richman and Jackson, Two Angelos, Kent Brothers

September 1-6: A Spot of Trouble, with Laurel and Hardy; The Great Cingalee, Archie Elray and company, Aerial Kenways, Jimmy Elliott, Mackenzie Reid and Dorothy, Lonsdale Sisters, Lorraine

September 8-27: Carousel, with Edmund Hockridge, Helen Landis, Charles Mortimer, William Thorburn, Bernard Quinn, Wendy Houseman, Jane Martin, Beryl Foley, Marion Marshall, Rosemary Steer, Jean Lanceman, Katherine Feather, Julian Clifford

September 29-October 4: The Maid of the Mountains, with Margaret Burton, Eric Thornton, Ward Williams, David Davenport, Tony Lenon, Jane Hilary, Frederick Morant, George Lowndes, Arthur Wynne, Brian Matthews, Sonny Jenks, Diane Stuart, Hilton Layland, Roy Reeve, Doreen Holland, Gwyneth Stuart, Raymond Wayne

October 6-11: Italian Opera: The Barber of Seville, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, with Renato Cesari, Carlo Badioli, Hugo Novelli, Carlo Zampighi, Dora Gatta, Giuseppe Savio, Kyra Vayne, Antonio Manca Serra, Vittorio Pandano, Cuisa Malagrida, Piero Miranda Ferraro, Maria Teresa Mandalari, Guido Pasella, Iginio Ricco, Magda Olivero

October 13-18: Donald Peers, Don Phillips, Freddie Sales, Donald B Stuart, MacDonald and Graham, La Celeste, Three Harrys, Hal and Val Lennon, Cyclo Brothers, Jenny Hayes

October 20-25: Rhythm is our Business, with Winifred Atwell, Jimmy Wheeler, Jack Jackson, Three Monarchs, Tony Fayne and David Evans, Ray and Madge Lamar, Ted and George Durante, Peter Raynor

October 27-November 1: The Blue Lamp, with Bonar Colleano, Susan Shaw, Gordon Harker, Arthur Rigby, Edwin Richfield, Peter Byrne, Hugh Metcalfe, Valerie Forrest, Natalie Kent, John Stone, Warren Mitchell, Linda Bacon, Anthony Sheppard, Freddie Owen, Moira Mannion, Coral Fairweather, Golda Casimir

November 4-8: This is Show Business, with Vic Oliver, Victor Seaforth, Sylvia Campbell, Maureen Power, Les Rayner and Betty, Eileen Rae, Andy McFarlane, Barrie Gosney, Llewellyn John, Seaton and O’Dell, Ernie Brooks, Jack Walker, Janice Patrick, Joan Grahame, Barbara Porritt, Audrey Smith

November 10-15: International Ballet: The Sleeping Princess, Swan Lake, Coppelia, Giselle, Capriccio Espagnol, with Mona Inglesby, Ernest Hewitt, Herida May, Algeranoff, John Healy, Nita Howard, Jeanette Minty, Joyce Gearing, Ena Baguley

November 17-22: Gay’s the Word, with Cicely Courtneidge, Thorley Walters, Doreen Duke, Maidie Andrews, Beryl Harrison, Frank Forsyth, Denis Val Norton, Molly Lumley, Iris Tully, Emerton Court, May Tomlin, Dunstan Hart, John Wynyard, Margot Bryant, John Vernon

November 24-29: Brigadoon, with Peter Vernon, Denise Walker, Stella Moray, Philip Dale, James McKenna, Keith Shepherd, Leon Czerney, Ursula Fincham, Mary Ross, John Talbot, Douglas Ward, Arthur Jordan

December 2-13: The Glorious Days, with Anna Neagle, Peter Graves, Patrick Holt, James Carney, Olaf Olsen, Lesley Osmond, Myrette Morven, J Hubert Leslie, Edwin Ellis, Albert Chevalier, Julia Hand, Janet Barrow, Michael Anthony, Robert Algar, Christina Lubicz, Harry Acres

December 15-20: Blue for a Boy, with Bert Brownbill, Beryl Seton, Billy Milton, Marten Tiffen, Joan Emney, Leonora Walsh, Deidre Williams, Bertram Blackwell, Emile Littler Deauville Beauties

December 24-March 7: Sleeping Beauty, with George Gee, Phil Strickland, Bert Murray, Eve Lister, Isobel Marden, Bert and Roy Lever, Maureen Bergen, Wendy Brandon, Ronald Lawrie, Robert McQueen, Balmoral Six, J W Jackson Girls, Lyemun Juveniles, Four Richys




March 10-14: The White Carnation, with Ralph Richardson, Meriel Forbes, Campbell Singer, John Boxer, Frederick Piper, Colin Gordon, Harcourt Williams, Ann Wilton, Lockwood West, Meg Maxwell, Gillian Howell, Michael Nightingale, Peter Wigzell, Frances Clare, Edith Savile, Kenneth Edwards

March 16-21: The Gay Dog, with Wilfred Pickles, Nuna Davey, Kenneth Haigh, Peggy Fame, Jennifer Gray, Douglas Ives, Gilbert Harrison, Alfred Hyslop, Elizabeth Howarth, Gillian Lutyens, John Bennett, Gerald Welch

March 23-28: Over the Moon, with Cicely Courtneidge, Thorley Walters, Peter Haddon, Aud Johansen, Peter Felgate, Eunice Gayson, Bob Probst and his Orchestra

March 30-April 4: Relative Values, with Gladys Cooper, Mona Washbourne, Richard Leech, Glen Alyn, Simon Lack, Peter Gray, Donald Finlay, Renee Hill, Gordon Tanner, Dorothy Batley

April 6-11: Peter Pan, with Brenda Bruce, James Donald, Hilary Rennie, Violet Coleman, Gordon Murray, Pearl Gaden, Kenneth Williams, Russell Thorndike, Wilfred Downing, Wendy Cramp, Eric Carr, Jane Wren

April 13-18: The Uninvited Guest, with John Mills, Joan Greenwood, Cathleen Nesbitt, Clive Morton, Lyndon Brook

April 20-May 9: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Peter Pratt, Ivor Evans, Neville Griffiths, Fisher Morgan, Ann Drummond-Grant, Herbert Newby, Alan Styler, Donald Adams, John Reed, Leonard Osborn, Muriel Harding, Joyce Wright, Isidore Godfrey, William Cox-Ife

May 11-16: Wild Horses, with Robertson Hare, Ralph Lynn, Joan Haythorne, Constance Lorne, Pat Keevney, Terence Brook, Ruth Maitland, Cyril Smith, Dodd Mehan, Bernard Merefield

May 19-23: Guys and Dolls, with Vivian Blaine, Sam Levene, Jerry Wayne, Lizbeth Webb, Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver, Tom Pedi, Lew Herbert, Ernest Butcher, Colleen Clifford, Joyce Blair, Robert Cawdron, Danny Green, Lou Jacobi, Robert Arden, George Margo, John Heawood, Edward Devereaux, Philip Green

May 25-30: Disc Toppers, with Jack Hilliard, Radio Revellers, Tony Fayne and David Evans, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Mundy and Earle, Four Nordics, Jill, Jill, Jill, Billy Baxter

June 1-6: Rose Murphy (the Chee-Chee Girl), Tommy Jover and company, Johnny Matson, Arthur Worsley and “Charlie Brown”, Four Fredianis, Maisie and Mumford’s Puppet Parade, Mavis Whyte, Nat Hope, Olga Varona

June 8-13: Cap and Belles, with Max Wall, Julie Andrews, Freddie Frinton, Hedley Ward Trio, Joan Mann, Downey and Daye, Les Ballet Girls

June 15-20: Frank Sinatra, Billy Ternent and his Orchestra, Eva Beynon, Johnnie Webb, George Martin, Three Rethlems, Dennis Brothers and June, Freddie Harris and Christine

June 22-27: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: The Barber of Seville, La Traviata, Tosca, The Marriage of Figaro, Madame Butterfly, with Gerald Davies, John Hargreaves, Marion Studholme, George James, Stanley Clarkson, Cecil Lloyd, Olwen Price, John Harvey, William Davies, Ivor Ingham, Charles Draper, Rowland Jones, Frederick Sharp, Oreste Kirkop, Victoria Sladen, Roderick Jones, John Faasen, Arnold Matters, Joan Stuart, Anna Pollak, Marjorie Shirley, Victoria Elliott, Robert Thomas, Rhys Williams

June 29-July 4: Jean Sablon, Emil Stern, Jack “Hubert” Watson, Iris Sadler, Myrons, Rey Overbury and Suzette, George Meaton, Three Buffoons, Williams and Shand

July 6-11: Henry Hall’s Guest Night, with Henry Hall, Tommy Cooper, Mike Hall, Elton Hayes, Leslie Henson, Sally Barnes, Lucille Graham, Bobby Beaumont, Albert Marland, Peter Glover and Ena Bagulay, Stephanie Dane, Anne Rogers, Norma Elliott

July 13-18: The Vancouver Boys Band, Alfred Marks, Tessa Smalpage, Chan Canasta, Chic and Candy Ross, Merry Micks, Nicol and Kemble, Dawn White and her Glamazons

July 20-25: All Laughter Variety Show, with Norman Evans, Betty Jumel, Vic and Joe Crastonian, Bil and Bil, Jackie Trevor, Swan and Leigh, 12 Tiller Girls, Cyclo Brothers

July 27-August 1: Billy Daniels and Benny Payne, Stan Stennett, Freddie Bamberger and Pam, Dick and Dot Remy, Walthon and Dorraine, Fred Lovelle, Dancing Duvals

August 3-8: “Confidentially” Reg Dixon, Maurice Arnold, Hutch (Leslie A Hutchinson), Ruby and Charles Wlaat, Hal and Winnie Mack, Krista and Kristel, Len Marten, Ronnie Leslie, Nadias

August 10-15: Happy Times, with “Mr Pastry” Richard Hearne, Ali Bey, Alma Cogan, George Martin, Guy Fane, Hazel Holland, Volants, Norma Volant, Marie de Vere Dancers

August 17-22: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens, Clem Bernard, Les Ward, Will Carr and Partner, Conway and Day, Claud “Medals” Williams, Harry Benet, Briton and his West End Lovelies

August 24-29: Educating Archie, with Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, Ronald Chesney and his “Talking Harmonica”, Mary Naylor, Ossie Noble, Peter Madden, Edward Victor, Les Raynor and Betty, Kandy Twins and Eddie

August 31-September 5: The Sleeping Beauty on Ice, with Beryl Bailey, Dennis Arnold, Roy Deeley, John Baskcomb, Patricia Scott, Pamela Smith, Sheila Teasdale, Derrick Whittingham, Jackie Vincent

September 7-12: Lee Lawrence, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, Douglas “Cardew” Robinson, Vic Gordon and Peter Colville, Ekins Sisters, Raydini, Marenis

September 14-19: Al Read - Right Monkey!, with Al Read, Margerite and Charles, Margo Henderson and Sam Kemp, Eddie Gordon and Nancy, Anne and Bobbie Black, Allen and Lee, Prince Austral, Les Traversos

September 21-26: Ronnie Ronalde, Steffani, Falcons, Bob Andrews, Benson Dulay and company, Hackford and Doyle, Curzons, Schichtl-Rulyans Marionettes, The Amazing Robots, Rudge Trio

September 28-October 10: Oklahoma!, with Ray Buckingham, Jennie Gregson, Tony Steedman, Robert Crane, Barbara Ann Rogers, Gordon Humphris, Billie Love, Jack Rainer, Frank Lasslett, Vic Wise, Laura Hedley, Eileen French, Monica Brent, Diana Field, Rita Kingsley, Pamela Barton, Alexander Morrow, Georgina Rourke, Richard Dunn, Anthony Coppock, Fred Dixon, Harold Fletcher, Oenone Talbot, Toni Repetski, Robert Lowe

October 12-17: Seagulls over Sorrento, with Ronald Shiner, Barry Keegan, Barry Letts, John Garley, Ronald Radd, Ralph Wilson, Gerald Harper, William Glover, Michael Lees

October 19-25: The Little Hut, with Hugh Sinclair, Diane Hart, David Tomlinson, Geoffrey Toone, Leslie Le Roy

October 26-31: The Quaker Girl, with Betty Leslie, Sonny Jenks, Peter Croft, Anne England, Janice Patrick, George Wilder, Olga Lowe, Eric Thornton, Hilton Layland, Enid Lowe

November 3-21: South Pacific, with Patricia Hartley, Nevil Whiting, Chick Alexander, Helen Landis, John Orchard, Eddie Leslie, Paul Dobson, Shirley Emery, Patricia Holloway, John Scott, Raymond Pavett, Sean Connery, Chin Yu, David Williams, Abe Ellis, Stanley Beard, June Phillips, Robert Henderson, Franklin Fox, Charles Prentice

November 23-December 5: Zip Goes a Million, with Roy Barbour, Odette Field, Brian Alexis, Robin Ford, Barbara Evans, Elaine Montgomerie, Cyril Renison, Sidney Pointer, David Gilbert, Frank Crane, Woolfe Woodcock, Arthur Logan

December 7-12: London Festival Ballet: Alice in Wonderland, Les Sylphides, Swan Lake Act I, Swan Lake II Grand pas de deux, Prince Igor Polovtsian Dances, Le Beau Danube, Don Quixote pas de deux, Vilia, Symphony for Fun, with Anton Dolin, Belinda Wright, Anita Landa, Marina Svetlova, John Gilpin, Noel Rossana, Daphne Dale, Marilyn Burr, Janet Overton, Jeanette Minty, Shelagh Franklin, Louis Godfrey, Keith Beckett, Wolfgang Brunner, Peter Bosman, Michael Hogan, Peter White, Russell Kerr, Pamela Hart, Geoffrey Corbett

December 21-February 27: Babes in the Wood, with Max Wall, Alfred Marks, Nita Croft, Sally Bazley, Harry Simms, Carol Gold, Maureen Spooner, Patrick Hoey, Stanley Beedle, Hengler Brothers, Josephine Bell, Peggie Allen, Dorothy Walker, Patricia Baker, 12 Terry Children, J W Jackson Girls, Betty Hobbs Globe Girls, Two Arvings, Eugene’s Flying Ballet, Sherwood Singers




March 1-6: Affairs of State, with Coral Browne, Hugh Williams, Austin Melford, David Tearle, Peggy Simpson, Austin Trevor

March 9-27: Rose Marie on Ice, with Pamela Gaye, Jo Ann Lee, Don McKnight, Colin Martin, Howard Knight, Gladys Mason, Jack Harnett, Peter Klive, Reginald de Havilland, Hamilton Brown, Barbara Barry, Fred Gommer’s Maple Leaf Choir

March 29-April 3: After the Ball, with Mary Ellis, Vanessa Lee, Peter Graves, Tom Gill, Irene Browne, Leslie Pearson, Donald Scott, Betty Felstead, Anna Halinka, Ailsa Gamley, Shamus Locke, Raymond Savigear, Andrew Sachs, Graham Payn, Lois Green, Pam Marmont, Dennis Bowen, Margaret Gibson, Marion Grimaldi, Pat Cree, Maureen Quinney, Silvia Beamish, Bill Horsley

April 5-10: Escapade, with Barry Sinclair, Joyce Heron, John Longden, Frank Tregear, Marjorie Battiss, John Ireland, Timothy Harley, Grenville Eves, Rowland Marsh, Robert Ash, Gladys Bacon, Paula Taylor

April 12-17: Reluctant Heroes, with John Slater, Bernard Fox, John Chapman, Michael Earl, Timothy Heale, Martin Bradley, William Douglas, John Arm, Shirley Bush, Betty Impey, Deirdre Day

April 19-24: And So to Bed, with Arthur Riscoe, Webster Booth, Anne Ziegler, Barbara Shotter, Colin Hickman, Kenneth Collinson, David Sharpe, Mostyn Evans, Richard Curnock, Gwen Nelson, Hazel Jennings, Joy Mornay

April 26-May 15: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, Donald Adams, Peter Pratt, Ann Drummond-Grant, Neville Griffiths, Fisher Morgan, Leonard Osborn, John Reed, Alan Styler, Herbert Newby, Isidore Godfrey, William Cox-Ife

May 17-22: Pygmalion, with Kay Hammond, John Clements, Nicholas Hannen, Charles Victor, Athene Seyler, Phyllis Relph, Clare Bradley, Robert Beaumont, Nuna Davey, Joan Forrest, John Rudling, Patrick Brawn

May 24-29: “Anna Lucasta”, with Isabelle Cooley, Ken Freeman, Richard Ward, Dan Jackson, Rita Stevens, Reggie Fenderson, Sheila Chong, Lance Taylor

May 31-June 5: It’s a Good Idea, Son, with Max Bygraves, Bob Dixon, Authors and Swinson, Joan Winters and Guy Fielding, Merle and Marie, Tattersall

June 7-19: Winter Wonderland, with Heather Belbin, Andre Calame, Inge Feurich, Margaret Bessell, Desmond Scott, Jan Koegler, Jim Balla, Wlat Petz, The Oxfords

June 21-26: Variety Playhouse, with Vic Oliver, Bob and Alf Pearson, Kitty Bluett, Sylvia Campbell, Pierre Bel, Clifford Stanton, McAndrews and Mills, Lewis Henry, Ernie Brooks, Jack Walker

June 28-July 3: The Norman Evans Show, with Norman Evans, Betty Jumel, Five Skyliners, Victor Seaforth, 12 John Tiller Girls, Johnny and Suma Lamonte, Bil and Bil

July 5-10: Dickie Valentine, Don Phillips, Charles Warren and Jean, Three Hellos, Albert Sturm, Duncan’s Collies, Shipway Twins, Richman and Jackson, Clayton and Ward

July 12-17: Josef Locke, Ernest Broadbent, Harry Worth, Joe Black, Valettos, Des O’Connor, June Birch, Allen Brothers and June, Pan Yue Jen Troupe

July 19-24: Teddy Johnson and Ernie Bragg, Peter Sellers, Michael Bentine, Pearl Carr, Max Geldray, Two Angelos, Mills and Melita, Lester Sharpe and Iris

July 26-31: Have a Go, with Wilfred Pickles, Joe Church, Alain Diagora and Partner, Two Sterlings, Fred Atkins, Peggy Desmond, Eddie Gordon and Nancy

August 2-7: The Beverley Sisters, Bonar Colleano, Tommy Reilly, Shane and Lamar, Nixon and Dixon, Keefe Brothers and Annette, Manning and Lea

August 9-14: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens, Clem Bernard, Grisha Farfel, Bill Waddington, Nennette Mongador and Anne, Eddie Arnold, Rex and Bessie, Jo, Jac and Joni

August 16-21: Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, Ronald Chesney, Ossie Noble, Kandy Sisters and Eddie, Edward Victor, Les Rayner and Betty, Peter Madden, Jimmy Gilmore, Michael Mitchell

August 23-28: Rhythm is their Business, with Lita Roza, Tony Fayne and David Evans, Max Bacon, Bill Wareham and Barbara, Dennis Brothers and June, Arthur Haynes, Dargie Quintet, Darly’s Dogs, Conn Bernard

August 30-September 4: Meet Mr Kalanag, with Kalanag, Gloria de Vos, Robby Gay, Kalanag Girls

September 6-11: Al Martino, Bobbie Kimber and “Augustus Peabody”, Lizzet and Eddie, Iris Sadler, Jean and Joy Bentley, Curzon Trio, Two Mazurs

September 13-18: Max Miller, Pharos and Marina, Tessa Smalpage, Paul and Peta Page, Billy Baxter, Crotchet, Three Spillanes, Bunty St Clair, Charles Camereri

September 20-25: Knights of Madness, with “Monsewer” Eddie Gray, Arthur English, Dave and Joe O’Gorman, Willie Carlisle, Maggie Graham, Yvonne Prestige, Ronnie Collis, Jan Lavski and Margarita Tate, George Sylvester

September 27-October 2: Italian Opera: La Boheme, Elisir D’Amore, Il Trovatore, Manon, La Traviata, with Margherita Carosio, Ermanno Lorenzi, Guido Mazzini, Arturo la Porta, Edgardo di Stasio, Marcella de Grandis, Ezio Boschi, Carlo Zampighi, Jeda Valtriana, Maria Teresa Bertasi, Kyra Vane, Paola Stacchini, Giulio Mastrangelo, Pier Miranda Ferraro

October 4-9: Vic Templar and Della Sweetman’s Sinbad the Sailor on Ice, with Eileen Desmond, Eric Plant, Bobby Nunne, Wendy Briggs, Alan James, Elaine Skevington, Peter Hardy, Ann Davis, Rosa Montreal

October 11-16: The Benny Hill Show, with Benny Hill, Virginia Somers, Jerry Allen and his Trio, Jeremy Hawk, Kirby and Hayes, Four Helmars, Tux and his Flying Kitchen, Ten Marie de Vere Dancers

October 18-23: Star Time, with Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, Sally Barnes, Audrey Mann, Paul Bacchus, Yolandas, 24 Corps de Ballet, Piano Fantasia, Hollywood Presents on Cinemascope

October 25-30: The Belle of New York, with Eddie Childs, Vera Christie, Gwyneth Lascelles, Norman Griffin, Ronald Marsh, Phyllis Baker, Warwick Ashton, Beryl Seton, Pauline Gaye, Bernard Dudley, Donald Carson, Anthony Gordon, Thea Muhler, Robert Gill, Al Parker, Howard Sylvester

November 1-6: The Moon is Blue, with Frank Leighton, Andrée Melly, Anthony Oliver, George Street

November 8-13: The Desert Song, with John Hanson, Clifford Mollison, Hilda Dixon, Arthur Jordan, John Huntington, Norman Edwards, William Jewell, Violet Nicholls, Wanda Balcon, Norman Gay, Charles Travers, Fred Dent, Stella Kemball, Molly Calow, Wallace Court, Hilda Campbell-Russell, Robert Hughes

November 15-20: The Little Glass Clock, with Kay Hammond, John Clements, Basil Sydney, George Relph, George Curzon, Robert Beaumont, Clare Bradley, Howieson Culff, Andrew Laurence, Patrick Barton

November 22-27: Sadler’s Wells Ballet: Les Sylphides, The Firebird, The Three-Cornered Hat, Coppelia, Ballet Imperial, Façade, with Margot Fonteyn, Rosemary Lindsay, Frederick Ashton, Desmond Doyle, Svetlana Beriosova, Philip Chatfield, Nadia Nerina, Alexander Grant, Violetta Elvin, Rowena Jackson, Michael Somes, John Field, John Hart, Alexis Rassine, Brian Shaw, Pauline Clayden, Margaret Dale, Julian Farron, Anne Heaton, David Blair, John Hollingsworth, Robert Irving

November 29-December 4: Guy Mitchell, Joe Antman, George Mitchell Singers, Hylda Baker, Walter Niblo, Harry and Betty, Two Arvings, Rio, Ron and Rita, Vera Cody

December 6-11: Vienna Operetta: The Merry Widow, Vienna Blood, with Fritz Imhoff, Erika Feichtinger, Otto Falvay, Christine von Widmann, Karl Friedrich, Fred Kypta, Karl Frey, Carl Hernbach, Fritz Diestel, Willy Scherdeck, Augusta Ripper; Dia-Lucca Ballet, with Grete Sellier, Harald Horn

December 13-18: The Duchess and the Smugs, with Martita Hunt, Hugh Wakefield, Michael Gwynn, Anthony Valentine, Caroline Denzil, Gordon Bell, Isabel Dean, William Parkinson, Elizabeth Kentish, Dudy Nimmo, Susan Dallison

December 24-February 26: Cinderella, with Jack Train, Adele Dixon, Joan Burden, Dave and Joe O’Gorman, Betty Sagon, Jimmy Plant, Jean O’Neill, Peter Morrell, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Caroline Foster, Angela Scott, Lynton Boys, J W Jackson Girls, Molly Lake Ballet, Muriel Carpenter’s Bristol Children




February 28-March 5: Wild Violets, with Bristol Musical Comedy Club

March 7-12: I am a Camera, with Moira Shearer, Michael Gwynn, Marianne Deeming, Anton Diffring, Suzanne Bandler, John Gale, Everley Gregg

March 14-19: Uncertain Joy, with Roger Livesey, Ursula Jeans, Marda Vanne, Noel Howlett, Richard Leech, Michael Brooke, Jean Taylor-Smith, Margaret Whiting, Robert Raglan

March 21-26: Ruby Murray, David Berglas, Harry Worth, Morecambe and Wise, Jimmy Wheeler, Norman Vaughan, Jackson, Bow and Darnell, Vera Cody and her Wonder Horse, Kenways

March 28-April 2: The Max Wall Show, with Max Wall, Roger Carne, Joan Mann, Ken-Tones, Benson Dulay, Kelroys, Peter Dulay, Marie de Vere Trio

April 3: Eileen Joyce

April 4-7, 9: Witness for the Prosecution, with Betty Ann Davies, William Mervyn, Derek Blomfield, Russell Napier, Lionel Gadsden, Milton Rosmer, Gillian Raine, Richard Coke, David Raven

April 11-16: Peter Pan, with Barbara Kelly, Patricia Marmont, Richard Wordsworth, Peter Collingwood, Dorothy Bromiley, Eric Carr, Russell Thorndike, William Ingram, Jane Wren, Brian Leslie, Richard Ives, Jean Elvin

April 18-23: The Lovers, with Sam Wanamaker, Helen Haye, Eva Bartok, Kynaston Reeves, Peter Copley, Constance Wake, Brian Oulton

April 25-30: My Three Angels, with Ronald Shiner, Nigel Stock, George Rose, Jane Aird, Patience Collier, Elvi Hale, Peter Barkworth, Hugh Manning, Clifford Elkin, Cyril Luckham, Pamela Frost

May 2-7: Joy of Living, with Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge, John Trevor, Jocelyne Rhodes, George Lee, Roma Denville, Cicely Walper, Richard Butler, Ann Stutfield, Diane Bester

May 9-14: Murder at the Vicarage, with John Stone, Yootha Joyce, Jane Comfort, Anne Iddon, J Grant Anderson, Heather Canning, John Stuart, Spence Coulter, Hermione Gregory, Winifred Braemar, Douglas Quayle, Harry Hancock, David Sculpher

May 16-21: Wedding in Paris, with Evelyn Laye, Francis Lederer, Joan Emney, Patricia Bredin, Patrick Connor, Jeff Warren, Vera Lennox, John Marquand, Maybelle Oaks, Chester Gordon

May 23-28: Don Cornell, Jerry Carretta, Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang, Dickie Dawson, Fran Dowie and Candy Kane, Lou Campara, Jean and Joy Bentley, Falcons

May 30-June 4: Dickie Valentine, Don Phillips, Harry Bailey, Paul and Peta Page, Walthon and Dorraine, Johnny Lacock and Maureen, Bill and Babs Adams, Ken and Anna Alexis

June 6-11: Billy Eckstine, Johnny Lockwood, Allen Brothers and June, Joe and Kay Stuthard, Marie de Vere’s Ballet Montmartre, The Dernos, Bernard Spear, De Vel and Partner

June 13-18: Ring Out the Bells, with “Monsewer” Eddie Gray, Arthur English, Lauri Lupino Lane, George Truzzi, George Clarkson and Gail Leslie, John English, Bonnie Downs, Regency Singers

June 20-July 2: Pardon my French! - Folies Bergere Revue, with Vic Oliver, Tih-Boult, Sylvia Campbell, Rayne, Nemel and Violet, Leslie Julian Jones

July 4-9: Jimmy Young, Jack Jackson, Brian Reece, Max and Harry Nesbitt, Syd and Paul Kaye, Quaino, Pat Rosa, Two Sterlings

July 11-16: Room for Two, with Terry-Thomas, Maria Pavlou, Don Saunders, Tommy Reilly, Two Pirates, Six Lyn Bahrys, Ruby and Charles Wlaat and their Comedian Dog

July 18-23: Syd Seymour and his Jazz-Mad Hatters Band Show, Constance Evans, Gerry Grant, Eric Barker, Maudie Edwards, Milton Woodward’s Wonder Bar and Millicent Cooper, Billy Revel and Pat Fields, Riki Lingana and Diane, Fairlie and Stevens, Vogelbein’s Bears, Two Volandas

July 25-30: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: Die Fledermaus, Faust, La Boheme, Don Pasquale, with Patricia Bartlett, June Bronhill, Helen Hillier, Patricia Howard, Sheila Rex, Marjorie Shires, Joan Stuart, Marion Studholme, Patricia Johnson, Anna Pollak, Olwen Price, Elisabeth Robinson, Gerald Davies, Rowland Jones, Gwent Lewis, Thomas Round, Robert Thomas, Denis Dowling, Peter Glossop, John Hargreaves, Alfred Orda, John Probyn, Frederick Sharp, Harold Blackburn, Owen Brannigan, Stanley Clarkson, David Ward, Howell Glynne, Rhys Williams, Gavin Gordon, Leo Quayle

August 1-6: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens, Lowe and Ladd, Mallini Brothers, Duncan’s Collies, Richman and Jackson, Mayfairs

August 8-13: Dennis Lotus, Peter Butterworth, Dargie Quintet, Earle and Vaughan, Les Ricards, Sisto and Partner, Fred Atkins, Three Balmorals, Norman Murrells

August 15-20: Lester Ferguson, Stan Stennett, Gaston Palmer, Connor and Drake, Jimmy Jeff and June, Terry Walsh Trio, Ballet Montparnasse

August 22-27: Ronnie Hilton, Will Fyffe Junior, Channing Pollock, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Ken Morris and Joan Savage, Billy Maxam, Joan Hinde, Granger Brothers, Alan Kemble and Christine

August 29-September 3: George and Bert Bernard and George Pierce, Albert Burdon and company, Salici Puppets, Fred Lovelle, The Marcies, Juggling Brauns, Jean and Joy Bentley

September 5-10: The Goons, with Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Janet Brown, Kendor Brothers, Max Geldray, Rih-Aruso, Three Buffoons

September 12-17: Off the Record, with Eddie Calvert, Jimmy James, Dick Carlton and Bretton Woods, Eddie Parker and Julian Oakley, Jeffrey Lenner, Paul Howard, Marie de Vere’s Royal Command Girls, Hans Bela and Mary

September 19-24: London Festival Ballet: Swan Lake Act II, Petrouchka, Napoli, The Nutcracker grand pas de deux, Prince Igor, Pas de Quatre, Les Sylphides, Scheherazade, Harlequinade pas de deux, Symphony for Fun, Alice in Wonderland, with Marilyn Burr, Anton Dolin, Keith Beckett, Toni Lander

September 26-October 1: Al Read - Right Monkey!, Devine and King, Bill and Babs Adams, Tattersall and “Jerry and company”, Ann and Bobbie Black, Bob and Marion Konyot, McAndrews and Mills, Harry Allen

October 3-8: Guys and Dolls, with Roberta Huby, Edward Devereaux, William Thorburn, Laurie Webb, Ronald Mayer, Barbara Logan, Darroll Richards, Noel Carey, Edwin Richfield, John Citreon, Sheila Browning, Yvette Yorke, Stuart Reece, David Boyd, Thomas Gallagher, Jimmy Ventham

October 10-29: White Horse Inn on Ice, with Jean Colquhoun, Pete Lawson, Neale Warrington, Frieda Day, Erik Day, Eddie Ash, Noberti, Turner and Burke, George Mitchell Chorus, Gordon Ritchie

October 31-November 12: Love from Judy, with Jillian Comber, Valerie Warren, Edna Wynn, Sylvia Sutch, Heather Lee, Gwyneth Lascelles, Joan Ryan, Brian Faubert, David Karry, Dennis Wood, Patricia McKechnie, Donald Clive, Ronald Barnes, Ida Shepley, Pamela Beesley, Esme Robinson, James Ansley, Pauline Greta, Arthur Logan

November 14-26: Can-Can, with Freddie Sales, George Gee, Sally Rogers, Desmond Ainsworth, Aleta Morrison, John Sinclair, Dennis Burrows, George Ballantine, Joy Adams, Iona Macrae, Musette Holland, Frieda Knorr, John Bryans, Douglas Orr, K Behrens

November 28-December 3: Bristol’s Biggest Variety Bill of the Year, with Eve Boswell, Gladys Morgan and company, Morecambe and Wise, Tony Fayne and David Evans, Randolph Sutton, Ossie Morris, Bruce Forsyth, Francois and Zandra, Keefe Brothers and Annette

December 5-10: Reluctant Heroes, with Wally Patch, Tony Hilton, Michael Browning, Andrew Sachs, William Douglas, Gilbert Harrison, Anthony Booth, Toby Perkins, Clemency Davis, Doreen Erridge, Mara Reid

December 12-17: Intimate Relations, with Freda Jackson, Philip Morant, Ann Gudrun, June Dawes, Jon Rollason

December 24-February 25: Mother Goose, with Ethel Revnell, Johnny Lockwood, Fay Lenore, Bert Platt, Alison Davies, Flora Alberta, Dorothy Walker, Cycling Brockways, Peter Allenby, Susan Wren, Elaine Montgomerie, Jack May, 12 J W Jackson Girls, Muriel Carpenter’s Bristol children




February 27-March 3: Oklahoma!, with Bristol Musical Comedy Club

March 6-10: Jubilee Girl, with Lizbeth Webb, George Benson, Marie Lohr, Irene Handl, Fenella Fielding, Tom Criddle, Leslie Henson, Wendy Harcourt-Brown, Eileen Gourley, Mary Montgomery, Charles Quintell, Betty Evans, Rusty Whitham

March 12-17: Bell, Book and Candle, with Kay Kendall, Robert Flemyng, Lloyd Pearson, David Evans, Viola Lyel, Nan Williams, Brian Douglas

March 19-April 14: The King and I, with Peter Evans, Gerald Smith, Eve Lister, Thomas Hare, James Appleby, George Pastell, Brian Douglas, Nan Williams, Helen Landis, Winston MacCarthy, Pauline Knight

April 16-21: Charlie’s Aunt, with Frankie Howerd, Gerald Harper, A J Brown, Richard Waring, Joy Rodgers, Wendy Williams, Charles Cullum, Wensley Pithey, Marjorie Stewart, Jane Downs

April 23-28: Sadler’s Wells Theatre Ballet: Coppelia, Les Patineurs, House of Birds, Pineapple Poll, Le Lac Des Cygnes Act II, The Rake’s Progress, Blue Bird pas de deux, Les Rendezvous, with Sara Neil, Anne Heaton, Donald Britton, Doreen Tempest, Michael Boulton, Margaret Hill, Miro Zolan, Brenda Bolton, Patricia Cox, Madeleine White, Sandra Vane, Susan Alexander, Johaar Mosaval, Walter Trevor, David Shields, Donald MacLeary, Dorinda Brown, Yvonne English, Bryan Lawrence, Alexander Bennett, Margaret Knoesen, John Lanchbery

April 30-May 5: Ruby Murray, Chic Murray and Maidie, Tommy Fields, Johnny Stewart, Bobby Limb, Delicados, Tommy Locky, Les Marthys, Ravic and Babs

May 7-12: “Mrs Willie”, with Yvonne Arnaud, Roger Maxwell, Hugh Manning, Michael Nightingale, Diana Beaumont, Jeremy Burnham, James Sharkey, Isabel George, Gordon Phillpott, Violet Coleman, Molly Francis

May 14-19: The Devil’s Disciple, with Tyrone Power, Clare Austin, Peter Collingwood, John Scott, Betty Turner, John Gill, Nancy Nevinson, Lockwood West, John Gray, Noel Willman, Joan MacArthur, Dorothy Bromiley, David Langton, James Bree, Stringer Davis

May 21-26: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, with Lloyd Nolan, David Knight, Nigel Stock, Robert Hardy, Peter Williams, Esmond Knight, Peter Dyneley, Alec McCowen, Richard Newton, Martin Wyldeck, Vivian Matalon, Philip Keatley

May 28-June 9: The Dancing Years on Ice, with Luba Natova, Kevin Woods, Eileen Carey, Joy Cannon, Iris Villiers, Sylvia Vowles, James Milner, Peter Marlowe, Gladys Ives and Ron French, Anne Rogers, Michael Walker, Eddie Ward, Josie Cordrey, Dudley Carver, Edgar Elmes, John Wiltshire, Harvards, Corps de Ballet, Maple Leaf Choir

June 11-16: The Gay Deceiver, with Rosamund John, Peter Graves, Bernadette Milnes, Anthony Sharp, Appaline Yale, Gordon Cave, Rita Ball, Michael Anthony, Mary Yeomans

June 18-23: Lady be Good, with Sonnie Hale, Denny Bettis, Anton Rodgers, Margaret Morne, Gay Leslie, Maureen Grant, Pauline Innes, Michael O’Connor, Helen Hurst, Ray Hamilton, Val Worth, Betty Laine, Frederick Davies, Bobby Drage, Charleston Boys and Girls

June 25-30: Daughter of Desire, with Janet Munro, Tony Harrison, Murray Kash, Christine Adrian, Robert Hartley, Jennifer Gray, Peter Bartlett

July 2-7: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, The Bartered Bride, Rigoletto, The Marriage of Figaro, Tosca, La Boheme, with Joan Stuart, Olwen Price, Joyce Blackham, Robert Thomas, Alfred Orda, Victoria Elliott, Ronald Dowd, Thomas Round, John Hargreaves, Peter Glossop, Patricia Bartlett, Patricia Johnson, Gwent Lewis, Owen Brannigan, David Ward, Marjorie Shires, Anna Pollak, Sheila Rex, Denis Dowling, Rowland Jones, Frederick Sharp, John Probyn, Harold Blackburn, Patricia Howard, Elizabeth Fretwell, William McAlpine, Marcus Dods, Alexander Gibson

July 9-14: The Inkspots with Bill Kenny, Scott Sanders, Joe Rankin, Joyce Golding and Tony Stuart, Marion Dash and her Chimpanzees, Mickey Ung, Two Serences, Shane and Lamar

July 16-28: London Old Vic Company: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Richard II, with Paul Rogers, John Neville, Claire Bloom, Coral Browne, Denis Holmes, Jeremy Brett, Charles Gray, Derek Francis, Jack Gwillim, Peter Needham, Ernest Hare, Ronald Allen, Aubrey Morris, Richard Wordsworth, Wynne Clark, Job Stewart, Edward Harvey, John Greenwood, John Woodvine, Margaret Courtenay, Jennifer Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Daniel Moynihan, Peter Bowles, Alan Penn, Derek New, Bryan Pringle, James Villiers, Timothy Parkes, Donald Homer

July 30-August 4: Billy Daniels and Benny Payne, Alan Clive, Joan Winters and Guy Fielding, Kelroys, Stan White and “Miss Fortune”, Pat Rosa, Ann and Val Shelley

August 6-11: The Max Miller Show, with Max Miller, Nat Gonella, Margery Manners, Freddie Harrison, Peter Crawford Trio, Susie and company and Reg Russell, McAndrews and Mills

August 13-18: David Whitfield, Reg Warburton, Hedley Ward Trio, George Martin, Granger Brothers, Frances Duncan, Kazan and Katz, Richman and Jackson

August 20-25: Too Young to Marry, with George Formby, Jillian Comber, Benita Lydal, Sydney Arnold, Frederic Tomlin, Ursula Granville, Helen Ford, Richard Pescud, John H Moore, Norman Gay

August 27-September 1: Mel Torme, Four Grads, Mereaux and Liliane, Freddie Bamberger and Pam, De Vel and Partner, Armand Andrieu and his Budgerigars, The Dernos, Eddie King and Joe Day

September 3-8: The Archie Andrews Comedy Show, with Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, Jimmy Wheeler, Arthur Haynes, Ossie Noble, Ronald Chesney, Shirley Eaton, Les Rayner and Betty

September 10-22: The Teahouse of the August Moon, with Bill Kerr, John Downing, Soroya Rafat, Reginald Marsh, Michael Stainton, Albert Chevalier

September 24-October 6: Carl Rosa Opera Company: La Boheme, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, The Barber of Seville, Manon Lescaut, Il Trovatore, Faust, Tannhauser, Rigoletto, Don Giovanni, The Tales of Hoffmann, with Gwen Catley, Pauline Allen, Estelle Valery, Charles Craig, John Heddle Nash, Evan Thomas, Donald Campbell, Joyce Goodwin, Basil Hemming, Stanislav Pieczora, Krystyna Granowska, Ruth Packer, Eduardo Asquez, Ernest Thomas, Joseph Satariano, William Aitken, Glenice Halliday, Mona Ross, Julia Boutell, George Chitty, Margaret Winkler, Sydney Cross, Edwin Jepps, Elizabeth Naylor, Michael O’ Farrell, Arthur Hammond, Edward Renton, John Bell

October 8-13: The Golden Gate Quartet and Emel Burgess, Desmond Lane, Jeffrey Lenner, Fran Dowie, Valento and Dorothy, Emerson and Jayne, Candy Kane and the Smokey Mountain Boys, Danny Gray and June, Babette and Raoul

October 15-20: The Charlie Chester Show, with Charlie Chester, Marian Miller, Paul and Peta Page, Len Lowe, Charlie’s man Jeeves, Patti Carol, Carol Monk, Bernard Bedford, Norman McGlen, John Cartier, Leslie Roberts Television Dancers

October 22-27: Let’s have Fun, with Jimmy James, Kenny Baker, Janie Marden, Three Deuces, Dennis Spicer and James Green, Trio Vedette, Joy Harris, Orchid Room Lovelies

October 29-November 3: London Festival Ballet: Les Sylphides, Coppelia, Homage to a Princess, Pas de Quatre, Etudes, Swan Lake Act II, Bolero, The Nutcracker, with Anton Dolin, Belinda Wright, John Gilpin, Tony Lander, Russell Kerr, Peter White, Marilyn Burr, Kenneth Melville, Anita Landa, Janet Overton, Geoffrey Corbett, Jeannette Minty

November 5-10: Lita Roza, Nat Jackley, Randolph Sutton and Brian Seymoure, Syd and Max Harrison, Dawn White and her Glamazons and Burton Seeley, Two Kordas, Five Dallas Boys, Les Traversos, Three Carribes, Sonnie Willis, Sammy Curtis, Dennis Murray

November 12-17: The Gipsy Baron, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 19-24: Joan Regan, Morecambe and Wise, Audrey Jeans, Jack Watson, Jack Francois, Skylons, Rey and Ronjy, Ron Scott

November 26-December 1: The Water Gypsies, with Albert Grant, Valerie Lawson, Margo Cunningham, Brian Kent, Margaret Hampton, Angela Kinman, Lorna Dean, Robert Glynne, David Webb, Michael Dalton, Graham Jones, June Marsh, Donald Hill

December 3-8: José Greco and his Spanish Dancers - Lola de Ronda, Luis Olivares, Rosario Caro, Norina, Ramon Valez, Pepita Sevilla, Miguel Garcia, Sami Martin, Manuela de Jerez, Lydia Latske, Nila Amparo, Eulalika Uya, Pilar Parra, Angel Peralta, Jose-Luis Vega, Angel de Rey

December 10-15: Bachelor Borne, with Cicely Courtneidge, Robertson Hare, Naunton Wayne, Margaret McCourt, Viola Lyel, Anna Turner, Jill Raymond, Warren Stanhope

December 24-February 23: Jack and the Beanstalk, with Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, Bob and Marion Konyot, Jack Hayes, Fred Kitchen, Mildred Mayne, Alison Davies, Reginald Jessup, John East, Maureen Corp, Julia Williams, Barrie Craine, Ten Sherman Fisher Girls, Gertrude Beaton’s Ten Teenagers




February 25-March 2: Carousel, with Bristol Musical Comedy Club

March 4-9: Spider’s Webb, with Joyce Heron, Roger Maxwell, Robert Dean, Valerie Newbold, David Kerr, John Gare Pitt, Ross Hutchinson, Marjorie Gresley, Graham Squire, Robert Lankesheer, Trevor Bannister

March 11-16: Jimmy Edwards, Wilson, Keppel and Betty, Arthur Worsley and “Charlie Brown”, Janet Brown, Vic Gordon and Peter Colville, Billy Stutt, Five Robertis, Marie de Vere’s Ballet Montparnasse

March 18-23: Peter Pan, with Janette Scott, Barry Sinclair, Frances Guthrie, Russell Thorndike, Rosemary Scott, William Ingram, Trevor Ray, Kenneth Robinson, Tony Helm, Jennifer Adkin, Jane Wren

March 25-April 13: The Pajama Game, with Nevil Whiting, Sally Rogers, Peter Dulay, Valerie Walsh, Michael Hart, Joan Emney, Bertram Dench, Avril Fane, Stanley Beadle, Sydney Bromley, Bill Futter, Neil MacLean

April 15-20: Free as Air, with Gillian Lewis, Michael Aldridge, Patricia Bredin, John Trevor, Gerald Harper, Dorothy Reynolds, Roy Godfrey, Howard Goorney, Donald Bradley, Josephine Tewson, Vincent Charles, Bill Tasker, Philip Martell

April 22-27: Dickie Valentine, Jimmy Wheeler, Sally Barnes, Ron and Rita, Vera Cody and her Wonder Horse, Three Paulos, Dorothy Reid, Les Mallini, Hal Chambers

April 29-May 11: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Donald Adams, Peter Pratt, Neville Griffiths, Arthur Richards, Ann Drummond-Grant, Leonard Osborn, John Reed, Alan Styler, John Fryatt, Isidore Godfrey, William Cox-Ife

May 13-18: Rock ‘n’ Roll, with Max Wall, Anne Hart and Frank Porter, Gladys and June Wilkinson, Terry Kennedy and his Rock ‘n’ Rollers, Five Speedacs, The Jumping Jax, Six Teenagers

May 20-25: Yana and Don Phillips, Mitchell Torok, Jimmy James and company, Three Brittons, Rey Overbury and Suzette, Two Elites, Roy Castle

May 27-June 1: Off the Record, with Eddie Calvert, Ken Dodd; Gerry Brereton, Jim Couton, Eddie Rose and Marion, Brian Andro, Paul Dalton, Gillian and June

June 3-8: Tommy Steele, Mike and Bernie Winters, Paul and Peta Page, Billie Wyner, Camilleri, Ann and Val Shelley, Reg Thompson, Los Brazilianos

June 10-15: The Nat Jackley Show, with Nat Jackley, Ken-Tones, Dave O’Gorman, Benson Dulay and company, Roy Rivers, Flora-Dora Girls, Willis, Curtis and Jee

June 17-22: The Reluctant Debutante, with Jack Hulbert, Gwynne Whitby, Diane Clare, Peter Myers, Joan Peart, Valerie Kirkbright, John Barron, Judith Craig

June 24-29: Dear Charles, with Chili Bouchier, Raymond Dyer, Denzil Ellis, Elizabeth Alys, Graham Curnow, Lewis Teasdale, Fiona Thomson, Lennard Pearce, David Baron, Elizabeth Gott, Maryann Turner, James Rayner

July 1-13: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: Il Trovatore, The Marriage of Figaro, La Traviata, Martha, Tosca, La Boheme, Rigoletto, with Victoria Elliott, Charles Craig, Sheila Rex, Peter Glossop, Harold Blackburn, Elizabeth Fretwell, Frederick Sharp, William McAlpine, Howell Glynne, June Bronhill, Rowland Jones, Denis Dowling, Anna Pollak, David Ward, Marcus Dods, Leo Quayle

July 15-20: The Touch of Fear, with Eugenie Cavanagh, Mark Kingston, David Cameron, J Grant Anderson, Shirley Cameron, Keith Ashley, Christine Low, Mary Allen, Cedric Richards, John Cross

July 22-27: Dave King, Kordites, Slim Rhyder, Dan Ray and Partner, Mistin Juniors, Mandos Sisters, Bernard Landy, Hazel Gee Dancers

July 29-August 3: Mel Torme, Colin Beaton, Ossie Morris, Dickie Dawson, Clifford Stanton, Marguerite and Charles, The Dernos, De Vel and Partner, Marie de Vere Dancers

August 5-10: The Max Miller Show, with Max Miller, Penny Nicholls and Billy Merrin, Margaret West and Billy West, Tattersall and “Jerry”, Hans Bela and Mary, Averil and Aurel, Richards and Yolanda

August 12-17: Frankie Vaughan, Gladys Morgan and company, Chic Murray and Maidie, Alan Clive, Kenways, Keefe Brothers and Annette, Jack Francois, Murray Campbell, Raymond Long

August 19-24: Doctor in the House, with Joyce Mandre, Richard Aylen, Stuart Wagstaff, Geoffrey Sasse, Claude Jones, Peggy Fame, Daphne Cave, Deirdre Day, Frank Seton

August 26-31: The Hancock Show, with Tony Hancock, Roy and Ray Marlow, Margery Manners, Walthon and Dorraine, Matanzas, Peggy Cavell, Murray Graham, Betty Fox’s Eight Dancing Teenagers

September 2-14: Rocking the Town, with Harry Secombe, Billie Anthony, Rudy Horn, Joe Cornelius, Max Russell, Ann Lancaster, Gimma Boys, Dior Dancers, George Mitchell Singers, Sherman Fisher Girls, Six Dancing Demons

September 16-21: Hotel Paradiso, with Frankie Howerd, Phyllis Montefiore, Margo Jenkins, Michael Logan, Heather Chasen, Peter Stephens, Michael Danvers Walker, Patrick Newell, Mary Richards, Angela Crow, Ann Beach, Peggy Ann Taylor, John Gordon, Anthony Selby

September 23-28: Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group, Des O’Connor, Smoothey and Layton, Darly’s Dogs, Trio Tobas, Shipway Twins, Marie de Vere Dancers

September 30-October 5: The Royal Ballet: Les Sylphides, House of Birds, Pineapple Poll, Solitaire, Les Patineurs, La Fete Etrange, Blood Wedding, Giselle, Coppelia, with Anne Heaton, Susan Alexander, Miro Zolan, Alexander Bennett, Donald Britton, Patricia Cox, Stanley Holden, Valerie Reece, Lorna Mossford, Joan Blakeney, Brenda Bolton, Michael Boulton, Donald MacLeary, Johaar Mosaval, John Lanchbery

October 7-12: Carl Rosa Opera: Carmen, Rigoletto, Benvenuto Cellini, Tannhauser, The Barber of Seville, The Tales of Hoffmann, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, with Gita Denise, John Heddle Nash, William Aitken, Estelle Valery, Arthur Wallington, Nancy Creighton, Eduardo Asquez, Stanislav Pieczora, Julia Bouttell, Rita Hunter, Charles Craig, Pauline Allen, John Myrddin, John Faasen, Donald Campbell, Krystyna Granowska, Glenice Halliday, George Chitty, Adrian de Peyer, Joseph Satariano, Beatrix Edwards, Moyra Cronin, Julia Shelley, Arthur Thelwell, Frederick Westcott, Basil Hemming, Arthur Hammond, John Bell, Edward Renton, Anthony Addison

October 14-26: Light Up the Town, with David Whitfield, Harry Worth, Audrey Jeans, King Brothers, Billy Dainty, Skylons, Betsy Ross, The Belles and The Beaux, Sandra Martin, Paul Conrad, George Mitchell Singers

October 28-November 2: London Festival Ballet: The Nutcracker, Graduation Ball, Giselle, Symphony for Fun, Swan Lake Act II, Coppelia, with Anton Dolin, Natalie Krassovska, John Gilpin, Marilyn Burr, Anita Landa, Jeannette Minty, Louis Godfrey, Margit Muller, Maureen Webster, Janet Overton, Keith Beckett, Peter White, Jeffrey Kovel, Ronald Emblen, Donald McAlpine

November 4-9: The Deep River Boys and Harry Douglass, Falcons, Sid Plummer, Norman Vaughan, Dash’s Chimps, Don Arrol, Pat Rosa, Marie de Vere’s Royal Command Girls

November 11-16: Song of Norway, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 18-23: George and Bert Bernard and George Pierce, Record Miming Contest, Janie Marden, McAndrews and Mills, Lloyd and Vi Day, Nino the Wonder Dog, Hackford and Doyle

November 25-30: Carroll Levis and his TV Star Search (Skiffletones, Roy Smith, Johnny Mans), Mrs Shufflewick, Eddie Goffron, Benitas, Three Edorics, Joyce Golding and Tony Stuart

December 2-7: Lirica Italiana (Italian opera): La Traviata, Rigoletto, La Boheme, Tosca, with Jole Reboni, Rita Saponari, Guido Malfatti, Fernando Bandera, Marina Cucchio, Renato Cioni, Carlo Tagliabue, Franco Marghinotti, Libero Bullo, Ruggero Bondino, Regolo Romani, Gianni Lollini, Marco Stecchi, Armando Manelli, Franco Patane, Guiseppe Patane Caravaglios

December 9-14: The Beverley Sisters, Jo, Jac and Joni, Jimmy Gay, Susie and company and Reg Russell, Howard Jones and Reggie Arnold, Rey and Ronjy, Tommy Locky

December 23-March 1: Aladdin, with “Mr Pastry” Richard Hearne, Gwen Cherrell, Dave O’Gorman, Jean Scott, Cooper Twins, Ronnie Collis, Alan Webster, Warren, Devine and Sparks, Western Theatre Ballet, Dehl Trio, Gertrude Beaton’s Teenagers, Sherman Fisher Girls




March 4-15: Plain and Fancy, with Bristol Musical Comedy Club

March 17-22: The Desert Song, with John Hanson, Clifford Mollison, Hilda Dixon, Janet Gray, Michael Ryan, Martin Dell, Dennis Stephenson, Joan De Burgh

March 24-29: The House by the Lake, with Flora Robson, Andrew Cruickshank, Richard Warner, Sylvia Coleridge, Annette Kerr, Paul Lee, Andrew Laurence, Greta Wood, Julia Ratcliffe

March 31-April 12: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Kenneth Sandford, Peter Pratt, Ann Drummond-Grant, Donald Adams, Neville Griffiths, John Reed, Alan Styler, John Fryatt, Leonard Osborn, Jean Barrington, Isidore Godfrey, William Cox-Ife

April 14-19: Johnny Duncan and the Blue-Grass Boys, Morecambe and Wise, Southlanders, Freddie Earle, Illuna Sisters, Carlo Sisters, Gillian and June

April 21-26: Ken Dodd, Russ Hamilton and Derek New, Dennis Spicer and “James Green”, Barbara Law, Granville Taylor and Valerie, Rey and Ronjy, Tilibs Brothers

April 28-May 3: Jim Dale, Stanley Dale’s National Skiffle Contest, Wally Whyton and the Vipers, Stan Van, Jimmy Edmundson, Susan and Valerie Pardoe, Campbell and Rogerson, Betty Fox’s Dancing Teenagers

May 5-10: Light Up Again, with Ruby Murray, Tommy Cooper, Vic Gordon and Peter Colville, Four Jones Boys, Jean Anderson, Jean and Peter Barbour, Johnny Laycock and Bee, Vicki Hammond, Eight Lovelies

May 12-17: Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson, Marty May, June Johnson, Gary Miller, Norman Vaughan, Audrey Jeans, Harry Jacobson, Ron Scott, Nick and Pam Lundon, Nanny Francois and Joy Zandra

May 19-24: The Hilltoppers and Jimmy Sacca, Desmond Lane, Johnny Mack, Alan Clive, Marguerite and Charles, Authors and Swinson, Lester Sharpe and Iris, Emerson and Jayne

May 26-31: Michael Holliday, Hal Monty and his Gang, Fraser Hayes Four, Kordas, El Granadas, Dancing McKennas, Jolly Jesters

June 2-7: Dry Rot, with Basil Lord, Tony Hilton, Raymond Dyer, Pauline Loring, Amelia Bayntun, Shelagh Locke, Edna Hopcroft, Geoffrey Denton, David Conville, Geoffrey Sasse

June 9-14: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: The Merry Widow, The Marriage of Figaro, La Traviata, La Boheme, with June Bronhill, Marion Lowe, Thomas Round, William McAlpine, Charles Craig, Denis Dowling, Howell Glynne, Patricia Howard, Joan Stuart, Joyce Blackham, Sheila Rex, Gwent Lewis, Raimund Herincx, Stanley Clarkson, Marjorie Shires, Rowland Jones, Marion Studholme, Patricia Bartlett, John Probyn, John Hargreaves, Victoria Elliott, Elizabeth Fretwell, Frederick Sharp, Harold Blackburn, Peter Glossop, Alexander Gibson

June 16-21: Sailor Beware, with Tessie O’Shea, Cyril Smith, Natalie Kent, Andrew Downie, Godfrey James, Jennifer Schooling, Cherry Crest, Alan Rolfe, Marion Wilson

June 23-28: The Lovebirds, with Wallas Eaton, Betty Driver, Renee Reel, Francis Hall, Sara Burn, Rupert White, Audrey Noble, David Hart, Henry Hutteroth, Ann Vear, Ronald Harwood

July 1-12: No Time for Sergeants, with Leslie Dwyer, Ronald Allen, Brian Smith, Anthony Carrick, Bert Platt, Noel Carey, Richard Dunn, Ronald Mansell, Peter Thorpe, Brian Moorehead, Clare Owen

July 14-19: Marty Wilde and his Wildcats, Nancy Whiskey, Sonny Roy, Les Brazilianos, Earle and Elgar, McKinnon Sisters, Len Martell

July 21-26: The Polish Ballet Company: The Carnival Horse, Harmony in Movement, At the Station, Matthew is Dead, Dancers at the Fair, In a Polish Manor, A Country Duel, Idyll in the Park, Popular Ball, L’Après-midi d’un Faune, The Fantastic Oberek, Peasant Wedding, Terpischore in the Yard, Harvest Festival, with Maria Lapinska, Wlodzimierz Traczewski, Edward Pokross

July 28-August 2: Paul Raymond’s Festival of Striptease, with Jane of the Daily Mirror, Johnny Silver, George Meaton, Beryl Catlin, Margaret West, Nat Willis, Three Botonds, Bill and Brian Dennis, Striporama Girls

August 4-9: Agatha Christie’s The Unexpected Guest, with Renee Asherson, Nigel Stock, Violet Farebrother, Michael Golden, Roy Purcell, Philip Newman, Winifred Oughton, Christopher Sandford, Paul Curran, Tenniel Evans

August 11-16: Marion Ryan, Gaunt Brothers, Peter Dulay and Partner, Alain Diagora, Barbour and Billie, Jackie Ross, Mayfairs, Hackford and Doyle

August 18-23: The Diana Dors Show, with Diana Dors, Albert Sadler, Jack Stanford, Jessie Carron, Group One, The Three Quarters, Rondart and Jean, Dickie Dawson, Sensational Carals

August 25-30: Free as Air, with Gillian Lewis, Bunty Turner, Josephine Tewson, Michael Aldridge, Malcolm Farquhar, John Trevor

September 1-6: Terry Dene and his Dene-Aces, Edna Savage, Roy Rivers, Peter Quinton, Hal Roach, Margo and June, Fred Lovelle, Georgette, Mistin Juniors

September 8-13: Shirley Bassey, Howard Jones and Reg Arnold, Allen and Albee Sisters, Metronotes, Bob and Marion Konyot, Billy O’Sullivan, Joan Winters and Guy Fielding, Lane Twins

September 15-20: Folies Frou-Frou - La Grande Parade des Streep-Teeze, with Freddie Bamberger and Pam, Averil Jean, Fred and Audrey Atkins, Margaret Joyce, Kish and Valarie, Victor Rogers, Aurel Verne, Nina Cordell, Renee Delmar, Natasha                                                                               

September 22-27: Toni Dalli, Leslie Randall, Billie Anthony and Colin Keyes, Benson Dulay, Duo Russmar, Marie de Vere Trio, Johnny and Suma Lamonte

September 29-October 4: The Royal Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, Black Swan pas de deux, Agon, The Lady and the Fool, Les Patineurs, Giselle, Le Lac des Cygnes Act II, The Shadow, with Margo Fonteyn, Nadia Nerina, Anya Linden, Michael Somes, Brian Shaw, Alexander Grant, David Blair, Maryon Lane, Pirmin Trecu, Ronald Hynd, Ray Powell, Leslie Edwards, Shirley Grahame, Annette Page, Brenda Taylor, Georgina Parkinson, Judith Sinclair, Ann Howard, Clover Roope, Antoinette Sibley, Deirdre Dixon, Christine Beckley, Desmond Doyle, Petrus Bosman, Ronald Plaisted, Hugo Rignold, Kenneth Alwyn

October 6-11: Chrysanthemum, with Pat Kirkwood, Hubert Gregg, Raymond Newell, Nicholas Amer, Richard Curnock, Patricia Moore, Roger Gage, Roy Skelton, Ray Warwick, Josephine Blake, Terry Theobald, Vivien Grant, Judy Carne, Roy Jameson, Greta Hamby, Roy Lowe

October 13-18: A Season of Grand Opera: Don Giovanni, The Bartered Bride, Carmen, Madame Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, with Gloria Lane, Marie Collier, John Heddle Nash, Julia Bouttell, Doreen Murray, Nancy Creighton, Brychan Powell, William Aitken, Joseph Satariano, Stanislav Pieczora, Ann Robson, Rita Hunter, Mary Wells, Paul Asciak, Gwyn Griffiths, Kevin Miller, John Holmes, Donald Campbell, Alan Jones, Bryan Drake, Edwin Jepps, David Read, Peter Tracey, Norma Kubel, Joseph Ward, Carl Abrahamson, Anne Caswell, Barbara Howitt, Margaret Nisbett, James Robertson, Bryan Balkwill, Edward Renton, Leonard Hancock

October 20-25: Grab Me a Gondola, with Roberta Huby, Desmond Jordan, Hilda Dixon, Clive Cazes, Dennis Edwards, David Drummond, Dennis Stephenson, Veronica Wells, Glyn Jones, Jasmine Dee, Amanda Barrie, Christine Child, Sandra Hampton, Vivien Lacey, Julia Sutton, Jimmy Miller

October 27-November 1: Lilac Time, with Walter Midgley, Sylvia Metaxas, Ann Gabrielle, Georgina Pearce, Frank Cariello, Mai Ramsay, Lawrence Folley, Charles Gillespie, Freddie Foss, Yvonne Fisher, Tom Fletcher, Martin Bell, Derek Taverner

November 3-8: Summer Song, with Bristol Light Opera Club, Bristol Ballet Club

November 10-15: London Festival Ballet: Swan Lake Act II, Reverie, Romeo and Juliet, Concerti, Variations for Four, Grand pas de deux, Napoli, Les Sylphides, Bolero, Graduation Ball, Giselle, The Nutcracker Suite, Octeto, with Beryl Grey, Anita Landa, John Gilpin, Anton Dolin, Jean-Pierre Alban, Jeannette Minty, Louis Godfrey, Michael Hogan, Andre Prokovsky, Natalie Krassovska, Kenneth Melville, Diane Westerman, Keith Beckett, Janet Overton, Pamela Hart, Dianne Richards, Leon Ward, Marilyn Burr, David Scott

November 17-22: Hot Summer Night, with John Slater, Joan Miller, Andree Melly, Harold Scott, Lloyd Reckford, Joyce Howard, Richard Walter

November 24-29: Dear Delinquent, with Michael Howard, Carol Austin, Robert Hunter, Daphne Jonason, Frank Pettitt, Christopher Banks, Grace Webb, Ross Hutchinson

December 1-6: Alma Cogan, Hedley Ward Trio, Harry Bailey, Two Hellos, Ray Alan and “Steve”, Anton and Janetta, Carmel Gowan

December 8-13: Wakey! Wakey!, with Billy Cotton and his Band, with Alan Breeze, Frankie Kenyon, Bill Herbert, Eddie Spiegel, George Martin, Zodias, Alexis Troupe, Richman and Jackson, Marcies, Flack and Lamar, Juggling Brauns, Ellis Jackson

December 26-February 21: The Sleeping Beauty, with Tommy Trinder, Bert Brownbill, Patricia Hall, Hazel Lee, John Baskcomb, Eva May Wong, May Warden, Roy Lever and Partner, Shirley Blackman, Anne Hyde, Will Percival, Ten Sherman Fisher Girls, Western Theatre Ballet, Mary Reynolds’ Juveniles




February 23-28: The Tunnel of Love, with Brian Reece, Patricia Raine, Basil Henson, Constance Lorne, Elspeth Bryce, Frances Bennett

March 2-7: Annie Get your Gun, with Bristol Musical Comedy Club

March 9-14: Dickie Valentine, Don Smoothey and Tom Layton, Fraser Hayes Four, Edorics, Rexanos, Billy Burden, Gaby Grossetto, Hal Chambers, Denny Piercey

March 16-21: The Flowering Cherry, with Ralph Richardson, Meriel Forbes, Peter McEnery, Frederick Peisley, Lucy Young, Brewster Mason, Zoreen Ismail

March 23-28: The Boy Friend, with Anthony Hayes, Roberta Huby, Patricia Vivian, Larry Drew, Brian Blades, Penelope Newington, Gwendolyn Watts, Patricia Newell, Gladys Bacon, Sandra Caron, Annette Gibson, Shirley Gould, Roderick Joyce, Graham Pyle, Bunny May, Tony Stuart, Ted Jepson  

March 30-April 4: Peter Pan, with Sarah Churchill, John Justin, Julia Lockwood, Russell Thorndike, Joan Seton, Robert Passfield, Vincent MacLeod, Brian Tipping, Judy Raymond, Jane Wren, John Levitt

April 6-11: Candide, with Denis Quilley, Mary Costa, Laurence Naismith, Edith Coates, Ron Moody, Victor Spinetti, Dennis Stephenson, Vernon Rees, Vincent Charles, James Cairncross, Lorna Lee, Roy Pattison

April 13-18: A View from the Bridge, with John Boyd-Brent, Brian Murray, John Bryans, Peter Whitbread, Janet Butler, Jasmine Dee, John Hart Dyke, Margaret St Barbe West, Richard Hawkins, Donald Mackintosh, David Rolfe

April 20-May 2: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: Gilbert and Sullivan, with Thomas Round, Leonard Osborn, Donald Adams, Peter Pratt, Kenneth Sandford, Ann Drummond-Grant, John Reed, Frederick Sinden, George Cook, Jeffrey Skitch, Isidore Godfrey

May 4-9: Top of the Town, Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, Jill Day, Neil and Pat Delrina, Hollander and Hart, Charly Wood, Irish Roy Trio, Johnny Laycock and Bee, Terry Fearis, 16 John Tiller Girls

May 11-16: The Lilac Domino, with Bill Tasker, Erica Yorke, Allan Bruce, Colin Thomas, Bronwen Jones, Hilda Campbell-Russell, John Baddeley, Penny Stephens, Gerald Deacon, Audrey Cummings, Arthur Butler, Ann Richards, Jill Donohue, Patricia Brooke-Green, Edward McPhillips, Robert Davies, Western Theatre Ballet Company

May 18-23: The Student Prince, with John Hanson, Ruth Clark, Kenneth Henry, Yvonne Marlowe, Barbara Whatley, Douglas Thomson, Frank Lawless, Bryn Bartlett, John Delaney, John Cavanagh, Douglas Gamble, Henry Woolf, Elizabeth Alys, Ralph Wilson, Chris Murphy, Joan de Burgh, Brian O’Keefe, Robert Ash

May 25-30: The Norman Wisdom Show, with Norman Wisdom, Eddie Leslie, Lorne Lesley, Tony Fayne, Darly’s Dogs, Rosinas, Three Brittons, Hermene French, Joan Hurley, Harold Collins

June 1-6: Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group, Lorrae Desmond, Des O’Connor, Allan Kemble and Christine, Miki and Griff, Marie de Vere Dancers

June 8-13: Sadler’s Wells Opera Company: The Merry Widow, Carmen, The Marriage of Figaro, Madame Butterfly, Fidelio, Rigoletto, with Joyce Blackham, John Hargreaves, Leon Greene, Marion Lowe, Barbara Howitt, William Aitken, Gwyn Griffiths, Ava June, Elizabeth Fretwell, Anne Edwards, Patricia Howard, John Cameron, Joan Hammond, Ronald Dowd, Brychan Powell, Alberto Remedios, Stanislav Pieczora, David Ward, Stanley Clarkson, Tom Swift, William McGovern, Joseph Ward, Edwin Jepps, Michael Moores, Bryan Balkwill, James Robertson, Alexander Gibson, Colin Davis, Bristol Opera School members

June 15-20: Me and My Girl, with Lupino Lane, Lauri Lupino Lane, Valerie Tandy, Helen Ford, Sylvia Norman, Tony Ward, George Truzzi, Fred Yarborough, Rita Webster, Helen Ford, Keith Leggett, James Simmons, Martin Dell, Violet Blythe, Nell Emerald, Vesta Bell, Alan Hayes

June 22-27: “Mr Inkspot” Billy Kenny, Alan Clive, Reg Dixon, Maurice Rocco, Peter Dulay, Francois and Zandra, McAndrews and Mills

June 29-July 4: Bless the Bride, with Christian Selva, Peter Byrne, Susan Swinford, Colette Bartrop, Peter Sugden, Vera Lennox, John English, Lisa Brionda, Elisabeth Wade, John Hewitt, Arch Taylor, John Brighton, Margaret Dawn

July 6-11: Gaslight, with Joan Rice, Roy Smith, Gloria Dolskie, Helen Sessions, Artro Morris, Roderick Horn

July 13-18: Who’s your Father?, with John Bryans, John Hart Dyke, Janet Butler, Jasmine Dee, Peter Elrington, Rosaline Haddon, Julia Paul Jones, Roy Patrick, Betty Turner, Mildred Gayson

July 20-25: A Raisin in the Sun, with Juanita Moore, Earle Hyman, Meredith Edwards, Olga James, Kim Hamilton, Scott Cunningham, John Adan, Keefe West, Lionel Ngakane, Barri Johnson, Donald Hoath

July 27-August 1: Not in the Book, with Jack Hulbert, Joy Andrews, David Drummond, Michael Sands, Gerald Welch, David Conville, Lionel Gadsden, John Payne

August 3-8: Ruby Murray, Norman Evans, Tommy Fields, Jeanne and Jon, Rey Overbury

August 10-15: Carroll Levis and his TV Discoveries (Sandra Wilmot, Helen Soutar, The Rebels, Valerie and Diane, Harvey French, Two Tonys), Gladys Morgan and her Laugh Company, George Meaton, Barbour and Billie, Alain Diagora, Gold and Cordell

August 17-22: Tony Brent, Chic Murray and Maidie, Al Koran, Ross and Howitt, Peter Quinton

August 24-29: Hylda Baker, Robert Earl, Al Roxy and Glenda, Sid Plummer, Ladringlos, Tassi and Diana, The Kid and I

August 31-September 5: Love from a Stranger, with Genine Graham, Hugh McDermott, Margot Boyd, Sheila Keith, John Sharplin, Bertram Heyhoe, Marian Diamond, Charles Rea

September 7-12: Master of None, with Jeremy Hawk, Jack Watling, Mavis Villiers, Moira Redmond, Robert Desmond, Vivian Pickles, Jane Gleeson

September 14-19: Bless the Bride, with Christian Selva, Susan Swinford, Fred Stone, Colette Bartrop, Vera Lennox, Elisabeth Wade, Peter Sugden, John English, John Brighton, Lisa Brionda, Margaret Dawn, Shirley May, Charlotte Selwyn, Jenny Wren, Judy Nash, Una Pearl, Arthur Furby

September 21-26: Aunt Edwina, with Henry Kendall, Margaretta Scott, Cyril Raymond, Kenneth Fortescue, Hilary Tindall, Launce Maraschal, Gay Cameron, Peter Cellier, Nicholas Selby, Marina Martin, Christine Roberts

September 28-October 3: Fool’s Paradise, with Cicely Courtneidge, Cicely Paget-Bowman, John Bryans, Jasmine Dee, Roy Hawksworth, Gillian Cobbold, Jane Comfort, Maidie Andrews

October 5-10: Brothers-in-Law, with Peter Norton, Michael Cotterill, Marian Page, Josephine Massey, Vyvian Hall, Ian Cunningham, Paul Elliott, Anthea Morris, Patricia Authbert, Anthony Peck, Gordon Clifford, Drummond Marvin

October 12-17: The Desert Song, with Bruce Trent, Nicholas Smith, Mary Millar, Raymond Parks, Guy Graham, Janet Gray, Wendy Elliott, Humphrey Kent, Hilda Campbell-Russell

October 19-24: Meet Mr Tombs, with Vera Day, Arthur English, Sydney Arnold, Peter Stanwick, Alan Rolfe, Gwen Harris, Grace Webb, Ronald Lacey, Benn Simons

October 26-November 7: “Chu Chin Chow”, with Inia Te Wiata, Albert Burdon, Hermene French, Helen Landis, Dorothy Dampier, Philip Potter, Stephen W Scott, Patricia Kerry, Arthur Roberts

November 9-14: The Merry Widow, with Bristol Light Opera Club

November 16-28: The Dancing Years, with Barry Sinclair, Margaret Mitchell, Olive Gilbert, Dawn Berrington, John Palmer, Joan Emney, Pauline Greta, Robert Chetwyn, Richard Fraser, Denis Gilding, Robert O’Leary, Harry Davison

November 30-December 5: The Royal Ballet: Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Don Quixote pas de deux, La Belle Dame sans Merci, Solitaire, Coppelia, with Nadia Nerina, Lynn Seymour, Susan Alexander, Desmond Doyle, Elizabeth Anderton, Margaret Hill, Donald Britton, Alexander Bennett, Audrey Farris, Elaine Thomas, Michael Boulton, Hugo Rignold

December 7-12: The Pearce Duff Show, with Lenny the Lion and Terry Hall, Cyril Fletcher, Pete Murray, Marguerite Patten, Gene Williams, Marion Williams, Eric Delaney, Delaney Band, Ballet Montparnasse, Pan Yue Jen

December 23-February 27: Cinderella, with Jimmy Edwards, Yana, Ted Rogers, Ted Durante, Arthur Howard, Richard Wakeley, Robin Palmer, Jill Love, Linda Masters, Edith Macarthur, Graham Squire, Elizabeth Moscrop, John Taylor, Frank Raymond, Bill Shepherd Singers, Miss Vinning and her Four White Arab and Shetland Ponies, Sooty the Donkey, Tunis the horse, Corps de Ballet

THE HIPPODROME - 13 St Augustine’s Parade - stands in September 1959 as an end-of-row building behind a concrete bus stop, with iron girder keeping neighbouring walls upright. The two, slightly protruding, buildings that used to adjoin it to the left - numbers 11 and 12 (Smith and Co’s furniture shop and Edward Presley, chemist’s) - became empty at the start of the 1920s and later derelict, and the Hippodrome took the opportunity to mount on their front wall huge hoardings advertising its latest show or film and those of the Stoll Picture Theatre, formerly the Bedminster Hippodrome.

 What remained of 11 and 12 was demolished in 1949, leaving a gap, which still permitted Hippodrome bill displays on a barrier at lower level. The gap was filled in 1965 with an extension to the Hippodrome, incorporating a Wimpy Bar, in matching façade design and flush with the existing theatre frontage, accentuating their distance from the road.

 Singer Christian Selva heads the cast in comic opera Bless the Bride, its second visit in three months.